Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

2006 video game

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is a 2006 video game, produced by Activison written by C.B. Cebulski. The game is based on superhero characters appearing in Marvel Comics. The player controls a team of superheroes who work under the command of Nick Fury to battle Doctor Doom.


(Explaining his origin) The day my father Odin banished me from Asgard, I was bitten by a radioactive vampire and had radioactive waste dumped over my eyes. To make matters worse, my mutant ability to control weather activated just as I was hit by a blast of gamma radiation. Nah, actually I got this way by volunteering for the Weapon X program. They promised to cure my cancer. And they cured it all right, by giving me an outrageous healing factor. Then they labeled me psychotic and tossed me into a prison lab. So I escaped and became what some people might call a "mercenary". I prefer the title "cleaner of the gene-pool". And I've made a lot of good friends along the way: like Arcade. He's always sending me to his amusement park.

Arcade: HELLO, Deadpool. Ready for a fun filled day in Murderworld?
Deadpool: Yup. I've got my sunscreen on and I've taken my motion sickness pills so bring on the rides!
Arcade: Oh, I don't think you understand. You're going to die here.
Deadpool: I know! Carnivals always slay me.
Arcade: No. You are going to physically die… as in stop breathing. You will cease to exist.
Deadpool: Riiiiiight… So do you have bumper cars here?
Arcade: Arrrgh!

Deadpool: Hey, did I enter the side show tent? 'Cause you look like the dog faced boy.
Dark Spider-Man: Oh, you are a wit, Deadpool… or at least half of one. Tell me, do the chicks go for your insane babble?
Deadpool: About as much as they go for your attempts at self-deprecating humor.
Dark Spider-Man: So then it doesn't work.



[The scene begins at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier U.N.N. Alpha, which is under attack]

Nick Fury: What the hell is goin' on here? Where's our air support? Get those forward guns going! Why aren't those rear batteries firing? Somebody get General Wilson on the horn!
Dr. Doom: [on the screen] Colonel Fury.
Nick Fury: Doom! I'll have your head for this.
Dr. Doom: I have little time for your petty threats, Colonel. Surrender your ship now, or I shall destroy it.
Nick Fury: Not on my watch. [After touching some bottons on his glove; talking to a microphone on it] This is a priority alert to all meta-humans. U.N.N. Alpha request inmediate assistance.

[Spider-Man, Captain America and Wolverine are teleported to the deck of the Helicarrier by Thor]

Captain America: Thor, take care of those gunships! Spider-Man, draw them towards the stern!
Spider-Man: Sure thing. [Attached his webs to a flying gunship.] I just love being the target. [Webs the gunship] WOOHOO!
Captain America: Wolverine...!
Wolverine: Stow it, boy scout. I don't take orders from you. [Jumps, unsheathes his claws and attacks the pilot and the gunmen of a gunship]

[Thor destroys a gunship of Ultron warriors with his enchanted hammer Mjolnir and is struck on the back.]

Thor: Soulless machine! How dare you strike the son of Odin! [With his hammer he destroys the gunship]
Spider-Man: [After seeing Thor] Show-off. [Crawls at the top of a gunship and gets to the pilot] Ah, excuse me. Is this the ferry to Staten Island? [The pilot tries to attack him, but Spidey dodges his punch and webs a pair of gunmen to crash them each other; realizing the gunship is going to crash] Uh-oh. [Jumps where Captain America is fighting, before the gunship hits the Helicarrier]
Spider-Man: Hey Cap, looks like you-- whoa! [Dodges Cap's shield and sees how he finishes the robots by his own] ...could use some help. [After seeing how Wolverine is destroying all the robots on one gunship, while he laughs and crashes] That dude scares me.

[Captain America, Thor and Spider-Man regroup with Wolverine, who has survived the crash with no great deal of harm, save for a piece of metal in his side which he removes.]

Wolverine: [after realizing the three are looking at him] What are you girls lookin' at?

Nick Fury: Gentlemen, this is Colonel Nick Fury. I'm on the main bridge, but I'm not sure how long I'll last. Get here ASAP… Fury, out!

Scorpion: I was hoping I could find someone being a hero. Seems like I hit the jackpot.
Active Hero: Scorpion! What are you doing here?
Scorpion: I'm working for the biggest group of villains this world has ever known. The Masters of Evil.
Active Hero: Who's in charge?
Scorpion: That's the best part of all. We're led by the man himself... Dr. Doom.
Active Hero: What's he want with this helicarrier?
Scorpion: If you only knew. cause Doom's got a plan that's gonna shake the heavens.
Active Hero: Talk, Scorpion, or you're in for a world of pain.
Scorpion: You wanna get tough, punk?! Good. Cause so do I.

Active Hero: Better luck next time, Scorpion. C'mon, team. Let's get to the bridge.

Nick Fury: Thanks for responding to my S.O.S. so quickly.
Active Hero: No problem, Colonel Fury. What's the situation here?
Nick Fury: The helicarrier's under attack by a group of super villains called The Masters of Evil. And to make matters worse, they're led by Victor Von Doom.
Active Hero: Dr. Doom is back? That means we're in for real trouble.
Nick Fury: My thoughts exactly.
Active Hero: But what's the helicarrier doing at this location? You're kind of a long ways from home aren't you?
Nick Fury: It's not important.
Active Hero: But if you told us why you're here, maybe we could figure out why they're attacking the ship.
Nick Fury: I told you, it's not important.
Black Widow: Colonel Fury, this is the Black Widow. The Masters of Evil have activated the launch cycle of our nuclear missiles. I need help of they are to be stopped.
Nick Fury: Help is on its way, Black Widow. Fury, out. Team, just one of those missiles could level an entire city. Failure is not an option; you have to get to the launch bay and stop them.
Active Hero: We're on it, Colonel.

Nick Fury: Cap, it's good to see you.
Captain America: We got here as quickly as possible, sir.

Nick Fury: Thor, I knew I could count on you.
Thor: Thank you, Colonel Fury. I transported us here as soon as we received your summons.

Nick Fury: Wolverine, I'm glad you're here. It looks like we're in for a nasty fight.
Wolverine: Wouldn't have it any other way, Fury.

Nick Fury: Spider-Man, I didn't expect you to be one of the first to show up.
Spider-Man: What? And miss riding on the helicarrier? This beast has gotta be the biggest waste of tax payer money in history. Hey, you guys have any plans to make a flying Mt. Rushmore? Seriously, that would totally rock.

Nick Fury: I'm glad you made it to the party. The fight to save this helicarrier isn't going to be easy.
Active Hero: We'll help in any way we can, Colonel Fury.

Active Hero: With that energy converter destroyed, we're trapped in this room. We'll have to swap out the old converter with a new one.

Active Hero: Colonel Fury, we've made it to the nuclear missile launch bay, what now?
Nick Fury: The only way to stop those missiles from firing is to destroy the consoles that control them.
Active Hero: done.

Nick Fury: I've just been informed that one of the nuclear missiles launched. I thought I told you to destroy both consoles!
Active Hero: There wasn't enough time!
Nick Fury: All right. You're going to have to activate the self-destruct for that missile. Get to the navigation room on the double.

[During the Helicarrier mission, if the player's team includes Elektra]

Bullseye: Elektra, this is a surprise. Just how many times have I got to kill you, sweetheart?
Elektra: You got lucky during our last battle, Bullseye, and you know it. Now get out of the way, I need to use that computer.
Bullseye: Ha. You think you're gonna stop that missile I launched? You can't use that computer without getting the access card away from me.
Elektra: I don't think that'll be much of a problem.
Bullseye: You're makin ' me laugh, doll. Tell me, before I waste you again; how'd you come back to life?
Elektra: It's a long story involving some very good friends… like Stick and Daredevil.
Bullseye: Ah, I knew old DD would be involved somehow. When I'm done with you, I'm gonna settle things with him once and for all.
Elektra: You'd better just concentrate on the here and now, Bullseye. Cause you're in for a rude awakening.

Nick Fury: Well done. The missile harmlessly self-destructed. You adverted a nuclear disaster.
Active Hero: It wouldn't have been a lot easier if Bullseye hadn't tried to stop us.
Nick Fury: Bullseye was there? Doom must be really serious about recruiting talent.
Black Widow: Colonel Fury, the Masters of Evil are attacking our stabilizing engines. There's too many for me to stop alone.
Nick Fury: Black Widow, do not engage the enemy. I want you out of there immediately. Team, double-time it and save that engine.

