Marvel Super Hero Squad (video game)

2009 video game

Marvel Super hero Squad is a 2009 video game.

Main ChaptersEdit

Chapter 0 - A Fractal Fragmented!Edit

S.H.I.E.L.D. Soldier: Holy moly! I think we're uncovered an Infinity Fractal!
M.O.D.O.K.: Those goody-goody super heroes think they're gonna get the jump on us... They don't know I got this great used Helicarrier off the S.H.I.E.L.D. on-line auction. I'll show Dr. Doom my superior brain can handle any assignment.
Dr. Doom: M.O.D.O.K.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't blow this, cranium-face! I need that giant fractal to fuel my nefarious new invention: The Infinity Melder! With it, I'll be able to reconstruct a version of the all-powerful Infinity Sword! Which reminds me... MOLE MAN!!!!!!!! Progress report, on the Infinity Melder's construction?!
Mole Man: Actually, sir. It seems we're ahead of schedule! Uh, actually, great leader, due to circumstances beyond my control... we are now behind schedule.
Dr. Doom: Just what I get using for a non-union crew. WELL, GET BACK TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you, too, M.O.D.O.K.! Don't mess this UP!
M.O.D.O.K.: A.I.M. Agents, prepare to attack!
A.I.M. Agent: Roger that! Let's go! Attack, attack, attack!
S.H.I.E.L.D. Soldier: Too many of 'em! Watch your flank! Reinforcements! NOW!
Iron Man: Let's help those S.H.I.E.L.D. Soldiers! Super Hero Squad, time to hero up! They have the fractal! Follow that Helicarrier!
M.O.D.O.K.: Oh, my superior brain has a big surprise for you guys! Hey that rhymes... deploy Doom's Dominator Cannon!
Iron Man: Those gigantic cannon blasts didn't faze you guys?
Hulk: Nope, that didn't hurt Hulk.
Wolverine: I was standing right behind him.
Iron Man: Well, while the rest of us look for our spleens, you two get that fractal back!
M.O.D.O.K.: HA! My mighty Modok mind is too much for you two! I've used the fractal to supercharge the dominator cannon! Beg! For! MERCY! Oh, "Beg for mercy," That's a good one, I have to write that down. My ginormous brain hurts...
Wolverine: Wow, you can throw and catch. Thanks, Big Guy.
Hulk: Hulk confused?
Wolverine: Mr. Genius overloaded his cannon and it blasted the fractal to pieces.
Dr. Doom: So, not only did you break the A.I.M. Helicarrier that I didn't even you know bought! You DESTROYED my huge fractal!
M.O.D.O.K.: It's so shiny...
Dr. Doom: I didn't think it was possible for you to be more USELESS!
Iron Man: Okay squaddies, we've got to find all six missing pieces of that fractured fractal...
Dr. Doom: We cannot let those Super Heroes find my missing fractals first! I have designed shard neurodetection units for all of youuu...
Iron Man: I call it the "Stark Shard Locator and Monitor" or Sslam. It'll help us find the fractal shards. I've also designed containment units for the fractals... who knows what effect it might have if you're not careful. Okay, six of us. Six fractals. Let's get them...
Dr. Doom: Before those Super Zeros do! Now go, my Lethal Legion, AND GET ME THOSE SHARDS!
Iron Man: Alright, Super Hero Squad... It's time, once again, to... HERO UP!

Chapter 1 - Where walk the wild men?Edit

Wolverine: Guess it's the maid's day off. And somewhere in all this mess is my bike. Time to play a little Shred-and-Seek! SNIKT!
Wolverine: These A.I.M. guys should learn to pick-up after themselves. Guess I'LL have to teach them... Okay, okay... I'll follow your lead. Trash the base, but you better not scratch my bike!
M.O.D.O.K.: It's always best to keep animals in cages! especially adamantium cages!
Wolverine: When I get out of here, Mo-Dum, I'm gonna give you a nice haircut.
M.O.D.O.K.: Joke's on you, Woof-erine... I don't have any hair!
Wolverine: Hmmm. He made the bars out of adamanntium. But what about the lid? Let's ride! Whoa!
Ms. Marvel: Remember, don't touch the shard! You never know what...
Wolverine: What can this little thing possibly do to me...
Ms. Marvel: See what happens when you don't listen to me? The shard has reacted with your animal factor and made you feral!
Sabertooth: That looks just like the thing for me. Hand it over! Wolverine has gotten away with the fractal!
Dr. Doom: Never rely on an animal to do super villain's job. I have some... "friends" who would love to have a mutant for breakfast.
Sabertooth: Really? I like French Toast if they want to invite me, too.
Dr. Doom: Not serving him breakfast, fur-ball, what I meant was... Oh, never mind! JUST GET AFTER HIM!
Captain America: Okay, I've turned off the defenses. Reminds me of the time back--
Wolverine: Yeah, yeah! Great story, Cap. Ms. Marvel will probably bill you for that.
Ms. Marvel: You absolutely right! I will. Now get that fractal into the vault, ASAP!

