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Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

2009 video game

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (previously known as Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion), a sequel to the 2006 action role-playing video game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, was released September 15, 2009. The game was jointly developed by Vicarious Visions (PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360), n-Space (Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, and Wii) and Savage Entertainment (PlayStation Portable), and is published by Activision.The game features characters from the Marvel Comics universe and follows elements of the Secret War and Civil War story arcs.


(first lines)
Wolverine: (mad at Iron Man after they used a fusion attack) That... hurt.
Iron Man: But it worked, No pain, no gain, my boy.
Wolverine: I ain't yer boy, Stark. (Nick Fury comes in)
Nick Fury: All right, that should do it. Won't be any Latverian air support bothering us on our way to Doom's Fortress now. We'll take it on foot and bring in Bravo team once we hit checkpoint three.
Spider-Man: 'On foot'? You're kidding, right? Do you have any idea how little arch support I get in this outfit?
Nick Fury: Put a sock in it, web-head.
Spider-Man: Yeah, socks make it worse, actually--
Nick Fury: All right, ladies... let's move, now!

(2nd cutscene)
Nick Fury: Bravo team, come in. Come in! Bravo, do you copy?
Wolverine: Hmph. Nothin' new to me so far. But black ops aren't really S.O.P. for you boys, are they? How'd Fury get you to--
Iron Man: Same way he got you, I expect. Everyone owes that old warhorse favors, and he always calls them in, sooner or later. Could be much worse than this.
Nick Fury: Come in!
Spider-Man: Yeah, but don't you guys wonder... I mean, invading a foreign country? Like we're soldiers of fortune or something?
Captain America: I've known Nick Fury a very long time, Spider-Man. We wouldn't be doing this without a good reason.
Nick Fury: Aww... wringing your little hands over the poor Latverians, huh? Y'think they'd do the same for you? (goes to a flashback with the president)
President: Colonel Fury... ...what do you have for us?
Nick Fury: Mr. President, one of our ongoing investigations into super-villains recently had a major break. We've always been aware that many of these criminals who run around in high-tech armor were getting their materials from an underground figure... ...Phineas Mason, a.k.a. the Tinkerer. But what we didn't realize until recently is that the Tinkerer himself is being supported by someone outside the country. Specifically, Lucia von Bardas -- the elected Prime Minister of Latveria. As you know, the link to foreign power makes this, by definition, international terrorism. The evidence is right here, sir. We're under attack. (goes back to current day) Trust me... they've earned what's coming to 'em.

(A House Divided cut-scene)
Tony Stark: ...and so to answer your question, Mr. Senator, in spite of these recent events... ...I don't believe forcing super heroes to register with the government is the answer. This law would split the hero community right down the middle, with consequences I'm not sure any of us want to ponder. (Tony leaves and goes into the limo with Captain America)
Captain America: Was that really your best shot?
Tony Stark: Sneaking around doesn't become you, Steve.
Captain America: Maybe I'll need the practice. Maybe we all will.
Tony Stark: Don't be so melodramatic. This whole thing would affect you least of all. You're already deputized.
Captain America: You almost sound like you agree with them. This Registration Act would tear down everything we've done, destroy a century-old tradition of--
Tony Stark: I'm trying to save it, Steve! As much of it as I can, anyway. Don't you see where this is headed? All it's going to take is one more slip-up, by anyone in a cape, and we'll be lucky if registration is the worst they do. They could just turn us all into criminals, hunt us all down--
Captain America: No, they won't, Tony... (gets out of the limo and walks away) ...not in my country.
(three days later, at Stark Tower)
TV Announcer: --now return to our special LIVE episode of THE NEW WARRIORS, coming to you straight from Stamford, Connecticut... ...where the Warriors have just been spotted by their super-villain quarry. Looks like it's on!
Speedball: I've got Coldheart, you guys! Hey, somebody snag Nitro, he's rabbiting!
Namorita: Don't worry, Speedball. I'm on him. (Nitro is running on the road trying to escape until Namorita rams him into a school bus and stops him) On your feet, Nitro. And don't bother trying any of your stupid exploding tricks.
Nitro: Oh, baby, don't you even know? (chuckles) You're playing with the big boys now... (Nitro unleashes his exploding trick and destroys Stamford, then a flying bus crashes into a camera forcing the show to go offline and Tony walks away with anger)
Reporter 1: --reports now coming in from Stamford, Connecticut indicate a massive explosion in a residential neighbourhood...
Reporter 2: --just over 12 hours ago now, and preliminary casualties are said to be over 600. In Washington, rumblings on whether super hero reform should be brought to the table--
Reporter 3: --following last week's devastating explosion, Congress has rushed through passage of the Superhuman Registration Act. With the President expected to sign the Act into law...
(S.H.E.I.L.D. Helicarrier, above New York City)
Captain America: This is just completely insane, Hill. I won't do it!
Commander Maria Hill: I'm sorry, was it not clear I was giving you an order?
Captain America: You're asking me to arrest people who risk their lives for this country every day!
Commander Maria Hill: (louder) No. I'm ordering you to obey the will of the American people, Captain! Either you help us bring them in, or we'll bring you in. (troopers raise their guns on Captain America)
Captain America: Weapons down, gentlemen, or I--
Commander Maria Hill: (furious) Tranq darts! NOW!! (troopers start firing) Take him down! TAKE HIM DOWN! (Captain America uses a trooper as a shield and throws him into other troopers, then he barges through the others and breaks out through the window and lands on a jet)
Captain America: (to S.H.I.E.L.D. pilot) Keep us moving, son, if you want to stay conscious. (Captain America rides on the jet and escapes)
Commander Maria Hill: (mad) You idiot. We were trying to save lives.
(back at Washington, the President looks at people that are in a mob)
President: Of all the people to go underground... Captain America? Now every super hero who disagrees with the Act suddenly has a leader. Maybe we should hold off until--
Iron Man: That won't be necessary, Mr. President. Registration can go forward as planned. We'll take care of Captain America.