[During the Helicarrier mission, if the player's team includes Deadpool]

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent: Am I glad to see you. Someone named The Winter Soldier hacked into our network and trapped us with our own security force fields.
Deadpool: Boy, do you look stupid, Gimme ten bucks and I won't tell Nick Fury about this.
S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent: Ten dollars? Are you insane? You're a hero.
Deadpool: You're right, make it 100. My tights don't come cheap.
S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent: But you're supposed to save people for free!
Deadpool: I charge stupid people. And you qualify, seeing as how you're trapped in your own living compartment. By the way, the price is up to 200.
S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent: Fine, fine, I'll pay it. Just go to the security console and reboot the system. It'll take two of your team members to activate it. And watch out for traps.
Deadpool: Oooh, I don't like traps. The price just went to 500.
S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent: All right! I'll pay whatever you want! Winter Soldier probably put laser tripwires along the way. If you walk through them a bomb will be triggered.
Deadpool: Ummm… Just to warn you, if I die, my price goes up to 1000.

[During the Helicarrier mission, if the player's team includes Captain America]

Captain America: Winter Soldier, give up. I'm here to stop you from destroying the Helicarrier engines.
Winter Soldier: Captain America! Can't say it's good to see you again.
Radioactive Man: You have dealt with this fool before?
Winter Soldier: Oh yeah. Cap and I go way back. Don't we, buddy?
Captain America: Winter Soldier, please. Stop this before the Helicarrier is destroyed. Thousands of lives will be lost.
Winter Soldier: Sorry, no can do. I've got my orders. You of all people understand that, don't you? Orders have been so important to you.
Captain America: I'll fight you if I have to.
Winter Soldier: Then what are you waiting for? Let's see what you've got old man.

[During the Helicarrier mission, if the player's team includes Thor]

Thor: Radioactive Man, cease this destruction or face the power of Mjolnir!
Radioactive Man: Have you forgotten how my radioactive body can repel your hammer, Thor? You're helpless against me!
Thor: The son of Odin is never helpless! I have defeated you before!
Winter Soldier: But what if you add me into the mix? Then are you so sure of yourself, Thunder God?
Thor: Winter Soldier, you are indeed brave, but do not let your courage lead you to destruction.
Radioactive Man: Ignore the blustering fool! United, we can teach Thor a lesson in humility!
Thor: Come then. Battle me, and let us see who teaches who a lesson.

Dr. Doom: Radioactive Man... Winter Soldier, report. Why haven't you destroyed that stabilizing engine yet?
Winter Soldier: Sorry, we got a little carried away. But we're on it. Lower the force fields and let's clear out of here.
Radioactive Man: It is lucky for you we must depart. I was just getting warmed up. But we will meet again. I promise you!

Active Hero: Colonel Fury, we defeated Winter Soldier and Radioactive Man.
Nick Fury: Well done. I wish there was time to rest, but we got big trouble on our hands.
Active Hero: What kind of trouble?
Nick Fury: I'm going to activate a lift nearby you. Take it, and I'll explain the situation when you arrive.
Active Hero: Yes, sir, we're on our way.

Active Hero: Colonel Fury, just got of the elevator.
Nick Fury: There's no time to waste. The Masters of Evil have unleashed some huge creature that's attacking our primary engines. If it succeeds, we're all dead.
Active Hero: Don't worry, Colonel. We'll handle it.

[During the Helicarrier mission, if the player's team includes Doctor Strange]

Fin Fang Foom: I know you, human! You are the wizard, Doctor Strange.
Doctor Strange: And I know of you as well, Fin Fang Foom. Leave this place. I have no wish to destroy you. But make no mistake, I will if you remain here.
Fin Fang Foom: You overestimate your powers, sorcerer. I am far mightier than any creature you have ever faced before!
Doctor Strange: But this battle is useless. The Masters of Evil have lost and you are all that remains of their forces.
Fin Fang Foom: I will send this ship crashing to the Earth then all the world will see that the Masters of Evil are a force to be reckoned with.
Doctor Strange: By the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth, I will not allow that.
Fin Fang Foom: Call upon all of your mystic powers, wizard - but the might of Fin Fang Foom will prevail!

[After the player's team has defeated Fin Fang Foom]
Nick Fury: That wasn't the most graceful battle I've ever seen, but you saved the helicarrier. Thanks, team.
Active Hero: Just doing our job, Colonel Fury.
Nick Fury: When you're done in that area, come back to the bridge. We're moving everyone to Stark Tower before we begin our next mission.
Active Hero: Our next mission? What are you talking about?
Nick Fury: Come back to the bridge, and you'll find out.

Nick Fury: Why is he always late?
[Iron Man lands on a nearby balcony.]
Iron Man: Hello, team. Welcome to Stark Tower, my pride and joy. It's 40 stories of heaven on Earth.
Spider-Man: Huh, it's amazing what you could do with just a few billion dollars.
Thor: We're now a team?
Nick Fury: Yes. I been empowered by S.H.I.E.L.D. to create a task force to stop the Masters of Evil. But the helicarrier was so badly damaged that it can't be used as a headquarters. Fortunately, Tony is willing to let us stay here for the duration. It has all the facilities we'll require.
Iron Man: Believe me, it's no problem at all. And I called in a few old friends to help us out - feel free to walk around and meet them.
Nick Fury: I'd suggest you meet Hank Pym first since he's in charge of equipment. The Vision is here as our information officer.
Wolverine: Great, we got the computer to talk to the computers for us.
Iron Man: When you're ready to leave to go on a mission, talk to Wyatt Wingfoot. He'll take you there in one of my Quinjets.
Captain America: Speaking of that, what is our next mission, Colonel?
Nick Fury: I recently received a radio transmission from Dum Dum Dugan requesting that I come to the Omega Base. But there was something questionable in his message.
Captain America: You think it might be a trap?
Nick Fury: Maybe. I can't be sure. For more information, talk to the Black Widow.

Act 1

Nick Fury: We're close to the landing zone so I'll be brief. Dum Dum Dugan recently sent a suspicious radio message requesting I meet him at the Omega Base for a report on the latest Super Soldier Serum.
Captain America: What's so suspicious about that?
Nick Fury: Dr. Banner was to give the report. The only thing is, Banner has been working on the Gamma Bomb project, not the Super Solider Serum. Dugan would never make a mistake like that. Something's up.
Storm: What is the Omega Base?
Nick Fury: It's a mobile lab that's over five stories tall. We use it for field testing experiments.
Spider-Man: Heh oh, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s is the greatest! Flying aircraft carriers, office buildings on wheels… please, tell me you've got a tunnel that runs from New York to Tokyo?
Storm: Spider-Man, this is serious. Colonel, is there anything onboard the Omega that would be considered dangerous?
Nick Fury: If the contents of that vehicle were to fall into the wrong hands, it would be disastrous for all mankind.
Iron Man: Exactly what are you developing that could threaten the entire planet?
Nick Fury: That's classified.
Iron Man: So it's all right for us to save the vehicle, we just can't know what's going on there?
Nick Fury: Correct. Now if I may continue. The team's mission will be to sneak onboard the Omega and locate Dugan. He should be able to bring you up speed on the situation. Any questions? All right, good luck.

[During the Omega Base mission, if the player's team includes Wolverine]

Dum Dum Dugan: Wolverine, never thought I'd be so glad to see your ugly face.
Wolverine: You keep up with all this sweet talk, Dugan, and you're gonna make me blush. Now what's the story here?
Dum Dum Dugan: A knockout gas was spread through the ventilation system of the base. I woke up to Dr. Doom demanding I bring Colonel Fury here or he'd ram the Omega into Vondrak Dam.
Wolverine: Well the tin man must've forgotten his part of the bargain, 'cause the base is headed straight for that dam.
Dum Dum Dugan: I should have known. It was stupid of me to believe him.
Wolverine: Don't sweat it. If it weren't for your message, we wouldn't have come at all. Then where'd everyone be?
Dum Dum Dugan: I suppose you're right. But our time's running out. Get me to the primary engineering control room and I'll stop the Omega before it can do any damage.

[During the Omega Base mission, if the player's team includes Iron Man]
Crimson Dynamo: Yes...this is better than I could have hoped - my old adversary, Iron Man!
Iron Man: Glad to see you remember me, Crimson Dynamo. It's been a while since I whooped your tin-plated butt.
Crimson Dynamo: You will not defeat me this time. My new battlesuit is vastly superior to your armor.
Iron Man: Could have fooled me. You look like something from the early 1960s.
Crimson Dynamo: Mock me while you can still draw breath, Iron Man. Soon you will be silenced forever.
Iron Man: You never could take a joke...or a punch.

