Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet

2010 video game

Marvel Super hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet is a 2010 video game.

Main ChaptersEdit

Chapter 1 - Power of a StoneEdit

Iron Man: This orbit style outlet is the only place anywhere close to Earth that we could find these affordable prices.
Hulk: Hulk no understand, why does Thor need new boots?
Iron Man: Well, it's Thor's birthday. And the squad all chipped in to do something for nice for him.
Hulk: Hulk not into clothes. One pair of ripped pants is good ...and one pair of clean undies.
Sales Person: I'm sorry, Mr. Man, I accidentally put your boots with that gentleman's lovely gauntlet -- a custom periz-limidesion.
Iron Man: Super Skrull?! He has no business being here! We've got to follow that villain! And those boots! Hurry, Hulk, we've got to get into that ship!
Thanos: I'm so tired of having to teach these "Evil is as evil does" cruise classes.
Skrull: (Indiscernible Concerned Drivel)
Thanos: We're out of lobster already?! perfect! Use big prawns and tell them it's lobster. But overcook them so they're rubbery! I'll show them evil!
Super Skrull: Oh, my captain. I was able to get the gauntlet you wanted. It'll do nicely with your large frame and titan-esque chin.
Thanos: Excellent! Finally my plan for total domination and destruction of the universe will come to fruition! Besides, I grow tired of this plain glove on my left hand. I need something more! Now! I didn't order these boots! They're awful.
Iron Man: Yeah, like gauntlets are all the rage with kids today.
Thanos: Intruders! Seize them! I love saying that.
Iron Man: Quick, Hulk, down the shaft! Sorry, kind of a rough landing. Luckily I have pants of iron.
Hulk: Lucky thing Hulk wearing lucky pants.
Iron Man: How can you tell?
Hulk: I only have one pair of pants.
Iron Man: I think I see a way out, we've got to jump to the exit door.
Thanos: Yes! You cannot stand up to Thanos!
Iron Man: Let's try getting out of here using that big red button. Seems a little obvious. But hey.
Hulk: Hulk see bad guys!
Super Skrull: My captain, allow me.
Hulk: Hulk want to be sucked into vent pipes.
Skrull 1: Five years hauling baggage, I need a new job.
Skrull 2: Something will fall into your lap sooner or later.
Hulk: Looks like sooner, not later. Now... Hulk Smash!
Iron Man: Yeah, playing baggage handlers is fun, but we've got to find Thanos!
Thanos: Yes! My power stone! Now that I have it out!
Iron Man: The asteroids are blocking the hydrolic lines to the gate!
Hulk: Giant asteroids are no problem for HULK!
Thanos: Attention my students: Extra credit and a shiny gold star for anyone who defeats the stow-away heroes and puts an end to their pointless do-good-ery! When I mount this power stone into my gauntlet, I will have super strength!
Iron Man: This terminal is connected to the security door. If I hack the terminal, we might get through the door. Oh look, the bridge is out. I'll need to fly across to access that control button.
Hulk: Hulk SMASH that problem!
Iron Man: Hulk, first you've got to remove the obstruction before I can lower the bridge.
Hulk: Huh?
Iron Man: Too many words, I know. Hulk... Smash that piece of pipe over there!
Hulk: Hulk smashed pipe good.
Iron Man: The bridge is secure!
Hulk: Alright! Now let's smash those Skrulls to pieces!
Thanos: I've got a new menu item from this cruise...crushed heroes!
Skrull: Stop those goody-goodies!
Iron Man: (Gasps) We need to get off this barge. We're heading into the asteroid field.
Hulk: Hulk no who smashed that.
Super Skrull: Stop right there, heroes. It's time for me to get my extra credit!
Iron Man: This is one assignment you're going to fail Super Skrull!
Super Skrull: I will stop you, with or without Thanos' help!
Iron Man: You're going to wish your dog ate your homework before we're through with you!
Thanos: HAHAHAHA! I'm... I'm on the wrong side of the ship! Now you can't escape!
Iron Man: Thanos is too powerful with that Power Stone... We've got to get it!
Thanos: Experience the crushing power of my Power Stone! Nothing can stop me now! Ahhhhhhh!
Iron Man: Got it! The Power Stone! Now, gotta fly!
Hulk: Hulk can fly with this.
Iron Man: We have to shake the skrull!
Hulk: Hulk think those asteroids are too close. Rock smash hulk!?
Iron Man: Hulk dodge the beams! Hulk watch out for those mines!
Hulk: Mines weak!
Iron Man: Two down!
Hulk: Hulk think flying is hard!
Iron Man: Yeah, it was better when they didn't charge you for an extra bag.
Hulk: Hulk dizzy!
Iron Man: We have to shake that skrull! They're gaining on us. Close call!
Hulk: Dodge that asteroid hard!
Iron Man: Look, we could use that wormhole to make our escape! I'm not sure where it leads, but we have to take the chance.
Hulk: Hulk no like worms. Too squishy.
Iron Man: Yeah, well your rocket's almost out of fuel and then you'll be 'squished' by Thanos.
Thor: (Singing/Humming) Holy Heimdall! You've spilled my lavender-scented bubble bath of cleanliness!
Wolverine: We wanna collect all this jewelry and why?
Iron Man: Okay, I researched all of this stuff on "Quirkpedia" -- Everything's on the net now, you know. Look these "Infinity Stones" - The power, mind, reality, time, soul and space stones, can be placed into Thanos' Gauntlet... Then he'll have the "Infinity Gauntlet" and will be able to destroy the entire universe.
Wolverine: Stones? They more like 'Gems' to me.
Iron Man: 'Gems' is very last year. All the hip heroes say 'stones' these days.
Thor: Verily, gems sound very 'girly'.
Iron Man: I'm still trying to piece all of this information together., but we have to make sure that we have some factor match-ups to get all of these Infinity Gems, I've drawn up a fairly simple chart...
Hulk: Picture make Hulk;s brain hurt.
Falcon: Writing your name makes your brain hurt.
Hulk: OW!
Falcon: See, you were thinking about writing your name, weren't you?
Hulk: No. OW! Yes.
Iron Man: According to my preliminary calculations, we'll have to get support heroes with the various factors we might need. But we've got no time to waste coming up with the perfect formula because if Thanos gets those stones first, we're in trouble. We'll have to do this on the fly. So, squaddies, we've got to hero up and make sure we get those Infinity Stones before Thanos does.
Dr. Doom: The super zero squad plans to get the Infinity Stones before Thanos. But someone else is getting them first: ME! Dr. Doom! HAHAHAHA-GAG!..
Nebula: Well, I can't let brother Thanos rule the universe. And getting those stones would be even more fun than giving him a nuclear wedgie! HAHAHAHA!
Loki: Yes. Yes! YES! Delicious! Nebula wants what Doom wants what the super heroes want what Thanos wants! I got the order right. Didn't I? I did! I'll come up with a fiendish secret plan to get those Infinity Stones before any of them!
Enchantress: Always with the fiendish and secret. Spare me.
Silver Surfer: Whoa... Those stones sound so far out. Think of the way gnarly things we could do with them...
Galactus: Just remember, my herald, I'm lactose intolerant. They better be dairy-free.

