Matthew Cheung

Hong Kong politician

Matthew Cheung Kin-chung (Chinese: 張建宗) (born 20 November 1950) is a former Hong Kong politician who served as Chief Secretary for Administration from 2017 to 2021. He previously served as the Secretary for Labour and Welfare for ten years.

Matthew Cheung in 2017

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  • In Hong Kong, market forces generally determine the rates of remuneration. While "equal pay for men and women for equal work" is now a generally accepted principle in the local community, the concept of "equal pay for work of equal value" is an entirely new one. To put this concept into operation, an employer must ensure that all workers are given equal remuneration not only for the same job, but also for jobs of a different nature yet having the same value. The determination of wage level shall be guided not only by the "invisible hand" of market forces but also the principle of equality and equity. This means that an employer has to objectively appraise different jobs and determine their relative values.
  • Meanwhile, Hong Kong puts a lot of emphasis on innovation technology. It ranks very high on our policy agenda. In the last 23 months, we've invested $100 billion into innovation technology. We are doing our very best to put Hong Kong on the IT map, and in fact, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area development will strengthen Hong Kong's IT development so that the Greater Bay Area will be Wall Street plus Silicon Valley in the future. This is also what Hong Kong's long-term future is all about. But after all, we rely much on Facebook in our daily life because you are such an important medium of communication, bridging the digital divide and also contributing to our society, assisting the underprivileged and strengthening people-to-people connection.
  • Hong Kong has always remained committed to ensuring press freedom, which is part and parcel of the city’s reputation as a vibrant international media hub and global business and financial centre. More than 80 daily newspapers and over 500 periodicals, both local and international, are published in Hong Kong.

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