[During the Omega Base mission, if the player's team includes Mr. Fantastic]

Bruce Banner: Reed Richards, am I glad to see you. What the heck is going on around here? There was a huge explosion and then I couldn't open this door.
Mr. Fantastic: The Masters of Evil have attacked the Omega Base. But first things first, Bruce. Are you alright?
Bruce Banner: I'm fine, Reed. I just hope they didn't damage any of my work…wait a minute. Did you say the Omega is under attack?
Mr. Fantastic: Doom used a knockout gas on the Omega. That explosion must have sealed your room off from it.
Bruce Banner: This is terrible. If Doom can lay his hands on the experiments here, there's no telling what he'd be able to do.
Mr. Fantastic: I know. There's several experiments of mine here that I hope are secure. What do you know about the giants that are running around here?
Bruce Banner: Those are the results of the Super Soldier program. Scientists are attempting to recreate the experiment that gave Captain America his super strength. So far they haven't had much success.
Dum Dum Dugan: Team, you muse be making the Masters of Evil nervous. My security panel shows a gamma bomb has just been activated. You've got to shut it down, or all life in a 2-mile radius will be destroyed.
Mr. Fantastic: Bruce, you're something on an expert on gamma bombs, aren't you?
Bruce Banner: Yes, I am. Follow me to the primary lab and I'll see what I can do.

[During the Omega Base mission, if the player's team includes Spider-Man]
Spider-Man: Mysterio…jeez, it's good to see you. Still got a fish bowl for a head, I see.
Mysterio: Spider-Man, do you always have to be a half wit?
Spider-Man: Oooh, now that hurt. And speaking of getting hurt, step away from those plans before I have to get medieval on you.
Mysterio: You idiot. Why do you think SHIELD has plans for Ultron?
Spider-Man: I thought everyone had 'em. I got some this morning in a box of cereal.
Mysterio: These plans are upgrades. The "good guys" want to capture Ultron so they can rewrite his programming and turn him into a SHIELD weapon.
Spider-Man: That's impossible. Ultron is sentient - reprogramming him is illegal.
Mysterio: Yes, it is. But all I care about are these plans. Ultron wants them for the weapon upgrades.
Spider-Man: If your Ultron gets weapon upgrades, then my Ultron will want weapon upgrades, and that just won't do.
Mysterio: I've heard enough of your babbling!!

Dum Dum Dugan: You did it. You stopped the Omega Base. Well done.
Active Hero: No problem, Dugan. We stop huge mobile laboratories that are about to destroy dams all the time.
Wyatt Wingfoot: Guys, that was one for the books, but there's no time to relax. Colonel Fury wants you back at Stark Tower immediately. Stay where you are, and I'll pick you up in the Quinjet.

Deadpool: Black Widow, I gotta know...are those real?
Black Widow: I beg your pardon?
Deadpool: Your teeth - are they real? They're just so darn shiny and straight.

[At the Iron Man Lab, if the player's team includes Deadpool]
Deadpool: Weasel, old buddy, I haven't seen you in weeks. Where have you been hiding?
Weasel: In the hospital. You stabbed me in the leg, remember?
Deadpool: Oh, yeah, that's right. But I had to - you were trying to eat the last cheesy puff.
Weasel: It was my bag of cheesy puffs!
Deadpool: Well, that's not how I remember it.

Active Hero: You seem a little tense.
Spider-Man: Gee, I can't see why… Dr. Doom's in control of an army of supervillains and the Black Widow is working for him.
Active Hero: It's not that bad.
Spider-Man: Are you off your meds? The only thing that would make this worse is if the Earth would be destroyed to make way for an intergalactic highway!
Active Hero: Do you really think the Black Widow's a traitor?
Spider-Man: Of course she is. Hey, I've been at this superhero game long enough to know that the hot chicks always turn evil… Probably because evil pays better.
Active Hero: Why don't you tell Colonel Fury about her?
Spider-Man: If one of Nick's little S.H.I.E.L.D. agents has turned to the dark side, then Nicky'll have to figure it out for himself.
Active Hero: It's your responsibility to tell Colonel Fury about the Black Widow.
Spider-Man: No, it isn't.
Active Hero: Yes, it is. You have great power, and with great power there must also come…
Spider-Man: (angered) If you finish that sentence, I'm gonna put so much web in your hair you'll have to shave your head!
Active Hero: Thanks, Spider-Man!
Spider-Man: Ah, You know me, I'm just here to help.

Captain America: Listen up, people. We've been sent here to discover a situation in Atlantis.
Wolverine: What kinda 'situation' we talkin' about here, Cap?
Captain America: An hour ago Namorita sent a message saying a riot's taking place. A crowd broke into the throne room of Atlantis and dragged Namor off his throne.
Elektra: Why would the Atlanteans riot? They love Namor.
Captain America: I don't know. Namorita had to stop transmitting before she could give any details.
Thor: How are we going to handle a mission in the conditions of Atlantis?
Captain America: There's nano-technology at this outpost that will let us breathe and move normally through the water. I want to remind you the Atlanteans aren't exactly big fans of us surface dwellers.
Elektra: What if they become violent?
Captain America: Defend yourselves, we have to help Namor any way we can. He's a valuable ally. That's it. Let's be careful out there.

Tiger Shark: Look, Attuma. These must be the ones who've been causing you so much trouble.
Attuma: Indeed, and they will pay for their transgressions.
Active Hero: Attuma, you aren't going to succeed. Namor is free.
Attuma: Your devotion to Namor is pitiful, surface dwellers. He has lost, and as foretold in the Atlantean Chronicles, I will be the ruler of Atlantis.
Tiger Shark: Don't worry about these idiots, Attuma. Your loyal minions are more than happy to take care of them.

Active Hero: Your reign is over, Attuma. Give up.
Attuma: How dare you enter my throne room, surface dwellers! Kneel before the king of Atlantis!
Active Hero: Namor is the true ruler of Atlantis.
Attuma: Fools! You will pay for your insolence!
Tiger Shark: Let me teach them a lesson, Attuma.
Attuma: No, we will work together, Tiger Shark, and we will make them pay dearly, for their transgressions against the King of Atlantis!

[After the player's team has defeated the Kraken]
Active Hero: We did it, Namorita. Attuma is defeated and the Masters of Evil are gone.
Namorita: Many thanks. Atlantis owes you a debt of gratitude. And Namor would like to say something.
Namor: Surface dwellers…I'll have you know I was perfectly capable of handling the situation alone.
Active Hero: We just wanted to help out, Namor.
Namor: Hmm, yes, well, you did. So I suppose I should thank you. You now have my permission to leave Atlantis.

Dr. Doom: Loki, are you certain your ploy in Atlantis worked?
Loki: My good Doctor, how could you doubt the god of mischief? My performance as Mandarin was flawless. Rest assured, the heroes will travel to the Valley of Spirits.
Enchantress: I wonder who will be the worse for the confrontation? The heroes or Mandarin?
Ultron: It matters not, so long as one of them pays the ultimate price.
Dr. Doom: The traitorous Mandarin will most likely meet his demise, but not without destroying several of Fury's lackeys first.
Loki: Indeed. I would find it most enjoyable if my dear brother Thor were to fall in battle. Long has he been a thorn in my side. Oh, don't look so sad, Enchantress. When our ultimate plan is realized you will find others more worthy of you attention than Thor.
Enchantress: I should hope so, Loki. Still it saddens me that Thor must die. He is truly a god to be admired.
Loki: That pompous fool's underdeveloped physique is nothing compared to my conniving intellect! How I have longed to crush his self righteous countenance beneath my booted heel.
Dr. Doom: Silence! All of you! My scanners show the heroes are in the Valley of Spirits. We have set the stage and the players have arrived, now let us watch and see who will survive this tale of deception.

[During the Mandarin's Palace mission, if the player's team includes Ms. Marvel]

Mandarin: You impetuous fools! How dare you enter my palace!
Ms. Marvel: Chill out, Mandarin. We're not happy about being here, but there's a few questions we need the answers to.
Mandarin: I am no commoner for you to question whenever you wish! Begone, or I will destroy you, Ms. Marvel!
Ms. Marvel: Sorry, no can do. We saw you in Atlantis, and we need to know why you were there.
Mandarin: I have no time for your senseless ravings! Ultimo will deal with you!

