Matthew Good

Canadian musician

Matthew Good (born 29 June 1971) is a Canadian songwriter and performer.

I’d love to know the future. Even if it’s just the past all dressed up to make whatever comes next look good.

At Last There is Nothing Left to SayEdit

The following quotes are from a compilation of fictional writings by Matthew Good released under the title At Last There is Nothing Left to Say.

  • I’d love to know the future. Even if it’s just the past all dressed up to make whatever comes next look good.
  • It's like luggage their language.
  • It is not unlike men to leave.
  • I told him to smother Linda with a pillow while she was sleeping. All he said was “Can’t live with ’em, can’t smother ’em with a pillow." I disagreed.
  • You will definitely not survive this next bit.
  • I bought a garden hose the other day. I have no idea why. I do things like that from time to time. For example, I’ll go out intending to buy cereal and come home with two Filipino hookers and an application for the Entertainment Card.
  • ...there is something larger that’s looming out there. A force that remains patient and silent. An entity that waits to teach a lesson that we have yet to grasp. It is much better to just lie there and let it roll over you like some immense army of unquestionable wonder.
  • "What made you think of Valium anyway?" I said. "I don't know. Maybe it was all that Valium that I took?" she said.
  • Good morning, sunshine, time to go.

Musical WorksEdit

The following are samples of lyrics from songs written or co-written by Matthew Good. They are sorted by album in reverse chronological order. Complete song lyrics can be found on his official website.[1]

Hospital MusicEdit

Black HelicopterEdit

  • Only killers call killing progress

White Light Rock & Roll ReviewEdit

Alert Status RedEdit

  • Alert Status Red, but the sun comes up instead


Ambition is a tricky thing; it's like riding a unicycle over a dental floss tight rope over a wilderness of razor blades.
- 21st Century Living

the pink pills are for your sanity
we are buried in the earth because we can't beat gravity
you are here and so made to figure
you are an important part of the computer.

- Near Fantastica

Beautiful MidnightEdit

Failing the Rorschach TestEdit

  • Mother told me to be something so I'm afraid enough to stay wide awake
  • Searching for those defects, talking like it's a reflex.


Everything is AutomaticEdit

  • This Karma machine only takes quarters.

Last of the Ghetto AstronautsEdit

The War is Over/Omissions Of The OmenEdit

  • Somewhere around the world someone would love to have my first world problems

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