Matvei Zakharov

Soviet military commander (1898-1972)

Matvei Vasilevich Zakharov (August 17, 1898January 31, 1972) Marshal of the Soviet Union, Chief General Staff, and Deputy Defense Minister, served under Kliment Voroshilov during the Russian Civil War. On May 8, 1959, Zakharov was made a Marshal of the Soviet Union. After attaining that rank, Zakharov was simultaneously made Chief of the General Staff and Deputy Minster of Defence from 1960 to 1963. He then briefly went back to the General Staff Academy where he was once again the commandant until 1964, when he was made the Deputy Minister of Defense, a post he held until his retirement in 1971. Zakharov died on January 31, 1972. The urn containing his ashes is buried by the Kremlin Wall Necropolis.


  • With the emergence of nuclear-missile weaponry, cybernetics, electronics, and computer equipment, any subjective approach to military problems, hare-brained plans, and superficiality can cause irreparable damage.
    • Quoted in "Stalin's Generals" - Page 338 - by Harold Shukman - History - 2002
  • Attention must be given to the study of the given operations. Their study with due allowance made for the existing means of warfare will make it possible to reach a number of useful theoretical conclusions for conducting operations in the initial phase of a war.
    • Quoted in "Timely Lessons of History: The Manchurian Model for Soviet Strategy" - Page 4 - by John Despres, Lilita Dzirkals, Barton Whaley - History - 1976
  • The time when Russia could be kept out of the world's oceans has gone forever. We shall sail all the world's seas; no force on earth can prevent us.
    • Quoted in "Soviet Russia and the Middle East" - Page 46 - by Aaron S. Klieman - 1970

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