[The scene appears to in Doom's Castle]
Dr. Doom: He's awake!
[Nightcrawler broke out of his cell by teleporting out]
Dr. Doom: Seal the castle! Now!
[The Doombots shut all the doors to prevent Nightcrawler from escaping, but he co as busting through the door and rips off a Doombot's head. As he seems to be surrounded, he looks around and finds two fencing swords mounted on the wall and quickly takes them]
Nightcrawler: [As he swinging the swords around] Ha, ha!
[He then cuts of two chandeliers and takes the Doombots, out one by one, until one was left standing, scanning the room to find him]
Nightcrawler: [From behind the last Doombot] En garde, mein freund.
[Nightcrawler then impales the last one and was about to leave the room. But then an electrical shock from the door handles blasts him halfway across the room and knocks him unconscious]
Dr. Doom: Get him to the lab immediately.

Act 2

Doctor Strange: Greetings, my friends, and welcome to my home, the Sanctum Sanctorum. I realize an aging townhouse in Greenwich Village doesn't quite match the opulence of Stark Tower, but I think you'll find it comfortable. The rest of our team has already moved in. I would suggest you talk to Colonel Fury first - he has information concerning our next mission.

Nick Fury: Team, welcome to our new headquarters, the home of Dr. Stephen Strange.
Active Hero: Why did we leave Stark Tower?
Nick Fury: We moved because now that Loki's involved we're gonna need magic. And there's no better place on Earth for magic than the Sanctum Sanctorum.
Active Hero: Has there been any word on the kidnapping of Nightcrawler or Jean Grey?
Nick Fury: Professor Xavier has located one of his X-Men in Dr. Doom's castle. That means Latveria's your next stop. For more info, talk to Black Widow. You're free to explore your new H.Q. but when you're ready to start the mission, use the Orb of Teleportation near Wong.

Black Widow: Iron Man, welcome to the Sanctum Sanctorum.
Iron Man: Hello, Black Widow. It's good to see you.

[At Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, if the player's team includes Deadpool]
Ancient One: Who would dare disturb my meditation?
Deadpool: Grampy! Is that you? Wow, you got a lot older. And uglier too!
Ancient One: You buffoon! I am not your grandfather! I am the Ancient One, teacher of Dr. Strange.
Deadpool: Are you sure? You're really grouchy just like Grampy was.
Ancient One: Yes, I am quite certain I am not related to you, you idiot!
Deadpool: Gee, Grampy used to call me that. Usually after I woke him up from a nap by shoving an ice cube down the back of his shirt.
Ancient One: Please be silent! I know that you heroes have banded together to battle the Masters of Evil. Let Dr. Strange know that I will be watching over you.
Deadpool: I'll tell him. Thanks, Grampy!

[At Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, if the player's team includes Doctor Strange]
Ancient One: Is that you, my student?
Doctor Strange: Yes, master. It is I, Doctor Strange.
Ancient One: Why have you disturbed my meditation, young one?
Doctor Strange: The world is in grave peril, master. Dr. Doom has formed a band of villains known as the Masters of Evil. I would ask that you watch over us, aid us in whatever way you can.
Ancient One: Rest assured, my friend, that the eyes of the Ancient One will forever be on you and your team.
Doctor Strange: Thank you, my master.

Dr. Doom: Baron Mordo, I trust all is in order? Our guests will be arriving soon and I would hate to be ill prepared.
Baron Mordo: You can rest assured: I have taken all the necessary steps.
Loki: Ha! An infant could have cast better spells. The heroes have detected your magic and suspect something is afoot.
Baron Mordo: They cannot possibly know the true meaning of the enchantments. I'd stake my life on it.
Loki: Be careful what you wager.
Enchantress: Loki, leave the good Baron alone. What does it matter if the heroes suspect? They will still be ensnared by the trap.
Loki: For his sake they'd best be. I'm taking a grave risk being associated with The Masters of Evil.
Dr. Doom: Make no mistake, my friend - we all stand to lose much if we fail. Which is why I'm certain Baron Mordo will achieve success. But I would warn you, Baron, my faith only goes so far. Failure will not be tolerated and the penalty will be most… unpleasant.
Ultron: What of the mutant amplifier we stole from the Omega Base? Does it work?
Dr. Doom: Yes, even better than I'd dare hope. But time is now a factor in our plans.
Ultron: Why is that?
Dr. Doom: The mutant amplifier is quite destructive; if we do not move swiftly, the X-man we kidnapped will die.
Enchantress: Oooh. You surprise me, Dr. Doom. Why do you care for the health of the mutant?
Dr. Doom: I don't; an early death would hinder our plans. But make no mistake, death for the X-Man is inevitable.

[During the Murderworld Mission, if the player's team includes Storm]

Senator Kelly: I know you. You're Storm, one of the X-Men. So, it's finally come to this, eh? You mutants have stooped to kidnapping.
Storm: We did not kidnap you, Senator; an assassin named Arcade did.
Senator Kelly: Don't try to fool me. I know you staged this just so I'd be grateful to you.
Storm: Senator, why would I waste my time trying to change the opinion of a narrow minded zealot like you?
Senator Kelly: Because I'm powerful and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to keep mutants in their place.
Storm: I'm well aware of what you're willing to do to control mutants. But, since you don't trust me, feel free to leave on your own. I would warn you though, this place is called Murderworld for a reason.
Senator Kelly: I'm not about to wander around here unprotected. I'd be dead inside of ten minutes.
Storm: Then why don't you hide in a safe place while we try to find a way out? I'll send a SHIELD team to get you once the danger is over.
Senator Kelly: That sounds reasonable. But you better send that SHIELD team, or so help me you'll live to regret it.

[During the Murderworld Mission, if the player's team includes Invisible Woman]
Invisible Woman: Jean, you have to stop. Somehow, Arcade is controlling you, forcing you to attack us.
Jean Grey: But I don't want to stop, Sue, don't you see? I want to use my powers to their fullest, to destroy everyone who lied to me and tried to keep me helpless.
Invisible Woman: You don't mean that. You're a kind and gentle person, who believes in helping, not hurting.
Jean Grey: The new me is all about causing pain.
Invisible Woman: That's not true. Arcade must be using some type of machine to control your mind. He's just using you to hurt us.
Jean Grey: Then Arcade won't be disappointed because that's exactly what I plan on doing.

[During the Murderworld Mission, if the player's team includes Wolverine]
Jean Grey: Wolverine...I just had the strangest dream...I was trying to kill you at a carnival.
Wolverine: Look around, Red. It wasn't no dream. Somehow that nutball Arcade was controlling you. Are you all right now?
Jean Grey: Other than a few bumps and bruises, I'm fine.
Wolverine: I hate to rush you but have you got any idea where they're keeping Nightcrawler?
Jean Grey: The last time I saw Kurt, Dr. Doom had him hooked up to some kind of power amplifier.
Wolverine: That must be that Mutant Amplifier they swiped from the Omega Base.
Jean Grey: I do remember Arcade was there with Doom. If you can find Arcade, I'm sure he can tell you where Nightcrawler is.
Wolverine: Sounds like a plan, Jeannie. You stay here and rest up. We're gonna track down Arcade and have a few laughs with him.

[During the Murderworld Mission, if the player's team includes Mr. Fantastic]
Arcade: Hi, Reed. May I say you're looking fantastic? I hope you're ready to have some real fun now.
Mr. Fantastic: What is this place, Arcade? It looks like a giant pinball machine.
Arcade: Ooo, you're the smart one, aren't you? As a matter of fact, it is a pinball machine. I call it 'Sudden Death'.
Mr. Fantastic: Interesting name. I don't supposed to call that just to make things colorful.
Arcade: No, you should take the name very literally, but don't worry. Everyone think who've played it thinks it's a killer of a game. Now all you have to do is get 1 million points and you'll win! No one's done it yet, but you could be the first!
Mr. Fantastic: Arcade, has anyone ever told you that you're psychotic?
Arcade: My therapist said that once. May he rest in peace? But enough about me! It's game time! On your mark...get set...GO!