Chapter 2 - This Hunger This Hulk!Edit

Hulk: Hulk confused. Hulk hungry! Yuck. Hulk like green, but not for food. Hulk scream for ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEY! Hulk wanted ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hulk: This too easy for Hulk.
Gray Hulk: Well, this certainly an interesting turn of events.
Abomination: That's mine! Y'don't look so tough now, puny-boy! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
Computer: Energy level sufficient, activating portal.
Gray Hulk: A commendable job for working nothing but old parts. Now, let's see if works.
Abomination: AW! I didn't get the fractal first!
Hulk: HULK NOT IN HIS HAPPY PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Abomination: Well, neither am I!
Gray Hulk: You're making this much more difficult than it needs to be. Let's go. Everybody back through portal!
Captain America: Good work, you big green wrecking machine! Uh, Hulk? Where'd you go?
Hulk: Hulk like apple pie with ice cream!

Chapter 3 - By Brother... Betrayed!Edit

Thor: Forsooth! Thou has left me some sixteen wrench with a mighty should be. I can cleanse this place momentarily! There! Cleaningless tis is next to godliness. Aha! My prize tis close! I must away!
S.H.I.E.L.D. Soldier: By Odin's organing off-spring, I thought he'd never leave!
Thor: Twas too easy! This must be the work of my impish brother Loki! Calm this storm, Um, Storm. Yon shard, I pray thee, let me have it.
Storm: YOU want me to let you have it? As you wish... Brother!
Loki: LOOK! I'm wearing my magic duplication socks! Neat, huh?
Thor: I Do NOT wish to play with thee today, brother!
Loki: Oh, WELL in THAT case... Why not play with Juggernaut!!!!!
Thor: Thou doest wish to play, brother? Then play we shall!
Loki: Not with you brother! As you!
Thor: Thou dost have deep-seeded mischief issues, brother.
Loki: I know. Isn't it wonderful?
Thor: Tis not! And that shard hast magnified thy mischeif! Give it to me!
Loki: That old trinket? I grew bored of it. So I gave it to... THE SUPER GIANT SQUAD!
Thor: My brother doth defy the arms of nature and copy right! You do not posses the fractal shard I seek. My brother has lied...
Loki: Already finished playin with my giant frosty friends?
Thor: Thou has taught me with games since we were out but children, you made "slides and servants" a living nightmare from me. Now, I demand the fractal shard!
Loki: Oh now who could that be? Oh it's my guests! Greet the many bots of DOOM, brother!
Thor: Mighty Mjolnir will dispatch these vexing visitors. Thou oh, so lazy brother you couldn't make your own minions.
Loki: Nice hammer. What's Dad giving you next year... a magic socket wrench?
Thor: You know what father Odin post forbid fighting in the Great Hall.
Loki: Ugh! You and your hammer just take life too seriously. Fine, fine look, I'll give your precious shard if you can defeat me just one last time.
Thor: Thou art fairly defeated, brother. Now. Justice will be served!
Heimdall: Thine father Odin dost forbid fighting in this Great Hall!
Loki: Hey, Mr. "Winged Helmet" started it.
Thor: Thou dost lie: Twas all your fault!
Loki: Something of deus ex machena ending to all this, don't you think?
Heimdall: I care not for the prerogatives of your endings! I care only that this be ended! Be gone from here!
Both: Ow, ow, ow, ow...!
Thor: My earlobe is now freakishly long! This is thy fault!
Loki: Ah, yes, nothing is ever your fault, is it, big brother? Dad always liked you best!
Thor: Yea, twas always I, who was the good son... Tis why I got this neat hammer with freeze feature.
Captain America: Nice work, you thunderous hero.
Thor: Many thanks, patriotic one!