Chapter 2 - Rhythm of OlympusEdit

Iron Man: Whoa, didn't see that before but I guess there's no Infinity Stone the Quirkpedia entry just got updated by laughing laughy thanks, L.L. So we need Falcon's speed factor to counterbalance the Rhythm Stone.
Thor: That stone will be ours my iron nugget friend.
Thor: Tis the world's longest escalator ride!
Falcon: Yeah, is this an olympic-sized mountain mountain or what?!
Thor: Verily. Twas a long distance from the bottom.
Falcon: Well, at least we're here. Let's start looking for the Rhythm Stone that Iron Man wants us to find.
Thor: Where dost that Rhythm Stone lie?
Falcon: Does it seem odd to you that there's an Infinity Stone just for Rhythm.
Thor: Tis' unnecessary for me, for I busted some god-like moves on the disco dance floor. These olympians are, as they say, "Big fraidy cats!" Falcon, your speed factor could be the key. Engage yon switch to do your factor dash!
Falcon: Hey, we've got it right! That's what I call quick-thinking!
Hercules: Opa! I pull and pull and still my fingers are trapped!
Loki: Hello, brother!
Thor: Loki?! Mine trickster half-brother what art thou up to?
Enchantress: Hello again, Thor.
Thor: Enchantress! She's so... enchanting!
Loki: We propose a contest, my brother: The trails of Mt. Olympus. Can you beat our champion Hercule's time? Oh, I think not!
Falcon: Why should we play your little game, Loki?
Loki: Because the winner get this infinity stone!
Enchantress: And because I might grant the winner a kiss.
Thor: Oh, yes! I'm in! Let's race!
Hercules: That should slow down those without olympic abilities.
Thor: I must win this big race and get my kiss from Enchantress!
Falcon: Hey, wing-head, just remember we're here to get that stone, okay?
Thor: Nay! Crumbling can't disrupt thine graceful gate! Obstacles matter not! Hurry my feathered friend.
Falcon: Hurry? When am I not in a hurry? Hey, try using a block to deflect these spinning dummies.
Hercules: Opa! I have breezed through these battle pits a hundred times already.
Thor: We must get through this before Hercules free his trapped fingers!
Falcon: No worries: Speed is my thing, remember?
Enchantress: Doesn't look like your record will fall today Hercules.
Thor: These shielded dummies its doubly strong! I must use a powerful attack! Forsooth! Use a heroic attack to destroy all attack dummies at once! A-ha! I willst use ranged attacks on those dummies!
Enchantress: Loki, have you noticed how Hercules makes the rest of you look like little boys?
Loki: It's the olympus herbs -- he reeks of the stuff. Chew away chew chew.
Thor: Tis a sneaky vortex turret it can pull enemies inwards and trap them!
Falcon: Whoa, we can take 'em out once they'll pulled off the rail!
Hercules: Opa! My fingers need some olympic grease!
Enchantress: It maybe a race yet!
Falcon: Hey, check that massive statue of Herc! It's changing!
Thor: Yon puny Hercules has held the record for ages. We must conjure all of thine strength and godly might to best him!
Falcon: So try our best. Got it Thunder Head.
Enchantress: Loki, you have yet to detail your super secret plan to me.
Loki: It's soooo simple it makes me giddy! Hehehehe! We shrink ourselves and hide inside the fake Rhythm Stone, then we spring out and capture all the infinity stones once they're gathered!
Enchantress: I'm not really into confined spaces.
Loki: Oh, be a super-baddy already and deal with it. And Don't drop the stone while I hide inside, got it?
Thor: We must get through this before Hercules frees his trapped fingers! Ah it's mount olympus hall of frame! Thine home of champions. Hercules... Caticus... Hercules... Hercules...
Falcon: Man, I'll speed right through this first puzzle!
Thor: Allow me to clear a path for you, winged friend!
Falcon: I could try a factor dash and hit all those switches. Hey, now that big statue is falling apart! Trippy. Hey, fire does bad things to my stylish cape!
Thor: Yon boulders do rest on some sort of button. Use yon vortex to remove the large boulders from their resting places! Allow me to use my mighty strength to open that rift wall! Then you can go to work, brave friend!
Falcon: Thor, I'll cross the fire line fast and turn it off! Hey, now that statue is starting to look like someone I know. Hmmm. Hey, these pillar pieces could trigger the pressure plates. I gotta use my dash attack to get across the fire pit!
Hercules: I think I finally figured out this silly finger trap!
Enchantress: And the Thunderous THOR!
Thor: Yon statue is looking much more handsome!
Hercules: Opa! I am a son of olympus! How could I not win? This contest was rigged!
Thor: We won fair and square, olympian! Don't stand between me and my well-deserved kiss!
Hercules: Opa! I will not give up without a fight! Face me... if you DARE! Opa! Father Zeus? Do not let these non-olympians make me look foolish!
Thor: Thou whilst more than Zeus' help to overcome this god of thunder!
Falcon: Man I hate it when these god-guys starting the lightning around.
Hercules: Opa! And my statue is now too ugly to look upon! Opa! WOOOOOOAAAH! This herculen wedgie is chaffing!
Thor: Tis what you deserve, God of LOSERS!
Enchantress: Well, well, Thor. It looks like you're the winner.
Thor: Tis apparent brother Loki could not stay around to see me win. Or watch me collect my kiss!
Falcon: Uh, I can't look... Yuck! Yo, thunder god. She left.
Thor: Yo fam, I won a contest of the Gods and all I get is this lousy Rhythm Stone?