[During the Murderworld Mission, if the player's team includes Daredevil]
Blade: Daredevil, what are you doing here? And more importantly, what am I doing here? Wherever here is.
Daredevil: This is a death trap called Murderworld. It was created by a professional assassin named Arcade. He must've been the one who brought you here.
Blade: Arcade, huh? I wonder what someone like that would want with me?
Daredevil: I imagine it was Dr. Doom ordered him to. Doom's formed a group of villains known as the Masters of Evil.
Blade: So, old metal head is back. Any clue as to what he's planning?
Daredevil: No, but whatever it is, it's big. He's attacked two SHIELD installations and stolen the new Super Soldier Serum.
Blade: Well, now my curiosity is piqued. Tell you what, I'm on your team. This is something I've gotta see to the end. Besides, there's nothing I'd rather do than take down Victor Von Doom.

[During the Murderworld Mission, if the player's team includes Elektra]
Arcade: Elektra, my little ninja, I hope you don't mind my saying but you seem even more uptight that usual.
Elektra: Put a sock in it, Arcade. I couldn't care less what a murdering scum like you has to say.
Arcade: See? You've got all that anger bottled up inside. It's not healthy at all, so how about a little dance to relieve that stress?
Elektra: I won't dance to any tune you're playing.
Arcade: Oh, I think you might once you hear the music. It's a little something I call Disco Death.
Elektra: Have you gone insane? Why are you doing this?
Arcade: It's all for fun. Now, if you're ready, it's time to choose a partner and get ready to boogie till you drop!

[During the Murderworld Mission, if the player's team includes Luke Cage]

Arcade: Luke, old buddy, I'm glad to see you're alright. I thought you might die earlier, but here you are, still breathing!
Luke Cage: Arcade, I've had enough of your sick games. When I'm done with you, you're gonna look like a human jigsaw puzzle.
Arcade: Why all the hostility, my friend? I just wanted to invite a few super heroes over to break in Murderworld!
Luke Cage: You give murdering psychos a bad name. You know that?
Arcade: A word of advice, Luke. You might want to ease up on the name calling - seeing as how I'm controlling a five-ton robot, and you're not!
Luke Cage: I'll have that junkyard reject of yours beat down in less than five minutes. Then you're all mine, Arcade.
Arcade: An interesting prediction, but you're not going to live past the three-minute mark! I guarantee it!

[During the Murderworld Mission, if the player's team includes Captain America]
Arcade: Why, if it isn't Captain America. I'd salute, but I think my arm is broken.
Captain America: I've no time for your jokes, Arcade. Tell us where Nightcrawler is before I do break your arm.
Arcade: Cappy, I'm surprised! I didn't think you of all people would resort to torture.
Captain America: After what you did to Jean Grey, it wouldn't be torture, it'd be justice. Now talk before I do something you'll regret.
Arcade: Okay, okay! Enough with the rough stuff! Doctor Doom used the Mutant Amplifier on Nightcrawler.
Captain America: Why? What good would it do to supercharge Nightcrawler's powers?
Arcade: Think about it, boy scout! With his powers amplified, Nightcrawler could open a portal to anywhere! And it just so happens, Doom wanted to go to...Mephisto's Realm. And before you ask, NO, I DON'T KNOW WHY THEY WENT THERE!
Captain America: Then we're done here. Let's get back to headquarters, team. We've got a rescue to prepare for.
[Arcade's robot self-destructs, but Arcade is nowhere to be found.]

Nick Fury: Team, this next mission takes you to Mephisto's Realm. It's an alternate dimension that's filled with fire and brimstone.
Spider-Man: Dah! Why can't we ever be sent to an alternate dimension filled with lonely super models?
Wolverine: Cause we're going to save Nightcrawler. You got a problem with that?
Spider-Man: Oh…sorry. I'll just be quiet now.
Wolverine: Best news I heard all day.
Elektra: Why is Nightcrawler in Mephisto's Realm?
Nick Fury: Dr. Doom somehow forced him to teleport a group of them to that dimension.
Storm: How is that possible? Nightcrawler's abilities were never that strong.
Nick Fury: They used a device known as a mutant amplifier. It magnified his powers far beyond the norm.
Storm: What's this amplifier doing to Kurt?
Nick Fury: We estimate it's overdriven his powers to the point that it's causing physical damage. You have to move fast or it'll kill him.
Elektra: Do you know why the Masters of Evil are going to this dimension?
Nick Fury: No. Any knowledge you could gain would be helpful. So far we've been completely in the dark as to what Doom is up to.
Wolverine: But Kurt comes first. We ain't risking his life. You got it, bub?
Nick Fury: I understand, Wolverine. Nightcrawler's safety is the number one priority. So get movin'.

[During the Mephisto's Realm mission, if the player's team includes Iceman]

Iceman: Oh, man, this is exactly where I didn't want to be today. Look at me. I'm already turning into puddles.
Professor X: Robert, I understand your trepidation, but you must remain calm. The heat of Mephisto's Realm is of no real threat to you.
Iceman:: But this place is all fire and brimstone...I don't know if I can take it.
Professor X: Need I remind you that Nightcrawler is depending on you to save him.
Iceman: You're right, sir. Now isn't the time for me to go mental. I'll keep it in control.
Professor X: Excellent. Now I urge you to move quickly. My psychic power is waning, and I cannot protect Nightcrawler much longer.
Iceman: Hey, I've got no problem with moving quickly. The faster, the better.
Professor X: Very good then. The best of luck to you and your team, Robert.

[During the Mephisto's Realm mission, if the player's team includes Thor]
Mephisto: So you have finally arrived in my domain! Good. I have been waiting for you and your friends for quite some time, Thor.
Thor: What do you mean you've been waiting for us? And why do you have Ghost Rider trapped here?
Mephisto: Don't take that tone with me. You may be a god in Asgard, but in this realm I am the ultimate power. Still, your concerns for Ghost Rider are rather touching. But are you so concerned that you would trade places with him?
Thor: How do we know that you will not ensnare us all, Mephisto? You are well known for not following your own bargains.
Mephisto: I follow my bargains to the letter. I cannot help it if others misinterpret what was said.
Thor: You and my brother Loki are very much alike. Deception is in your own blood.

[During the Mephisto's Realm mission, if the player's team includes Black Panther]
Ghost Rider: I'm trapped in Mephisto's Realm? This can't be good.
Black Panther: It isn't. To free you, we had to exchange one of our own teammates.
Ghost Rider: So now we have to fight Mephisto to free the person who swapped places with me?
Black Panther: Correct, but that is not all. We also seek to free two of the X-Men that Blackheart is holding prisoner.
Ghost Rider: Beautiful. This day just keeps getting better and better.
Black Panther: Do not be so disheartened, Ghost Rider. With you on the team, we now stand a high chance of surviving. A slim one, but a chance none the less.
Ghost Rider: If you're trying to cheer me up, you're not succeeding.
Black Panther: Very well then. Let us be off. We have lives to save and enemies to defeat.

[During the Mephisto's Realm mission, if the player's team has rescued Nightcrawler]
Nightcrawler: Nein! Jean! That...that should have been me. Why didn't you save Jean?
Active Hero: Nightcrawler, I'm sorry. There wasn't enough time.
Nightcrawler: I would have gladly sacrificed myself. You knew that and you let Jean die. How could you?
Professor X: Nightcrawler, please calm down. This is not the time for a display of anger.
Nightcrawler: You are quite right, Professor. There is a score to settle with Mephisto.
Professor X: No, there is not, Kurt. You are to return to home base at once. I'll not have you jeopardizing this mission.
Nightcrawler: I see. If those are your orders, then I will comply.
Active Hero: You have my condolences, Professor Xavier. I know Jean was special to you.
Professor X: Yes...yes, she was, but it is up to you to give her death meaning. Stop the Masters of Evil before any more lives are lost.

[During the Mephisto's Realm mission, if the player's team has rescued Jean Grey]
Jean Grey: Kurt! No! Kurt! I...I can't believe it! Kurt's...dead!
Active Hero: Jean, I'm sorry. We had to choose to free one of you.
Jean Grey: I know. I don't blame you. It was an impossible choice. Come on, I've got a score to settle with Mephisto.
Professor X: No, Jean, you are to return to home base immediately.
Jean Grey: Professor, maybe you don't realize it, but Kurt just died.
Professor X: And that is precisely why you are to return. In your present state, you are a liability to the team.
Jean Grey: But, Professor, don't you...very well. If you say so.
Active Hero: You have my condolences, Professor Xavier. Nightcrawler was a good man.
Professor X: Now is not the time for remorse. Make Kurt's death mean something. Stop the Masters of Evil before any more lives are lost.