Chapter 4 - A Falcon Too Fast!Edit

Falcon: WOAH! We've gotta get on that, Redwing. C'mon! Hey, this is our chance to prove to the rest of the Super Hero Squad that we're NOT just a couple of rookies.
Juggernaut: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The quickest way around something... Is THROUGH IT!
Ms. Marvel: Falcon, Juggernaut and the Doombots are destroyed some of the great wall's defense missile systems. You have to stop them from opening fire at civilians in Super Hero City!
Ms. Marvel: Falcon, Redwing you have to wait for back-up. Juggernaut is already in Villainville!
Falcon: Yeah, they'll never expect me to attack!
Doombots: Doom-duh-doom-doom-doom!
Falcon: Wait for back-up she tells me! But I do listen?! Yes! My one and only Wingman! Okay, Redwing, this like we do this as a team... and I'll listen to your warnings! Now let's go get that fractal! Eh, Redwing, maybe we should've looked for a back door.
Dr. Doom: I told you to use the DOUBLE shackles! Nobody ever listen to me, nobody... nobody. Juggernaut! Deal with him!
Juggernaut: With pleasure!
Falcon: Eh, Redwing, I'll get the shard while you find a way out of here.
Computer: Roof activated, open in ninety seconds. Roof now open.
Falcon: If I can scratch that super-fast shard, we've be gone before Scum can stop us! Hey, Wingman, to the roof!
Dr. Doom: Y'know, in retrospect, that "roof open" notice was short-sighted.
Captain America: Great work, Falcon and Redwing. You guys sure don't operate like rookies.
Falcon: Yeah, well, it's all about teamwork, Cap. Right, Wingman?

Chapter 5 - Magnets Missles MayhemEdit

Iron Man: Wow. After that battle I better run a complete systems check. Going to virtual display. Repulsor rays at 85% power, check. Rocket jets ready, check. Air squashed under helmet, check...
Ms. Marvel: Having fun all your toys? Well get to work! Because something has gone wrong out on the gamma test range!
Iron Man: Right, Ms. M! I'm on it!
Ms. Marvel: Stop those Aim Agents!
Iron Man: Didn't you make enough of a mess back at the base?
Crimson Dynamo: Stop meddling in me mission, Tin-Man.
Iron Man: Just wondering, do you get metallic joint lock on cold mornings?
Crimson Dynamo: I lubricate myself with borscht to prevent such things. What is wrong with my snu?
Iron Man: Well, I could suggest a doctor for that. LOOK!
Magneto: It would appear that fractal has a positive effect on my powers. And it will go nicely on the end table in my sitting room... on Asteroid M!
Iron Man: Okay, rocket throttle up to 110%! Still can't shake loose.
Crimson Dynamo: it looks as if we are along for the ride.
Magneto: Hmm. While I do enjoy having a magnetic personality. I hate the mess it makes. I'll deal with it later.
Iron Man: I want to clean up all that junk.
Ms. Marvel: Destroy the security devices around that door to open it.
Iron Man: Should have used my shard container. Things are overloading my systems!
Crimson Dynamo: Da! I am now FREEEEEEEEEE!
Iron Man: Okay, that's a pretty good shot.
Ms. Marvel: In about two seconds it's gonna be raining space junk... and the shard's coming down with it! You have to knock it all down!
Iron Man: The vault! And It's comin' up fast! Gotta... slow this... puppy down...
Ms. Marvel: Captain America is everything okay? Is the vault's alright?
Captain America: Uh, yes. We're fine here. So long as it doesn't rain.
Iron Man: Uh, mission accomplished, Cap!