Chapter 3 - Hulk Have NightmaresEdit

Iron Man: Okay, Hulk, your strength factor works well against the Mind Stone that's your target here. And I got entire touch with She-Hulk to help us out.
Hulk: Hulk Don't like that girl.
Iron Man: We'll keep her appearance legally brief.
Hulk: Hulk... SMASH! Through the wall, okay?
She-Hulk: Must you be such a show-off? Just smashing things will never get us the Mind Stone or Thor's birthday cake! We must conduct a thorough examination of the area.
Nightmare: You'll never be able to find the stone! Silly, um, Hulks! I will turn the world into a nightmare! You'll only find that stone in your dreams. Actually in Hulk's nightmare! Imps... Attack!
Hulk: Bomb guys crack walls so Hulk can ...smash! LOOK! floating cake! HULK want it!!!
She-Hulk: Is that the cake they ordered for Thor's birthday? It's hideous.
Hulk: Jump into the pit to follow that hideous cake! CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No... NO! How did we fall past that cake?!
She-Hulk: That "Cake" looked awful. Okay, I don't remember seeing this strange void being in our contract.
Hulk: Hulk life things t reach high places. Does that silly little thingie open big doors?!
She-Hulk: Okay, page 35 of the contract: Push the magical block into the other block.
Hulk: Hulk talk smack!
She-Hulk: I believe you have to jump up to the floating platforms.
Hulk: Look, more door-open thingies!
She-Hulk: Wait, those don't look right to me...
Nightmare: MWAHAHAHAHA! Ha! The ol' trickster pressure ploy! Gets 'em every time!
Hulk: Look, lots of cake!!!!!!!!
She-Hulk: See? Again the cakes turn into imps.
Hulk: Bomb guy making wall weak. Now Hulk can smash that wall! No brain too big. HULK WANT TO FIND CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She-Hulk: THIS is the most vile looking bakery I've ever seen.
Imp: You won't get into the bakery THIS time!!!
Hulk: Throw rocks at windows!
She-Hulk: That could be legally actionable! We have a subpoena for destruction! Precedence suggest we take out the imp with the explosives!
She-Hulk: There are strangest things floating around in here.
Hulk: CAKE! More floating cake! Hulk can almost touch cake!
She-Hulk: The floating platforms are falling away! Like you're listening to me about everything.
Hulk: Falling again... But NO cake. WHOA! Big Hulk Head! Hulk want to feed to Hulk Head! And to Hulk!
She-Hulk: I think that statue of you can actually eat MORE cake.
Hulk: LOOK! Big Stone Cake!
She-Hulk: Put the Stone Cake on the plate in front of the Stone Head.
She-Hulk: I think we have to reach the damaged wall on the far side of the gap.
Hulk: UHHH! Hulk not good fixing... only GOOD at smashing!!!!!!!
Hulk: Big gear go up.
Hulk: Hulk Need more cake.
She-Hulk: You ALWAYS hungry.
Nightmare: This is an amazing door. I designed it myself. This door is impossible because it's... Imp Assable!!!!
Hulk: Door not too touch for Hulk!!!!!!! Hulk Smash door to pieces!!!!!!!!!
Hulk: Flying cake AND giant cake!!!
She-Hulk: NOT an actual cake. is this the so called "Boss Battle" all games have?
Nightmare: HAHAHAHA! In a battle you might stand a chance. As YOU might say She-Hulk -- this is show trial. And I'm the Judge, and Jury!
She-Hulk: the Mind Stone will be ours, Nightmare!
Nightmare: HAHAHAHA! You'll have to get to ME first!
She-Hulk: We HAVE to get through the mines!
Hulk: Hulk FINALLY get cake!!!!!
She-Hulk: I can legally certify that that is acually authentic cake.

Chapter 4 - Time to Find TimeEdit

Iron Man: Thanks for helping us out here, Invisible Woman. Oh, where'd you go? Your energy factor's what we need to get the Time Stone. Good luck, and just don't take uh, too much time doing it.
Invisible Woman: Always glad to help out.
Nova: Where are you? So lucky to have a invisibility power. I'll trade you super strength for invisibility.
Invisible Woman: Tempting. But I like being seen sometimes.
Nebula: My own "Time Bomb" I can alter the Time Stone and turn everyone in the universe super old!
Annihilus: Except for us, of course?
Nebula: Yes, of course.
Invisible Woman: Too bad we couldn't complete our experiments at the Baxter Building before we got this call.
Nova: Shorty, Iron Man thinks it's important work.
Invisible Woman: More important than using an experimental griddle to create negative zone blueberry waffles? I hope so.
Annihilus: Very good! Some super-dupes to test out your new Time Stone weapon on! I'll make sure they don't leave...
Nova: Yo! That massive ray gun could blast that shield protecting Nebula and the stone! Let's power up this bug zapper! We have to turn the power on to get the ray gun fully charged.
Invisible Woman: Looks like there are three power coils here that can do that.
Nova: Looky! Looky! Battery packs! A vortex could pull that batter pack toward us! Good. One coil fully charged! Two coils charged. One to go. I can snag that battery pack with a vortex.
Invisible Woman: There, all three coils are activated!
Nova: Shorty we have to fend-off those Annihilus Bugs attacking the coils!
Invisible Woman: The coils now at full power! Let's see if the ray gun's powered up!
Nova: That big laser cannon is only partially functional. We need to activate delivery system. We have to hold the bugs off. It will take time for plasma pumps to get primed.
Invisible Woman: The vent's closed. Good, the system is running again. Look! Two more delivery units!
Nova: Okay, let's try cleaning it out and holding those bugs off again! Keep it up, Annihilus! I can't take out all the bugs you got! Those bugs are startin' to really bug me! Okay, we're good to go here!
Invisible Woman: Then let's get back and and see if the ray gun is finally functional!
Nova: Ugh! The main laser cannon still doesn't have enough power.
Invisible Woman: I saw solar antenna on the roof... We could probably reach it if the elevators were functional.
Nova: Hey, smash it! Use your levitation. We need to insert the power cores into the power generations around the room. We need to activate the power core delivery tubes to this room.
Invisible Woman: Looks like the controls are behind that laser wall.
Nova: Those power cores have to put in the generations. An expertly placed vortex could pin those bugs down!
Invisible Woman: Insert that one last power core!
Nova: The power generations are live all elevators in the station are now operational.
Invisible Woman: Okay, the elevators are working! Now, we need to get to the roof and reroute to power to the laser cannon!
Annihilus: Powerless humans, your time is running out!!!
Nova: We have to align the antennas to collect enough power. I just wanna fight already.
Invisible Woman: We can use the powered-up laser cannon to blast through Annihilus' shield. Then you can't get 'em! Another hit those bugs!
Nova: That's it! Let's check the cannon!
Invisible Woman: Whoa... and it's becoming huge!
Nova: Hey, look! The ray gun trigger's on the throne!
Annihilus: What the...? How? How did you defeat me?! You meddling heroes!!!!!!!!
Nova: It's not meddling when you're asking to get pounded. And you were asking!
Invisible Woman: Now that the Time Stone is ours, we can do this!
Nebula: This is VERY uncomfortable!
Nova: HAHAHA, right! We're awesome team! They didn't stand a chance. And now--
Invisible Woman: Back to the best negative zone waffles an experimental griddle can make!
Silver Surfer: Yes, my friend, the universe needs us. Those Infinity Stones would go nicely with your shiny-ness.
Galactus: Silver Surfer! That last gas giant left me with some... gas. Find me an icy water world for dessert.

