Masao Maruyama (scholar)

Japanese political scientist (1914-1996)

Masao Maruyama (丸山 眞男, 1914 - 15 August 1996) was a Japanese political scientist and political theorist.


  • In the early stages of modern European history the absolute monarch was freed from the limitations based on medieval natural law. No longer subject to the control of any contract, he was able to raise himself from being a mere protector of order (Defensor Pads) to being its creator (Creator Pacis), and thereby he emerged as the first 'free' individual in the modern period. What happened at the beginning of modern Japanese history (that is, in the Meiji Restoration) was very different indeed. The amalgamation of spiritual authority with political power was regarded not as any new departure in the concept of sovereignty, but simply as a return to 'the ancient days of the Jimmu Foundation'. Though the Emperor was regarded as the embodiment of ultimate value, he was infinitely removed from the possibility of creating values out of nothing.
    • Thought and Behaviour in Modern Japanese Politics (1963), Ch. 1 : Theory and Psychology of Ultra-Nationalism

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