Matt Hughes

Matt Hughes

Matthew Allen Hughes (born October 13, 1973, Hillsboro, Illinois) is an American mixed martial artist, UFC Hall of Famer, and former two-time UFC Welterweight Champion.


Mixed martial artsEdit

  • "My fight comes up May 27 ... I'm not going to worry about Georges until after that." - Talking about his upcoming title fight with Georges St-Pierre.[1]
  • "When you lose, say little... When you win, say less."[2]
  • "One thing I will say is Joe Rogan’s commentary was a little off during the fight. The ground game was pretty even in my book with Shields doing a little more controlling. Kampmann escaped to his feet several times and Kampmann had more submission attempts than Shields had, but listening to Rogan, you would have thought Shield had submitted him the first ten seconds of being on the ground. I really think the UFC could use a third man doing the broadcast, that has some experience inside the octagon. I don’t disagree with everything Rogan says, but there are a lot of things he says that I just laugh at." - Giving his opinion about the UFC 121 broadcasting.[3]
  • "GSP actually looked worse in this fight than I’ve ever seen him before. I really feel like Georges fights not to lose, he just doesn’t fight to win anymore." - His thoughts about the GSP/Shields bout.[4]



"The Dun Glen claim block lies at the intersection of three separate structural trends whose extensions host several major gold deposits. We are excited to be on the ground in Nevada and look forward to evaluating the results of our initial exploration program in the coming weeks."[1]


"Hi, I'm Matt, I'm the guy that beat up your husband a few months ago." - When Joe Riggs presented his wife and Hughes.[5]


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