Chapter 5 - Soul Of A MazeEdit

Iron Man: Wolverine, your animal factor matches up perfectly with the Soul Stone, and I'll come along for some support. So let's go ear it out up there.
Wolverine: Haha, alright! I got the gist, Iron Bottom. All this waiting around is making me crazy!!!
Woman: We're behind schedule: You two won't be until the next taping. I need you to wait 58 seconds.
Wolverine: Maybe I'll just shred this place!!!!! SNIKT!
Woman: Really? Tearing up the room? That's so eighties.
Wolverine: Tearing up Grandmaster's waiting room is great stress relief!
Iron Man: Now that I condone this behavior... but it does look fun.
Woman: Okay, okay, let's get you out of here and onto the set! NOW!
Grandmaster: Welcome one, welcome all to Grandmaster's Soul Stone Showdown!
Wolverine: I see our buddy Thanos is in the crowd.
Iron Man: And every Skrull this side of the milky way.
Grandmaster: Can our contestants show an "Iron" will and "Wolf's" cunning and pick what is behind that door? I wonder... And HEEEEEEEERE'S Out first puzzle!
Wolverine: Let's win this goofy game, get the Soul Stone, and get out of here.
Grandmaster: I've always wondered if Iron Man has trouble with rust in his shorts!
Iron Man: Wow. So now what I was hoping for.
Grandmaster: Wolverine, like a real Wolverine, is extremely hairly. Maybe he should try some gel!
Iron Man: I was hoping for the Soul Stone!
Wolverine: You call that a prize? Looks more like a "Parting Gift" to me.
Iron Man: Hate to dash your hopes, but that thing registers on my sensors as a fake.
Grandmaster: Very good, Iron Man! Yo, you in fact to collect three Grandmaster stones to get a chance to get the real Soul Stone! Did you not read the fine print of the rules?
Wolverine: Shoulda guessed the "Gab-Master" would pull a fast one!
Grandmaster: Ladies and gentlemen and texaron uni-worms, this next segment of the show is sponsored by Skrull Software Systems. If it tries to take over your computer, then your car, then your mind, you know it's a Skrull System!
Iron Man: You slice them open and I'll put them where they need to go! Faster, Wolverine, faster! The timer's gonna run out! The key here Wolverine is speed. So slice and dice!
Wolverine: Okay, bub, let's get this show over with so we can get out of here!
Grandmaster: Patience, patience, my dear hairy contestant! You've gotten two out of the three Grandmaster stones ...but how do you get the third? Our next game is brought to you buy the Thanos Online Courses! Learn villainy! Learn to speak evil! Create dastardly plots! Rule the universe!
Iron Man: Okay, Wolverine, pull that lever to spin the giant wheel!
Grandmaster: Well, you've won the Grandmaster Stones. Now, it's your honor and mine to announce that you can now, if you don't run off scared and wet your pants or scream "Oh Mommy, make it stop!" Run ... the... maze! And inside, you might find the real Soul Stone. But I think I'll get to keep it because nobody has ever come out this maze... alive, that's it! Yes, that's entertainment!
Thanos: I'm taking that stone myself ...and I'm not playing games!
Iron Man: Can't let that happen, Wolverine. C'mon!
Wolverine: With pleasure! Snikt!
Grandmaster: This is highly irregular. But it's great for ratings! So, let's watch them have at it for the Soul Stone! Go left? Go right? We may never know! It looks like Iron Man has a plan!
Iron Man: Great. We'll have to go around the long way to get by this trap door.
Wolverine: I bet cuttin' through the walls might help.
Grandmaster: Thanos is making a mess of things with his powerful powers! The Skrulls have strength in numbers, that's plan to see. Nicely played Wolverine. Iron Man not so much. They are playing for a grand prize! No, the grand prize. For hours I've gazed into it's stoney greeb gorgeousness. There's only one way out of my maze. Just remind you that all contestants stay very near the Luxurious Hilbert Infinity Suites! That Wolverine is an animal! Look at him shred through some Skrulls! They are making progress but is it in the right direction? We'll soon see!
Iron Man: Wolverine, I'll flip the doors while you go through them. Then I can turn them back.
Wolverine: Hey, I can help you get through by throwin' this lever on my side of the wall. Like I said before, I bet cuttin' through the walls might help.
Iron Man: We'll have to double-down on our teamwork to get pass these doors!
Wolverine: I hear ya. But we can't we just slash on our way through?
Woman: We'll have to wait here while the other contestants try to win the Soul Stone.
Iron Man: Sound like Thanos has his hands, or his Gauntlets full, with that Soul Stone.
Wolverine: Last time you made us wait, we shredded the place. You want that to happen again, bub?
Woman: Fine. Just go on! But you have to sign the release first.
Grandmaster: And now, viewers, the finale, the Piece De Resistance, the match-up you've been waiting for: Iron Man and Wolverine versus the sinister Soul Stone!
Wolverine: The crazy stone is creating bad guys from those posters on the back wall! I'll slice 'em to bits!
Iron Man: Yes! Hacked that terminal. Only two left to go! Right, hacked 'em all! Let's grab that Soul Stone and get out of here.
Grandmaster: Congratulations on winning spectacular Soul Stone! But wait, if you read the fine print, you would know that only one of you guys to leave! The other one must become... my personal assistant! Quite a prize, huh?
Wolverine: You go, chief, I'll stay here with the game-meister.
Grandmaster: Well, now, personal assistant Wolverine, Fifi needs a wash, fluff and trim. And don't get shampoo in her... itty-bitty, cutesy-wutsey eyes. Yes! Who's a good doggie? Who's a good doggie?
Wolverine: Hey, don't forget about me!
Iron Man: Stay sharp. We'll get you out of here.

