Matt Skiba

American musician

Matthew Thomas Skiba (born February 24, 1976) is an American musician, singer and songwriter known for his role as the co-lead vocalist and guitarist of the bands Alkaline Trio and Blink-182.

Skiba in 2013


  • That song [5-3-10-4 from Maybe I'll Catch Fire] really is about how I saw things. I wrote that song when I was still doing the bike messenger grind and you know being down by the stockyards where they would take all the animals and slaughter them; there were a bunch of slaughterhouses down there and there were cows and pigs being frozen and chunks of meat were hanging in trucks, it was such a pinnacle time in my life. … I haven’t eaten meat for something like 17 years. I remember I was eating meat one day and my cat was looking up at me and I thought, ‘Man I wouldn’t eat my cat. What difference would it make if it was a little cat or a cow?’ and it occurred to me that we are all connected and I didn’t want to contribute to that. All the time people around me are eating meat but that is their thing, it is not until they ask that I inform them that I am a vegetarian and it is a big part of who I am.

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