Mephisto: At last, the heroes have arrived. But then, I would've waited an eternity to possess you.
Active Hero: I had no idea we were so important to you, Mephisto.
Mephisto: Indeed you are. So much so that I gave Dr. Doom the Twilight Sword in exchange for leading you into my domain.
Active Hero: What does Doom need with a weapon as powerful as the Twilight Sword?
Mephisto: He has rather unique plans for Asgard.
Active Hero: That's impossible. He doesn't stand a chance against the Asgardians, even with the Twilight Sword.
Mephisto: The resourceful Doctor stands a very good chance of succeeding, but enough of Doom. My wait is over, and now my minions will take your astral spirits.

Active Hero: Nightcrawler, speak to me. Did we hurt you?
Nightcrawler: Nein, all you did was clear my mind. I am sorry for attacking you.
Active Hero: Don't worry about it. Come on, let's get out of here.
Nightcrawler: I hate to disappoint you, but Mephisto spoke the truth. I am but an echo of my real self. I cannot leave this realm.
Active Hero: After we beat Mephisto, we'll talk to Professor Xavier. He'll figure something out.
Nightcrawler: As I said, I cannot leave here. And we must face facts. You cannot defeat Mephisto, but I can, by sacrificing what little energy I have left.
Active Hero: Don't even think like that. We can save you. I know we can.
Nightcrawler: There is nothing that can be done for me. And I would rather die honorably then spend an eternity damned in this place. Take care, mein freunds. And may God watch over you. Now prepare yourself, Mephisto, for you are about to face the might of the amazing Nightcrawler.
Mephisto: Stay back with me! I command you! Stay back!

Jean Grey: Thanks for saving me back in Murderworld. I'm really sorry for attacking the team like that.
Active Hero: No problem. You weren't in your right mind.

[The scene starts with two Asgardian warriors guarding the gates to Asgard. Suddenly, Loki appears out of nowhere]
Loki: Ho! Brave warriors of Asgard. I've come to pay my respects to Odin.
Asgardian Guard #1: Loki! [Then he spits on the ground]
Loki: [Who teleported behind them] And of course I brought presents. (chuckles) Behold! My tribute to the All-Father.
[A bunch of boulders comes flying towards them in their surprise]
Loki: [With a army of Super Soldiers behind him] The day of reckoning has arrived! [The monsters keep flinging boulders] Long have I been denied my rightful place. But now I have the power to take it!
[The gates have sustain to much damaged, thus finally falling down]
Asgardian Guard #2: Run!
[Pushing his fellow warrior aside when the gate collapse on him and kill him. Loki's laughing while his army runs to the City of Asgard. Knowing he's not going to survive, he gives it his all and goes out fighting]
Asgardian Guard #1: For Asgard! Ahhh!
[The monsters ran over him and wreaks havoc on the city]
Loki: Odin's throne will be mine. (Laughing)

Act 3

Nick Fury: Look around you, team; we're standing in a land very few humans have ever seen. This is the world known as Valhalla - it's where brave Asgardian warriors go wen they die. Understand that the only reason we're allowed to make headquarters here is because Asgard has fallen and they need our help to defeat Doom.
Active Hero: What can we do to help them?
Nick Fury: Right now we have two possible missions. First, the gate of the Bifrost bridge has been locked and needs to be opened. Second, many of the gods are being held prisoner in Asgard. For information on freeing the prisoners, talk to Lady Sif. To find out about the Bifrost bridge, talk to Hermond. If you're ready to start now, take the path to Asgard or the portal to Bifrost.

Loki: Ha, ha! It was more wondrous than my wildest of dreams! How I wish I could forever relive the fall of Asgard! It was so amusing to watch the parish knaves as they fought in defense of the beloved city. But one by one they realized that all was lost. Heimdall, Tyr and even the mighty Balder have tested the bitter dregs of defeat. Now I, Loki, am the true Lord and Master of Asgard. And all those who had dared to mock me are in chains - beaten and hopeless.
Enchantress: Need I remind you, Loki, that your brother Thor still remains free.
Loki: Your fascination with the God of Thunder grows tiresome, Enchantress.
Enchantress: But has he not proven himself your better …time and time again?
Loki: Careful. That beauteous face will gain you only so much of my mercy.
Dr. Doom: But she does bring a valid point to light. Thor will likely attempt to liberate the fallen warriors.
Loki: Think you that I would not be prepared? Traps aplenty wait for those who would dare to free my prisoners.
Dr. Doom: Traps that even they cannot overcome?
Loki: You underestimate me, Doom. After all, am I not the God of Mischief? My brother and his friends will most assuredly enter Asgard - but trust me when I say they will never leave.

[During the Asgard mission, if the player's team includes Spider-Man]
Spider-Man: Tyr, that's no way to straighten your spine.
Scorpion: This must be our lucky day. We get to play with the Spider.
Spider-Man: Well, if it isn't two of my favorite psychos: Scorpion and Lizard. How are you kids doing?
Lizard: Always the comedian, aren't you, Web-head?
Spider-Man: Now is that any way to talk to someone who brought you a nice new lily pad to sit on?
Scorpion: He's a lizard, you moron, not a frog.
Spider-Man: Oh. Well, how about you, Scorpion? You need a lily pad?
Lizard: Hey, Scorpion, seeing the Web-slinger reminds me of how much I love to pull the legs off of spiders.
Scorpion: Me, I just like to stomp 'em and watch 'em twitch.
Spider-Man: Are you guys making veiled threats? I can't tell, and I think I should really be on the loop on this.
Lizard.: That's it! I've heard enough! Let's shut him up, Scorpion!

Heimdall: Thank you, my friends. I owe you my life.
Active Hero: Heimdall, what happened?
Heimdall: Loki, the God of Mischief, played his ultimate trick. He has betrayed all of Asgard, and for that he will pay dearly.
Active Hero: What can we do to help you?
Heimdall: My horn was taken from me. Would you be willing to locate it?
Active Hero: Yes, we'll look for your horn.
Heimdall: Thank you. I shall wait your return with my horn.

Enchantress: Foolish humans. You may have freed Tyr and Heimdall, but you'll not save Balder. I'll see him die before I let him go.
Executioner: And I would be more than happy to carry out that death sentence.
Enchantress: Ah, my dear Executioner, where would I be without you?
Active Hero: Enchantress, what's Dr. Doom doing in Asgard?
Enchantress: I believe one of you knows, or at least he suspects, but he isn't talking, his he?
Active Hero: What are you talking about? Someone on our team knows Doom's plan?
Enchantress: Oh, yes, he knows he very well. Not that it will do him any good. The wheels that are now in motion cannot be stopped.
Executioner: I grow tired of their incessant babbling, Enchantress. Let me destroy them.
Enchantress: Not so fast, my pet. Let us destroy them together.

[At the Asgard hub, if the player's team includes Thor]
Hermod: Thor, it does my heart good to see you back amongst the gods.
Thor: Hermod, my friend, I am pleased you did not fall in the attack on Asgard.
Hermod: Aye, but I bring bad news from the Bifrost Bridge. The Wrecking Crew has closed the gates to Midgard, stopping any reinforcements from joining us.
Thor: Worry no longer, Hermod. We shall go to Bifrost and reopen the gates.

Thor: My friends, these are indeed dark times. The Masters of Evil have overwhelmed the army of Asgard and the only path for reinforcements has been closed off to us - the Bifrost Bridge.
Captain America: Isn't that how your people travel back and forth between Earth and Asgard?
Thor: Aye. A great many warriors would return if only the path would open.
Captain America: How did Doom manage to block off Bifrost?
Thor: The gates at the end closest to Earth has been closed and barred. It can only be opened from our side. But I warn you - The Wrecking Crew is guarding the gate.
Spider-Man: The Wrecking Crew? Oooh. Pardon me for not being scared.
Wolverine: I gotta agree with web-head here. How bad can these jokers be?
Thor: The Wrecking Crew is not to be taken lightly. They are humans who were mistakenly granted the powers of one of my people. More than once they have sorely tested my powers.
Captain America: They've almost beat you? Then we better be on our guard.
Thor: They are formidable opponents. But that is not all - Loki has struck a bargain with Hela, the godness of death. Her minions will also seek to stop us.
Spider-Man: So we're fighting gods and the undead. Right…Anyone else nervous about our odds here?
Thor: We must succeed. Without those additional forces, there is little hope for Asgard.
Storm: Not to worry, Thor. We'll get those gates open.
Thor: I thank you, my friends. Let us battle on to victory!