Chapter 6 - Offspring of VillainyEdit

Iron Man: Wolverine stood tough to get me out of Grandmaster's maze with the Soul Stone. Now, we gotta get him out of here. Scarlet Witch, you're up for the sibling adventure? Cause we need Quicksilver's speed factor to help get the Space Stone.
Scarlet Witch: But he sometimes speeds into things without thinking you know.
Quicksilver: Ugh! So much for a short landing.
Scarlet Witch: Yo if you didn't move so fast, broski, it wouldn't be a problem.
Quicksilver: Is this some sort of outer space putt-putt course?
Scarlet Witch: Look, we just need to find Dad and see what the big deal is. Oh, look, the welcome wagon is here.
Quicksilver: We have to find a way to get into that large maintenance door.
Scarlet Witch: The elevator can take us up to the observatory.
Quicksilver: Good observation.
Computer: Welcome to the luxurious of the magentic one himself... Magneto.
Quicksilver: Elevators are always too slow for me.
Scarlet Witch: Watch out! There's a small turret on the platform behind us!
Computer: Please, remain on the elevator. And do enjoy the ride. For your own safety, and to ensure a wonderful visit, please stay with the marked pathways. Just a friendly reminder to watch out for hordes of rampaging Scumbots. Have a nice day.
Quicksilver: Wow, what a great view of space. Dad always did like a view.
Scarlet Witch: Does a guy with super-magnet-powers really all need this security?
Quicksilver: He's always been overprotective.
Scarlet Witch: With you, baby brother, yes, but me? "Stop casting spells so loud!" "Take out the trash!" "You're grounded for turning your brother into a newt."
Quicksilver: You turned me into a newt?
Scarlet Witch: For my first science fair.
Quicksilver: Dad just can't help buying the latest gadget or gizmo.
Scarlet Witch: The asteroid in the room is a nice design touch, don't you think?
Quicksilver: Right. But we can't get across the hole in the floor.
Scarlet Witch: We can use the ginormous TV as a bridge.
Quicksilver: Think Dad reset the security code since our last visit?
Scarlet Witch: He wouldn't do that. He loves it when we drop in.
Quicksilver: Flushed out by my own Dad.
Scarlet Witch: Good ol' Dad... always with the mixed messages.
Quicksilver: So, now we have to find another way into the observatory. These catwalks are a mess! Cats can be so destructive.
Scarlet Witch: Stop it with the cats already! Obviously Dad spent all his money on TV's and golf clubs instead of maintenance. We have to power-up the gondola before we can use it. They turned on more than just the gondola.
Computer: Welcome aboard the exclusive Magneto High Speed Gondola. Please keep your hands and arms inside the gondola at all times.
Both: Ugh!
Scarlet Witch: The garbage compactor looks more like an elevator, doesn't it?
Quicksilver: Can these elevators get any slower?!
Scarlet Witch: Blow up those tubes on the wall and I bet we can get into the observatory.
Quicksilver: Hey, sis, you're shooting waaay too slow!
Scarlet Witch: Quality over quantity, lil' broski. When did Dad star collecting all the space hot rods?
Quicksilver: That's why he's got the Scumbots, to keep his cars running.
Scarlet Witch: Something is very not right about this whole thing. We can turn off the jets on the far side.
Quicksilver: Okay... I'll help you out... again!
Scarlet Witch: So, this is the observation deck. Great for observing, I guess.
Magneto: Ah, my talented progeny. It's always nice to see you. You rarely visit any more. Probably brought your laundry with you, did you?
Quicksilver: Dad, you live on Asteroid M, in the middle of nowhere. With slow elevators.
Scarlet Witch: Dad, you sent us... remember? Something about being under attack?
Magneto: Yes. I do need your help. I need to contain the Space Stone.
Scarlet Witch: Dad... How did you get stuck in there?
Magneto: It's a long story involving an attack of Scumbots, and my collection of refrigerator magnets.
Quicksilver: Fine, we'll help combine all the Space Stone fragments, okay.
Scarlet Witch: How could you have been beaten by a bunch of tin-pot robots?
Magneto: Never mind. You never just drop by to see dear Ol' Dad. So, I have to fib.
Scarlet Witch: Doing in the correct order is very important.
Quicksilver: He looks like he's stuck in there pretty good. Yeah got it!
Dr. Doom: HAHAHAHA! Well, well, broski, you've duped your foolish children into helping us. Well done.
Scarlet Witch: You're working for Dr. Doom, Dad?
Magneto: What can I say? In this economy, I take what I can get.
Quicksilver: Just great, Dad! Now you've "doomed" us all!
Dr. Doom: The boy is right: This silly family feud means I can now crush you all! Time-out! Too easy! HAHAHAHA!
Magneto: Now you've gone too far, Scum - As you always do. I won't let you hurt my children!
Quicksilver: So you really weren't trapped?
Magneto: Another long story. But I was under contract to Scum. And I got no back-end. Now, Doom, I will blast you into space!!!!
Dr. Doom: Wait! Time-out, again! I can't believe you fell for the "Time-out" trick again! And now... the self-destruct.
Computer: Detonators armed. Asteroid M will self-destruct.
Magneto: I will blast you all the way back to Earth, you Doctor of Doom!
Dr. Doom: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE NOT GETTING YOUR VACATION PAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Gasps) (Sighs)
Magneto: Leave now, my children while there is still time. And here, take the Space Stone. I'm sorry I tricked you my progeny.
Quicksilver: Father, I sensed the good in you!
Scarlet Witch: Thanks, Dad! You're the best... Sometimes...
Computer: Accelerated guest departure protocol disengaged.

Chapter 7 - City of DoomEdit

Iron Man: Reptil, you're working with Spider-Man. He's very... Spidery. My readings shows the Reality Stone maybe somewhere in Super Hero City. It's important. We needed to free Wolverine. But be careful. Your factors don't match up well. These aren't harmless gems. They're dangerous Infinity Stones.
Reptil: Hey, anything to help Wolverine. We will not fail you. It's that a heroic sounding?
Iron Man: Very nice you're learning, kid.
Dr. Doom: Curse that Magento! From a useless orbiting asteroid to a jail cell hold, I'm never hiring him again! M.O.D.O.K.... Abomination! Get me out of this cage this INSTANT!
Abomination: Okay, Doctor Doom. We're on our way.
Reptil: This is great! Getting an important assignment from Iron Man is a big deal.
Spider-Man: Okay, kid. Just remember, I'm used to talking to myself, not other people.
Reptil: Hey, is that Abomination in Antique Shop? That can't be good.
Spider-Man: Like a bull in a china shop. Though they've actually proven that's not as bad as it sounds.
Reptil: What are you up to, big and ugly?
Abomination: Nothing. And I'm not looking for Dr. Doom. I'm not.
Spider-Man: There's a "not" that means "yup" we better stick to him like glue.
Abomination: I got some Doombots to help me! I'm smart!
Spider-Man: I'll gun-up the works so we can destroy those spinning blade.
Reptil: We need to get to the roof top!
Abomination: Just try to follow me now, Super-Zeroes!
Reptil: Let's hitch a ride to the roof on that platform!
Spider-Man: Can we get a recycling for wrecking tin-can Scumbots?
Reptil: Gotta cut a hole in the AC unit for the web-O-Leen.
Abomination: Ha-ha! I'm too fast for... Oof!
Spider-Man: Villains rarely watch where they're going.
Reptil: Hey, Abomination, nice trip! See you next fall! Geez, do you always have to dodge birds like this?
Spider-Man: I hate getting feathers in my mouth. Watch out for those Scum platforms, too!
Abomination: Okay, dodge this!
Spider-Man: He's bringing down the building on us! Oh yeah... web-head sticks the landing!
Reptil: A port-o-potty?! Now that's some kind of stank!
Abomination: This wreck 'em! Gonna smash your goody-goodies! Bowling for heroes!
Spider-Man: Let's play and get him to smash the shield generations for us.
Reptil: I need to slash the crane's cable but I can't reach it!
Spider-Man: Web-O-Leen. Watch! Time to get to the top of this building and stop Abomination. I guess we'll have to take it out!
Reptil: Wow, didn't see that coming down, but boom!
Spider-Man: Gotta clear-out those sniper Doombots!
Reptil: Okay, now we cab move on!
Spider-Man: Another turret!
Reptil: Yeah, now we know how to take it down! It was supposed to smash the turret like last time.
Spider-Man: We have to get that thing where the Doombot can see it!
Reptil: Hey, he blew it! Love sure does some creepy things.
Spider-Man: Never question true love. Even between robots.
Abomination: Found the freaky stone in the S.H.I.E.L.D. building. I should try it how 'bout a bomb barrel, boys?!
Spider-Man: Nothing could bomb worse than your jokes.
Abomination: I like to watch heroes go boom! I know when to get going!
Reptil: Every open door is an opportunity.
Spider-Man: Okay, Abomination, come out, come out wherever you are!
Reptil: Incoming Doombots! A whole army of 'em!
Spider-Man: We're trying to get Dr. Doom! We can't let that happen. Those dopey Dumb-bots are diggin' right into the power grid. They'll blow up the whole building!
Reptil: The power node is going to blow!
Abomination: Too late, good boys! I'm goin' over the edge!
Dr. Doom: A Spider and a Dinosaur?! You can't beat Dr. Doom!!!!! AAAAAAH!!!!!!!
Spider-Man: We'll have to jump after them!
Abomination: Okay, now we're done...Owie...
Dr. Scum: Oh, I am so far from done with you, Abomination! I will make you pay for messing up MY situation!
Spider-Man: We beat Doom and Abomination and get the Reality Stone! It's a win-win-win?
Iron Man: The Reality Stone! I can use it to alter reality and do this!
Wolverine: Hey, chief, thanks for finding the Reality Stone and getting me out of Grandmaster's maze, man, I'm hungry.