Chapter 6 - In Reflection... Revealed!Edit

Silver Surfer: Again we see the destruction brought good fighting evil. I mean whoa it is the "Yin" and "Yang" universe. I think. The positivity and the negativity lining but are they just sort of reflection of each other? Like a mirror? One does needs the other for balance I am freaking myself up. The fractal is out there. I will seek it. The quicker I take taking this to the vault. The quicker the the form is positivity is restored. I'll open a portal... Whoa. The fractal enchants my power of cosmos and sucked me into itself this is the reflection dimension within the fractal. Dr. Doom! Prepare to face the totally awesome power of cosmic!
Professor Doom: Peace, Silver Surfer: I am Professor Doom. My liberty legion fight a never-ending battle against the evil forces of S.W.O.R.D. and the Super Murtrul Squad!
Silver Surfer: Professor Doom? You're, um, good? Truly this world is totally upside-down.
Professor Doom: If you stay here too long, you will be trapped forever! Find the fractal shards and realign them, and you can escape from this reflection dimension.
Ms. Marvel: Explore the tunnels and find a way to open up a portal out of here.
Silver Surfer: Yo fam, what a gnarly puzzle... align the crystals... whoa... Now to set up the crystal... Again, I cross the threshold to an alternate dimension. I must escape this fractal realm.
Alternate Dr. Doom: Ah, an multidimensional traveler good. You've come to the right place. Once I harness your power cosmic I can rule all the fractal dimensions! (laughing)
Silver Surfer: Some things never change. But still, this Scum seems way more evil.
Silver Surfer: That should do it! I must use that fractal to open a portal and hope it takes me back to my real reality...
Alternate Dr. Doom: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Silver Surfer: The positive energy of the universe wins again, Dr. Doom-Doom. Sayonara! Yet another fractal alternate reality. I'm getting way confused. Mind-blowing, you are the yin to my yang in this reality. What do you want?
Anti-Surfer: I want to add your positivity to held with my negativity to better serve Galactus! Can you keep up with me, bro? Can you? I don't think so!
Silver Surfer: I know what must be done... I must merge with my darker half to have the power to return to my real reality.
Anti-Surfer: What is happening?!
Silver Surfer: We must merge, my broski. We must. This may feel really weird, bro! Whoa, what an interdimensional journey into light and think. But the positive flow again wins the day.
Captain America: Great work, my shiny friend. being straightforward, eh?
Silver Surfer: My patriotic, pal. I went to realities beyond ours, searching for the light and the dark, going from alternate reality reflected place and finally I had to confront... myself. Maybe we all do the end. Trippy.
Captain America: Okay so long as too got the fractal, I'm not complaining.
Silver Surfer: My well-grounded friend, our journeys maybe different...
Anti-Surfer: Waaaaaaaay different!
Silver Surfer: But we both ride on the side up total positivity.

Chapter 7 - The Monstrous Mind of Doom!Edit

Mayor of Superhero City: We're here today to once again honor the Super Hero Squad for their, well, super hero-ness. And now, we unveil these fine works of art... Ech! That's the ugliest statue I've ever seen!
Iron Man: No wonder it's so ugly. That's the real Dr. Doom.
Dr. Doom: Yes, and this demonstration of my real shock blast armor! Available through the Doom catalog. You found most of the infinity fractals! But I will use all the ones stuck in M.O.D.O.K.'s forehead to take control of all your MINDS!!!!!!! And now watch on hopelessly, tin man, as I unleash my secret ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Iron Man: MODOKbots? Really? That was the big secret?
Dr. Doom: They are supposed to be mind controlled DOOM-bots!!! M.O.D.O.K.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Iron Man: Okay, heroes, activate your Stark Industries mind control lowerfield belt buckles. Now that were safe from Doom's mind-control, we've got to trash all those MODOKbots and save the city... again!
Dr. Doom: While those simpletons super heroes are distracted, I have stole the fractals they retrieved: I'm so smart.
Ms. Marvel: Iron Man, while you've been fooling around, Dr. Doom hit the Vault and stole all the fractals!
Iron Man: Oh, right. Probably he's target all along. I can only wonder if he isn't trying to assemble some version of the Infinity Sword. There's only one thing to do. We have to stop Doom from making that sword.
Wolverine: Okay, next stop Villainville!
Dr. Doom: MOLE MAN! Be careful with that sensitive equipment!
Mole Man: Yes, sir, it is very touchy. Everything is in place!
Dr. Doom: Excellent! Then power up my Infinity Melder! AND WE WILL... Now who could it be?
Iron Man: Okay, Super Hero Squad, we've got to knock-out that Infinity Melder!
Dr. Doom: YES! My mini-finity Sword is finished! And now THE SUPER HERO SQUAD WILL BE TOO!
Ms. Marvel: Iron Man, we're here to help you defeat Doom.
Iron Man: Great timing, Ms. M, we're all done here basically.
Ms. Marvel: I couldn't risk the Helicarrier in an all-out battle considering that we're still cleaning-up the desert base.
Iron Man: Well, Ms. Marvel, I suppose I could take our Doctor Friend here to the vault for safekeeping.
Ms. Marvel: We'll hold him in the Helicarrier brig for transport.
Iron Man: Super Hero Squad, another job well done. Let's get these fractals put away.
Ms. Marvel: Well, Dr. Doom, if you agree to cooperate, you will be treated with all appropriate kindness as dictated by the S.H.I.E.L.D. Manual... Oh that is just gross! Doombot spit!
Dr. Doom: Once again, I had to sneak off in defeat! Next time, Super Hero Squad, things will be verrry different!
[End of Marvel Super Hero Squad (video game)]

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