(After choosing the Pro-registration with Wolverine being controlled by the player)
Commander Maria Hill: Congratulations on making the right choice, heroes. The only one you really had. I'll look forward to working with you. : ::
(Patriot breaks in with anger and shuns the heroes for choosing the Pro-registration)
Patriot: NO! How could you?! Cage told me I should've left with him and Iron Fist, but I didn't believe you'd do this! You damn traitors!
Commander Maria Hill: Well, looks like your first assignment just walked through the door! Either convince that idiot to register, or take him down! : (walks away)
Wolverine: This ain't the way ta fight this, kid. Settle down and--
Patriot: (angrily) Shut up! There's nothing you can say to make me join you! (they start fighting) This is for Cap!

Nick Fury: Cute trick... but did you really think we wouldn't see it coming?
Iron Man: It's over, Fury. You're alone, you can't possibly--
Nick Fury: Oh. I'm not alone. You may have frozen the Fold, but you haven't eliminated it. And with these new nanites, I can draw on the entire collective's power. I won't need more than a fraction of it to kill you. Then I'll shut down that annoying signal of yours for good.

Scorcher: Spider-man?! Here?!
Wolverine: You know this punk?
Spider-man: I've fought a lot of memorable bad guys, so, no this particularly...
Scorcher: Don't pretend you don't remember me! With von Bardas new technology, I will finally shear the flesh from your bones!

(After choosing Anti-registration with Deadpool being controlled by the player)
Commander Maria Hill: You damn idiot! You don't know what you're doing!
Deadpool: Par for the course, crazy lady! 'Sides I can always go the other way on my next playthrough.

(After choosing Anti-registration with Spider-Man being controlled by the player)
Commander Maria Hill: You just made J. Jonah Jameson a very happy man, Webhead.
Spider-Man: Hey, now. If you're gonna get personal, that really isn't fair, since I've got nothing on you. Apart from that haircut, of course.

(After choosing Anti-registration with Wolverine being controlled by the player)
Commander Maria Hill: Bad choice, Logan.
Wolverine: Maybe. But it'll be worth it to make your life a living' hell along the way, babe.

(During the terrorist attack of Washington DC, a firefight is taking place between a terrorist and a SHIELD agent)
Terrorist: You like, American? Here, have some more...
(Deadpool teleports in and knocks him out)
Deadpool: You stupid vaguely foreign freaks, YOU ruined my vacation!
(the text showing 'Deadpool' appears, introducing him to the game's plot, he teleports to the SHIELD agent that was under fire and knocks him out as well)
Deadpool: and you, dumb-as-nails SHIELD clones! I saw what you did to those Cherry Blossoms! do you think THOSE grow on trees?!...
(he then turns to look at the player and adresses them)
Deadpool: and YOU!...You think it makes me less of a man that I came here for the Cherry Blossom Festival, huh?
(Teleports away and still looks at the player)

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