[During the Bifrost mission, if the player's team includes Elektra]
Thunderball: Hey, Wrecker. Look, it's Elektra.
Wrecker: Are you lost, little ninja girl? 'Cause I know you won't wanna be here.
Elektra: Are you trying to intimidate me? Because if you are, you'll have to try a lot harder.
Bulldozer: Are you gonna take that from her, Wrecker?
Wrecker: Maybe you don't know you're messing with the Wrecking Crew, sweetheart. We've got the power of the gods.
Elektra: The only thing powerful about your group is the stench. Now open up the Bifrost gate before I make you open it.
Wrecker: There ain't nothing you can do, Elektra. Now why don't you run along, because you're way out of your league.
Elektra: I was hoping you'd say something like that, Wrecker. It makes beating you up just that much sweeter.

Weasel: That password you gave me into Black Widow's account was perfect. I got all the info I need to prove she's a traitor.
Active Hero: What did you find out?
Weasel: Well, sweet little Black Widow has traveled to Latveria several times in the last few weeks. And, get this, a large amount of cash was recently wired to her account. Now Fury's gotta believe she's working for Dr. Doom.
Active Hero: You're right. We gonna go talk to Fury right now.
[Fury meets with the heroes.]
Nick Fury: All right, I'm here. What was so important that we couldn't discuss it outside?
Storm: Colonel Fury, we think that Black Widow might be a spy for Dr. Doom.
Invisible Woman: We found a laptop that belonged to Black Widow back on the Helicarrier. It held detailed security information on a S.H.I.E.L.D. think tank known as The Imperium.
Storm: We also discovered that large amounts of money have been transferred to her bank account, and she has recently made trips to Latveria.
Nick Fury: Why are spying on my personnel when you should be focusing on the Masters of Evil?
Wolverine: What's wrong with you, Fury? Didn't you hear a word said? The Black Widow's sellin' the Imperium to Doom.
Nick Fury: You've got it all wrong. Doom broke into The Imperium a month ago and stole some very top secret plans. Black Widow had that laptop because she'd been given the job of upgrading the security there.
Invisible Woman: But what about the money and the trips to Latveria?
Nick Fury: I had sent her to Latveria in hope of bribing one of Doom's people to get back a particular plan he stole.
Storm: What is so important about this particular plan, Colonel?
Nick Fury: Its called Operation All Father. It was developed in case of the Asgardians ever became a threat to us. It dealt with stealing Odin's power by using the Twilight Sword.
Wolverine: So that's what Doom's been up to? He's out to become the most powerful god in Asgard? And you knew all along?
Nick Fury: I was never completely sure.
Invisible Woman: Well, I think you can be now. I only hope we didn't find out too late.
Storm: Agreed. We had best get to Niffleheim quickly and save Odin before Doom is able to complete his scheme.

Dr. Doom: The final phase of our plan is about to commence. The attack on the Omega Base, the kidnapping of the X-man, and our dealings with Mephisto have all led up to this moment. I would remind you that failure is not an option.
Baron Mordo: You worry too much, my good Doctor. We are more than prepared to achieve our ultimate goal.
Dr. Doom: And you worry too little. How often have we all had victory firmly in our grasp only to have it snatched away by the heroes?
Loki: You do realize, Baron Mordo, that the price of failure will be the wrath of Odin. Are you prepared for that?
Baron Mordo: No…no. I don't suppose I am.
Enchantress: None of us are. It would be fate worse than death.
Dr. Doom: And that is why we must be absolutely certain we are willing to do what must be done for success.
Baron Mordo: Fear not, Dr. Doom. I am prepared for whatever challenges we meet.
Ultron: As am I. Just knowing the rewards that await us makes it all worth while.
Dr. Doom: Of that you have not fear, Ultron. Everyone will get what's coming to them.

[During the Niffelheim mission, if the player's team includes Iceman]
Ymir: Flee, little man of ice! Your powers are worthless against the might of Ymir, the King of the Frost Giants!
Iceman: Why don't you just cool down, tiny, and tell us what happened to Odin?
Ymir: Ha! That petty tyrant was defeated in battle and taken prisoner by Dr. Doom. Long will I remember the look upon Odin's face as he fell, beaten by the Twilight Sword.
Iceman: So where'd old metal head take Odin?
Ymir: To the top of Raven's Spire. There, Loki will seek out the invincible Destroyer Armor, and with it, reclaim Asgard.
Iceman: Ha! That might be the plan, but that's not how it's gonna happen.
Ymir: Ha ha ha ha ha! Your boasts amuse me, little one!
Iceman: Yuck it up while you can, Ymir, 'cause in a minute, you're not gonna have much to laugh about.

Baron Mordo: This is an outrage! How dare Loki and Doom leave us behind!! I'll not stand for it!!!
Ultron: This is not an unforeseen outcome. They now each get what they desire without having to share the spoils with us.
Baron Mordo: We'll just see about that. All we have to do is guess which spear is truly Odin's. That will open the barrier.
Ultron: Can you use your power of mind control to get the Elf to choose for us?
Baron Mordo: It is all too simple for the Master of Magic. Go, Elf. Choose a spear for your master Baron Mordo.
[The elf chooses the wrong spear, and gets disintegrated by the barrier.]
Ultron: An unfortunate outcome.
Active Hero: What's wrong? Outlived your usefulness to Loki and Doom?
Baron Mordo: How did you get here? You shouldn't have been able to cross the bridge!
Ultron: Evidence suggests differently. Let us battle them!

Loki: My, my, my, what an unexpected surprise. But don't you know it's not safe up here on Raven's Peak... at least not for the likes of you.
Active Hero: You've got nowhere to run, Loki. Hand over Odin now.
Loki: Sorry, but I'm not exactly sure what's happened to Daddy dearest. You see, Dr. Doom has him.
Active Hero: Then what are you doing here?
Loki: I seek to take control of the Destroyer Armor. But I require four god-swords to free it from its prison of ice.
Active Hero: What's the Destroyer Armor?
Loki: It is a magical shell created by Odin. The wearer's consciousness is pulled inside, leaving their body outside, in a frozen state. The Destroyer Armor is so powerful that even the mighty Thor cannot defeat it.
Active Hero: Then we'll just have to stop you before you succeed.
Loki: I invite you to do your best, but know this... I will possess the Destroyer Armor!

[The heroes have freed the Destroyer armor from a block of ice]
Active Hero: That's it. The Destroyer Armor is free.
Fake Nick Fury: You did an excellent job.

[The Fake Fury transforms into Loki]

Loki: Thank for you doing what I could never have accomplished alone.
Active Hero: Loki! What just happened?
Loki: You should know by now that deception is my greatest weapon. You never teleported back to Valhalla. You're in a land of my making.
Active Hero: So you tricked us!
Loki: Yes, and now I will take possession of the Destroyer Armor and crush the life from you!

Active Hero: Loki's finally beaten. It's a lucky thing the Destroyer Armor's energy burst could hurt him, even though that magical shell. Come on. Let's see if we can save Odin before Dr. Doom completes his plan.

Dr. Doom: Ah, how fortune must favor you. It should have been impossible for you to have defeated the Destroyer Armor.
Active Hero: Dr. Doom, what have you done with Odin?
Dr. Doom: I did exactly as the plan I stole from S.H.I.E.L.D. had specified. I took Odin's body to Raven's Peak and, using arcane spells, I stole his power.
Active Hero: So now you have the magic of Odin?
Dr. Doom: Yes. I now control the absolute power of the mightiest god of Asgard. The universe is mine for the taking.
Active Hero: I don't know how, but we'll find some way to beat you.
Dr. Doom: Not this time. My triumph will be absolute, for now I will consign you to the the eternal darkness of oblivion!

[Spider-Man, Wolverine, Thor and Captain America find themselves in a white, foggy room after a confrontation with Dr. Doom, who seemingly destroyed them with powers of the Norse God Odin]
Spider-Man: Am I dead? Why does heaven smell like a wet dog? [looks next to him and sees Wolverine] Oh, wait. Never mind.
Wolverine: [growls at Spider-Man]
[The booming sound of Uatu the Watcher sounds behind the heroes. Wolverine unsheathes his claws from the surprise.]
Uatu: I am Uatu, the Watcher. I prevented your deaths, for you are needed to save this universe. Listen closely, mortals. Doctor Doom's unrestrained use of Odin's power will soon tear the fabric of reality beyond repair. I have broken my sacred vow to only observe so that I may give you this one chance to save your world.
Thor: Who can stand against the power of Odin? Even the Gods of mighty Asgard have fallen!
Captain America: Doom's power seems unlimited, but you must know a way to stop him.
Uatu: Yes, there is a chance. But, it will be difficult. First, you must acquire a shard of the M'Kraan Crystal, a Shi'ar gem of fantastic power. Next, you must acquire another object of great power, and it will take all your strength and skill. You must face the world-eater known as Galactus.