Chapter 8 - Taste of a throneworldEdit

Iron Man: Wolverine, I need you to go with Black Widow to find the missing Silver Surfer. My readings show the Infinity Sword carries has very similar characteristic to the Infinity Stones. If the bad guys get the sword and the stone we could be in trouble. Have him bring the sword for save keeping.
Wolverine: Surfer Boy must be off catching some cosmic tubes. I'll bring him back.
Silver Surfer: What's up, my 'friends'?
Wolverine: You're not answering your phone, so Iron Man sent us to bring you in for safe keeping.
Silver Surfer: No worries, my 'friends'. Galactus will protect me from anyone.
Wolverine: You could maybe just let us have the sword for safekeeping, shiny.
Silver Surfer: There's no time, now. I must go. I, uh, got some things to do.
Black Widow: Why is Skrull Planetary shield not powered on?
Wolverine: They forgot to pay the electric bill? I can't slash my way through this laser wall!
Black Widow: Always with the cutting, darling. Perhaps we could use a turret to blow a whole in the wall?
Wolverine: If take that turret we could blast that shield wall down to size.
Black Widow: I'll man the turret and take out the shield towers.
Wolverine: A bad guy once called me 'wolfy.' To this day he still wears orthhopedic shirts. Ahaa... the roof's kinda too low around here, isn't it?
Black Widow: I'm not entirely sure this roof is really a roof. Aha! Yes, this is actually the underside of a giant spaceship! See, darling thruste jets.
Wolverine: Man, I hate cuttin' it that close! Eh, watch it with the flamey things, bub! Watch out for the fire, bub!
Black Widow: It's as hot as it looks!
Wolverine: Those big turrets are warmin' up! There's gotta be a way to stop them.
Black Widow: We could use those crates of power cores to blow up the turrets.
Wolverine: I'm strong, but I can't lift the crates! Gotta be another way.
Black Widow: Use that brain not your brawn. That crane can help us.
Silver Surfer: Galactus is hungry. He's going to eat this planet as a pre-order snack.
Wolverine: You got to get him to put-off the appetizer, Surfer.
Silver Surfer: I will try my best to distract his rumply tummy.
Black Widow: Good daring, Wovlerine., this should buy us time to discover why the Skrull Planetary shield is down.
Wolverine: I hear ya. But where do we start?
Black Widow: We should follow the large power source below us. Quickly, down the lift!
Skrull Minion: (Walla)
Wolverine: Check that out... those dopey Skrulls are diverting all their power from the shields!
Black Widow: Nyet! They don't realize they are dooming themselves.
Wolverine: We've got to find a way to get the power flown' back to the shields.
Black Widow: No easy task. We must find a replacement for the part they smashed.
Wolverine: I could carve a new one if we can find any scrap metal. Perfect! I can carve these blocks into the parts we need.
Black Widow: The power cores are still not moving in the correct direction.
Wolverine: Be Careful, Spy-Girl! Static charges are tearing up the repair-bot. C'mon! We gotta get to the roof to see if that did the trick! That puts a pop in your step! So much for that plan.
Black Widow: I suspect the Skrulls are still diverting too much power.
Wolverine: Probably watchin' the "Skrull Bowl."
Black Widow: You've given me a perfect idea, darling.
Wolverine: I have?
Black Widow: Yes. We must track the Skrull's cable boxes, reroute the power, and project it from the satellite dishes to the shield tower.
Wolverine: Look, the welcoming committe. I'm all set to say "Howdy!" I'll cut this terminal to pieces.
Skrull Minon: I'll writing my cable provider a really angry letter!
Black Widow: I can hack with this with my eyes closed.
Skrull Minion: This stinks!
Wolverine: He slices, he dices!
Skrull Minion: What happened?
Black Widow: The planetary is at 70%
Wolverine: Ugh! The shields need to be at their peek to hold off Galactus!
Black Widow: Da! Another terminal to hack!
Skrull Minion: I hate my satellite service!
Black Widow: The planetary shield is at 80% We're halfway there, keep going! Now I can hack this terminal, darling.
Skrull Minion: Hey! I was watchin' the Skrull Bowl!
Black Widow: The planetary is at 90% Darling, the hallway is down.
Wolverine: Great. More hack 'n' and slash'n to do! No way! I'm gonna bust some heads!
Black Widow: The planetary is at 95%
Wolverine: This terminal is getting "Hacked".
Skrull Minion: Who cut my cable?!
Black Widow: The planetary is at 97%
Skrull: But... I paid my bill!
Black Widow: The planetary reads 100%
Wolverine: Just in time!
Black Widow: Silver Surfer seems not to be doing his job, yes?
Wolverine: It's Galactus! He's movin' in fast!
Galactus: I'm simply famished. I must eat that planet. Ow! That better not damaged my caps!
Black Widow: The shields will not last through another bite like that! We need to lure Galactus away!
Wolverine: This time, I've got an idea, come on!
Galactus: I usually don't like tacos with my ice cream, but I'm quite full for now.
Black Widow: We've got to get back to the Helicarrier. Maybe they can make sense of Silver Surfer's odd behavior.
Wolverine: Yeah, what's up with that? He's usually so laid-back.
Silver Surfer: Galactus can't have you! No one but me can have you! I'll lead the mighty eating one away to some distracting dinner. Then it's just you and me, my sword of infinity! We will embrace our destiny!
Wolverine: I'm telling ya, something's not right with Surfer Boy.
Iron Man: I finally got through to Silver Surfer's cell and he's coming to meet us. We've got the stones, now we just have to see how the Infinity Sword fits in the puzzle.
Hulk: And all this talking is making me hungry.
Falcon: There's something different.
Reptil: I can get you a sandwich? Spider-Man showed me this great deli in Super Hero City; you know, the kind with good pickles.
Iron Man: I've also done a scan that shows a recurrent time-space rift is due to open in near-earth space. It's the perfect place to put these stones so they don't fall into the wrong hands. But it will only remain open for a short time. It's Dr. Doom! And Thanos! And Super Skrull! The same guy we beat earlier! Little bit of overkill if you ask me, but, we're up to it. Squaddies, time to HERO UP!

