Maryam Monsef

Canadian politician

Maryam Monsef (born November 7, 1984) is an Afghan Canadian politician. She was elected to represent the riding of Peterborough—Kawartha as a Liberal member the House of Commons of Canada in 2015.


  • We have a responsibility – as an online community, as Canadians and as leaders – to stamp out cyberviolence.
    That’s why the Department for Women and Gender Equality is working with partners across the country to prevent and eliminate cyberviolence.
    So what exactly is cyberviolence? We often see a pushback, a denial of its legitimacy – people see cyber violence as a made-up thing. But research and experience show it’s real – and so are its impacts.
    Cyberviolence is the use of social media, cell phones and other electronic devices to do harm. It is often repetitive. It is often anonymous. And it has serious and dire consequences.
    Ready for a few examples? Looking at the Twitter feeds of women in leadership, I came across a trove of online violence and hate.


  • Want to know what the Liberals have in mind as they push to restrict free speech on social media? Minister Maryam Monsef offers my tweet about being blocked by Rempel as an example of “online violence and hate” that needs to be “stamped out.”
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