Chapter 9 - Carrier Full of InfinityEdit

Black Widow: Look alive, everyone. We have more energy ships in bound. We'll never get the Infinity Gauntlet if we figure it out in time.
Iron Man: We have to. Or let me put this way, we have to if we want entire universe to survive.
Black Widow: Sort of. Not much as stake. Nova, Invisible Woman, you need to hold your defensive positions on the deck!
Nova: Black Widow? Where's Iron Man?
Black Widow: He's preparing to launch the Infinity Stones into the time-space portal. We need to defend the ship!
Invisible Woman: We'll hold'em off.
Nova: Missiles bound toward us!
Black Widow: Hold them back!
Invisible Woman: Watch those missiles!
Black Widow: The missiles are slipping through. Hull integrity failing. Nova! Stop those bogeys. Com-tower shields powering up. Nova, buy us some time! Invisible Woman, Nova, hold' em off. Com-tower shields up in 10 seconds.
Nova: More missiles incoming!
Black Widow: 5 seconds. Com-tower secure! The main cannons are coming online. Buy us some times darlings!
Nova: Missiles movin' in fast!
Invisible Woman: We need some bigger guns to deal with that massive ship!
Nova: Bigger is better!
Black Widow: The cannons targeting system is rebooting! We need 10 more seconds!
Nova: Sheesh, even more seconds!
Black Widow: 5 seconds. Com-tower secure! Skrull Crusher inbound! Hold on!
Nova: Brace yourself!
She-Hulk: Ahhh! What were they doing in there? It reeks! Skrull! ...Iron Man, they're overrunning our defenses.
Iron Man: Uh, I kinda got my hands full here, guys. Hold them off!
Black Widow: Defenses are collapsing! They must be stopped. Hold them back! We need a little time more! Beat them back! Restoring defensing systems. Incoming bugs! Somebody defend the Helicarrier engines!
Wolverine: The kid and I are on it!
Black Widow: Buy us some time darlings! Hold them back! The wave is clear!
Reptil: All right - Yeah! Got one!
Wolverine: Man, I hate bugs!
Reptil: Yeah!! Squashed that bug flat!
Wolverine: Don't get cocky, kid... nailed one!
Reptil: That bug is toast.
Wolverine: Bugs really bug me!
Reptil: Took care of 'em! Engines are all clear!
Black Widow: We're in the clear for now!
Falcon: Whew! The health inspector's gonna have a field day in here!
Black Widow: Look, that incoming fleet belongs to Dr. Doom!
Quicksilver: They've deploying to attack positions! Get on those guns, sis!
Scarlet Witch: Got one!
Quicksilver: Boom! Blasted that one good!
Scarlet Witch: Scratch that doom ship!
Quicksilver: Say goodbye, ship of doom!
Black Widow: Look alive everyone, we have more enemy ships inbound!
Scarlet Witch: Yes, took that ship down!
Quicksilver: Hit that one!
Scarlet Witch: That's it! We trashed all the incoming ships!
Herbie: Gotta power up! (Beep!) or there's no getting out!
Thor: We must destroy these Scumbots before they do some real damage!
Herbie: We're (Beep) 24.35% Complete. Power (Beep) at 51.67% We're (Beep) 76.67% Complete.
Doombot: Attack!
Herbie: One generator (Beep) to go. Protect me (Beep) and I'll protect you!
Scumbot: Offensive Protocol 3.
Herbie: Takin' too much damage! Generators (Beep) at 100%
Invisible Woman: Scum's escaped!
Thor: Those fiendish Scumbots must have gotten here first! There tis too many foul villains on this ship!
Invisible Woman: We've got to find Scum before he finds those Infinity Stones!
Iron Man: Okay, squaddies, the Infinity Pod is complete and ready to be launched into the time-space rift. It's just, well, Black Widow and I can't decide on a good color to paint the pod. I like chartreuse.
Black Widow: Uh, you have such bourgeois taste, darling.
Iron Man: So, everyone defend the Infinity Stones for a few more minutes!
Wolverine: The skrulls attack from the other side! We gotta hold them back!
Hulk: We must keep those stones back!
Herbie: Clean up (Beep!) On aisle twelve!
Dr. Doom: Hahahaha! The Infinity Stones! The power! The majesty!
M.O.D.O.K.: And the blue one goes stunning with your eyes.
Dr. Doom: Now, all we need do is assemble them in the correct order... But one of these stones is not like the others. One of these stones just doesn't belong...
Loki: You fell for my secret plan to hide in my fake Rhythm Stone. And now... the Infinity Pants.
Dr. Doom: The WHAT!?
Loki: You're now under my control! Dance, magic pants, dance! Wow, you stink as a doctor of doom, but you are the doctor of the dance. Now, why don't you get down in some forgotten pocket universe!
Dr. Doom: No, NO! I can't dance my way to oblivion! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanos: A short-lived celebration, Loki. I hope you enjoyed my freeze blast.
Nebula: Lucky thing we bided our time while waiting to turn the tables!
Thanos: Luck?! Luck had nothing to do with it. It's all part of the master plan, Super Skrull. I think you'll be "A-mazed" at where I dispose of you two!
Loki: I bet we can find our way out! Mmmh yeah, in a couple thousand years!
Thanos: Did they think they could out-think Thanos? I've been plotting my evil comeback for a millennia or so.
Iron Man: Sorry, Thanos, we're gonna dig those stones out of your grubby hands! Okay, Super Hero Squad: Time to reclaim those serious stones that someone suddenly stole from us! Only a liberation...
Thanos: So what? Not that I don't like the company, but ...I don't like the company.
Nebula: Oh, very nice. Now you've got the power you leave me here! This is really funny, big brother! I'm never taking the trash out for you again!!!

Chapter 10 - Moons Over my ThanosEdit

Iron Man: We have to catch Thanos before he can use that Infinity Gauntlet.
Scarlet Witch: We're not going in the front door; It's blocked. IS there another way?
Iron Man: He's a super-villain; He must have a secret entrance here somewhere. We have to turn off the static field that's blocking the Stark-O-Matik.
Scarlet Witch: And the one that's blocking the button on the side of the boo ton stone head.
Thanos: They say watching TV can be bad for you. But I rather like the evil reality of the programming!
Scarlet Witch: But I have forgot over what TV show to watch.
Hercules: Opa! The only TV Zeus allow on olympus is all strong sports all the time.
Nightmare: This is not my realm?! Maybe I've been brought here to make it here!
Scarlet Witch: That was kind of fun. Makes me wish I was in a TV show.
Iron Man: Be careful what you wish for. Right now, we need to find Thanos!
Super Skrull: So yo, I'm more than super, Thanos has granted me the power of the Power Stone making me... invisible!
Iron Man: So, gotta get a new plan for beating him. Maybe a flush?
Scarlet Witch: My levitation powers are weak. What about using crane?
Iron Man: Great! We can drop him into disposal unit!
Super Skrull: I am not getting flushed out of this fight! You can't get rid of me this easily!
Iron Man: It worked. Super Skrull is gone.
Scarlet Witch: We can keep after Thanos using the cleared portal!
Iron Man: You'll never catch me in here! Another door! Frustrating!
Scarlet Witch: Look! A button to open the door!
Iron Man: Aha! That explosion blasted open a vent cover in the wall next to the shield. If I can get the Stark-O-Matik into the shield, I can blow up the controls. Huh. What do you suppose that button opens?
Scarlet Witch: I see the maintenance door open on outside of the vault.
Iron Man: Of course! Should have figured the Ol' "Maintenance hatch would be open Gambit" would work.
Thanos: Yes, yes! I can use the Infinity Gauntlet to destroy the Super Hero Squad any anything else I don't like! Hmmmm. The heroes, that that annoying spam in my inbox; Every boy band I can find, the letter "M", tighty-whiteys. Oh yes! I want an all-boxer universe! Is THAT so wrong?!?
Iron Man: We've got to attack Thanos and get that Gauntlet!
Scarlet Witch: There's two of us and only one of him! Wow, with that Gauntlet we can't touch him!
Iron Man: Yeah, the only way to beat him is if we... Hero Up!!! Okay, Thanos, we're ending your "Boxer Rebellion" and we're ending it now! In this corner, the Super Hero Squad!
Super Skrull: You may have flushed me, but you didn't defeat me! Now I'll destroy you!
Iron Man: Yeah, you're super all right ...a super cliche spewer.
Thanos: I must say, Super Skrull! You seem a little ...flushed. No! Noooooo! Oooo... Owwww... Ouch... Oooch.
Iron Man: Yeah, that's gonna leave a mark!
Scarlet Witch: Pain is good. Extreme pain ...extremely good.
Thanos: Go on... pull my finger...
Iron Man: Who are you, my comedian uncle copperman?
Thanos: Shorty...can I vanquish you?
Scarlet Witch: Uh, sure, we've got to be going now.
Iron Man: According to my calculations, the time-space rift is almost set to open. We've only got five minute window to get the stones into it... Well, it's about time you showed up. What, are you on 'Cosmic Time'?
Silver Surfer: Yo, wagwan, my 'friends'. Much thanks for delivering me this power!
Hulk: What's shiny doing?
Iron Man: Yeah. He snuck the Infinity Gauntlet away from us!
Reptil: Why would he do that?
Iron Man: Of course! Surfer's sword is the long lost ego stone! I read about on Quirkpedia! It seemed to be more of extraterrestrial myth than everything else.
Silver Surfer: Oh, it's SO not!
Iron Man: The stones, coupled with the sword give you an "Infinity" amount of power! Surfer, you can't!!!
Silver Surfer: Oh, I sooo can! Take this!
Iron Man: Great! Now he's combined the Infinity Gauntlet with the Infinity Sword!
Hulk: That bad?
Iron Man: Waaaaay bad! Surfer, you'll rip the universe apart!
Dark Surfer: No, unimportant earth dudes! I will create the universe the way it should be! AND WITHOUT YOUR HELP!
Iron Man: No way! According to Qurikpedia he's now the Infinity Warrior!
Galactus: Silver Surfer! What are you doing?! What's on the menu for dinner? I was thinking...
Dark Surfer: I TIRE of being your maid! Butler! Cook! And underpants washer! You will LEAVE me ALONE, large one!
Iron Man: Whoa! I don't think this will finish things well!
Hulk: Shiny making earth... SHINY!
Iron Man: He's using his power to turn Earth into his lost home planet of Zenn-La! After all we did for him last season.
Wolverine: Not on my watch! Snikt!
Iron Man: Okay, heroes! Time to get OUR version of earth back!

Chapter 11 - Dark InfinityEdit

Iron Man: There he is! And there, and there, and there, and there, and there!
Wolverine: More then one?!?
Iron Man: One for each stone, and that one has the Soul Stone. Wolverine, Reptil, this is your stop. Get that stone!
Wolverine: Getting really tired of these Magic Gems!
Reptil: Yeah... you and gems just don't go together, wolvie.
Wolverine: Yeah, the Soul Stone is ours!
Reptil: Quicksilver and Falcon, what's your status ...we got our stone!
Falcon: Yeah, we're here and good to go!
Quicksilver: For sure, fam, we'll make quick work of the Space Stone! We're just too fast for you! The Space Stone is ours!
Falcon: Hey, Hulkster, you're up for the Mind Stone! You on it?
Hulk: I'm on platform.
She-Hulk: No, he means "we" are on it.
Hulk: Hulk NO understand some air quotes. On what?
She-Hulk: Never mind him, Falcon. We'll get the Mind Stone!
Hulk: Mind Stone is very shiny.
She-Hulk: Too bad it can't give you a mind.
Hulk: Hey, are you insulting Hulk?
She-Hulk: No. Just making a legal note. Thor, Nova, you need to acquire the Reality Stone.
Thor: It shall be ours! What dark magic is this! Forsooth! The Reality Stone is thus: We now have the Reality Stone.
Nova: Scarlet Witch, Invisible Woman, you're up! Good luck!
Scarlet Witch: Thanks, Nova. This isn't going to be some walk in the park.
Invisible Woman: Do we have the time to get the Time Stone?
Scarlet Witch: That's it! We have the Time Stone!
Invisible Woman: Just in time, too. Iron Man, what's your status?
Iron Man: Oh, already in trouble. What's new...
Black Widow: We must recover the Power Stone!
Scarlet Witch: Now what do we do?
Iron Man: Well, we've got to restore the universe to the way it was... the Infinity Sword is for all of us, not just you. You must think of the good of the many over the good of the few or the one. It will, ultimately, make you... most human!
Dark Surfer: Woah... Are you quoting some old movie?
Iron Man: Totally. I've been dying to use that line but I had to make sure it would clear with legal. Herbie, we're good?
Herbie: Legal eagle says (Beep!) A-okay!
Iron Man: Right. Now, you need to give up the sword so we can put everything back to normal.
Dark Surfer: Fair enough. I am sorry for the trouble I've caused.
Iron Man: C'mon, you can do it. You have to give it up of you own free will.
Dark Surfer: I will. And I apologize for letting things transform my mind, here...
Iron Man: Unfortunately, it means everything will back to normal... for now. We'll just let them all sort themselves out. As for you...
Falcon: You caused a heap o' trouble. My cosmic wave-riding friend.
Silver Surfer: I know, I have totally, um, screwed up royally.
Iron Man: That would be the technical term.
Hulk: WHO CARSE?! Surfer's our friend again! Hulk so happy!
Iron Man: The time-space rift! I've got to dump all this Infinity Stuff into it!
Silver Surfer: No, Iron Man... allow me. For truly I'm the one who's caused so much gnarly trouble here.
Iron Man: Happy Birthday, Thor. Hulk and I picked them out.
Thor: By Valhalla's hallowed halls of fashion, my friends, thou truly hast style!
Iron Man: It's so nice to have everything back to normal!
Thor: Me thinks mine evil brother Loki hath put a hex of dance upon these shoes!
Hulk: Blondie dancing. Is that funny or something?!
Thor: By Frigga's prancing pony, I canst STOP!!! Kick-ball chance Kick-ball change ... Fosse, fosse...
Iron Man: (Sighs) Now we'll have to find the receipt for those boots. I don't have pockets in my armor. Hulk, check your pockets for the receipt.
Hulk: later. too much fun watching Blondie dance! Dance, wing-head, dance!
Thor: Tis way not funny! Tis way not funny at all! I'm getting a cramp, in my calf!
[End of Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet]

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