Act 4

Uatu the Watcher: Greetings. I am Uatu, the Watcher. And this is Attilan, the moon based home of the Inhumans.
Active Hero: What are we doing here? Didn't Doom kill us?
Uatu the Watcher: He believes he has, but I saved you at the last possible moment.
Active Hero: Not to seem ungrateful, but why?
Uatu the Watcher: Though I have vowed to never interfere with Earthly affairs, the danger is too great for me to stand idly by. Dr. Doom's misuse of Odin's power is tearing the fabric upon reality. And you are the only ones who can defeat him.
Active Hero: What can we do against Doom if he's as powerful as a god?
Uatu the Watcher: You must steal Odin's power away from him, and to do that, you must acquire two items from the vast reaches of outer space. The first item needed is a shard of the M'Kraan Crystal, located in the Shi'ar Empire. For more information on this mission, talk to the one called Black Widow. Should you wish to leave immediately, talk to the creature known as Lockjaw.

Deadpool: Hi, Black Bolt. How are ya?
[Black Bolt says nothing]
Deadpool: Oh, that's right. You can't talk can you? Your voice is so powerful, it would destroy half of Attilan if you said anything at all.
[Black Bolt still says nothing]
Deadpool: But c'mon, let's put that to the test. Just say one tiny word: 'Spatula.'
[Black Bolt still says nothing]
Deadpool: Oh, don't be such a stick in the mud. Come on, repeat after me: 'Spatula.'

[During the Shi'ar mission, if the player's team includes Iceman]

Gladiator: Iceman, out of respect for the X-Men, I give you this one chance to go. I do not wish to harm you or your friends.
Iceman: Have you gone mental? What are you doing threatening us when you should be helping Lilandra?
Gladiator: Though it pains me, I am honor bound to serve the Empress of Shi'ar, and Deathbird is now the Empress. She has ordered that I destroy all invaders.
Iceman: But Deathbird's the invader, not us.
Gladiator: The battle for the throne is over, and Lilandra lost. I'll ask you one last time, Iceman. Please, leave this ship, or I shall be forced to use violence.
Iceman: You don't scare us, Gladiator, even if you can fly through the center of a star.
Gladiator: This saddens me, but I have no choice. Prepare to defend yourselves!

Starbolt: Go no further, humans. I am Starbolt, a member of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard. You stand in defiance of Empress Deathbird.
Active Hero: Deathbird isn't the Empress. She stole the throne from Lilandra.
Starbolt: I know. I was one of the guards who helped her gain power. And I have no intention of letting her lose it.
Active Hero: You can't win, Starbolt. You're alone out here.
Starbolt: Which is exactly how we wanted it to appear. Warstar, attack!

[During the Shi'ar mission, if the player's team includes Black Panther]

Black Panther: Surrender, Deathbird. You have no right to claim the throne of Shi'ar.
Deathbird: I am well within my right. I am of the royal bloodline.
Black Panther: But you took the throne from Lilandra by force. And she has shown herself to be a worthy and caring leader. Can you make the same statement? Do your people love you?
Deathbird: What do I care for the people's love? All I want is their obedience.
Black Panther: What have you done with your sister, Deathbird?
Deathbird: Lilandra is currently being questioned. Then, once we arrived at the home world, she will be placed on trial and executed for crimes against the Empire.
Black Panther: How convenient that you know the outcome even before the trial.
Deathbird: I grow weary of this conversation, Black Panther. So now, with the aid of the M'Kraan Crystal, I will destroy you.

[During the Shi'ar mission, if the player's team includes Iron Man]
Deathbird: Impossible! You could have not defeated me! I was powered by the M'Kraan Crystal!
Iron Man: Give it up, Deathbird. You've lost. Tell us where Lilandra is.
Deathbird: You impudent worm! How dare you even speak to me! I am the Empress of Shi'ar!!
Iron Man: The throne isn't yours. It belongs to Lilandra.
Deathbird: Never! If I am to be denied the throne, then I will make certain my sister will never rule destroying this entire ship!
Iron Man: Team, we have to catch up with Deathbird. She must be going to set off some kind of self-destruct mechanism.

[During the Shi'ar Mission, if the player's team includes Storm]

Lilandra: Storm, what are you doing here?
Storm: We've come to save you, Lilandra. Don't worry, we'll have out out of there in a minute.
Lilandra: Forget about me. The self-destruct mechanism my sister activated is about to detonate. You have to save the ship.
Storm: Charles would never forgive me if I let you die in that torture chamber.
Lilandra: Please, I'm begging you, Storm. Don't let this ship be destroyed.

[During the Shi'ar mission, if the player's team includes Wolverine]

Deathbird: You and your friends are as pitiful as ever, Wolverine. The self-destruct timer is about to detonate.
Wolverine: Did you take one too many shots to the head when he fought? You've lost, Deathbird. Killin' everyone on the ship ain't gonna gain you a thing.
Deathbird: I'd have thought you of all people would understand my motives. All I want is vengeance. Now to smash this console so there's no way for you to shut it off.
Wolverine: Have you gone loco? You're gonna die with us!
Deathbird: Always the fool, aren't you, Wolverine? You should know by now I always have an escape plan!
Wolverine: Well, ain't that something? Guess we're gonna have to shut down all these laser emitters if we're gonna have to shut down this self-destruct system.

Uatu the Watcher: Well done. You now possess the first item needed to defeat Dr. Doom. Lockjaw will now create a portal that you may use anytime to return to our base on Attilan.

Paibok: I am Paibok, the Power Skrull. Biogenetic engineering has granted me super strength and superhuman endurance. You would do well to choose me as your guide.
Active Hero: It's not going to happen, Paibok. I've dealt with you enough to know you can't be trusted.

Super Skrull: I am Super Skrull, the mightiest of all Skrull warriors. I possess powers equal to the Fantastic Four. It would be a grave mistake not to choose me as your guide.
Active Hero: No way, Super Skrull. The Fantastic Four have fought you way too many times for me to trust you.

Galactus: Pitiful humans, I've had enough of your insolence! Prepare to face the might of Galactus!
Active Hero: We've got to get out of here. Galactus is too big for us to tackle alone.

Silver Surfer: My friends, Colonel Fury sent me to aid you in battling my old master. But first, allow me to use the Power Cosmic to heal you.
Active Hero: Thanks for fixing us up, Silver Surfer. But what can we do about Galactus? He's unstoppable.
Silver Surfer: True, he is mighty, but if we work together, we can slow him down. Three of his machines are nearby. If you reconfigure them to malfunction, it should cause a feedback loop that will render Galactus unconscious.
Active Hero: But what about the Muonic Inducer? That's what we came here for.
Silver Surfer: The Inducer is what powers the three machines. But you won't be able to get to it until Galactus is out of the way.
Active Hero: Okay. Thanks, Surfer.

Silver Surfer: This is quite an extraordinary occasion-one Galactus will not soon forget.
Active Hero: I think it's going to stay with us a while too.
Nick Fury: Thanks for your help, Silver Surfer. Now that you've got the Muonic Inducer, it's time we brought you people home.

Act 5

Active Hero: Colossus, are we glad to see you. Come on, together we just might be able to beat Dr. Doom.
Dark Colossus: The Colossus you knew is dead, comrades. And with him died his ridiculous notions of the X-Men and mutant equality.
Active Hero: Did Doom do this? Did he turn you evil?
Dark Colossus: Dr. Doom merely opened my eyes and showed me that he is the supreme power. And should you need proof, look no further than to the man who is standing behind me.
Active Hero: Captain America? That's impossible! We saw you back at our headquarters.
Dark Captain America: I am not the patriotic poster boy you know. I am an entirely new life form created out of nothingness by Dr. Doom.
Active Hero: Doom can create copies of us?
Dark Captain America: Yes, I am equal to your Captain America in every way, but my loyalties are to Dr. Doom.
Dark Colossus: Dah. And now it's time you felt just how strong the followers of Doom are.

Dark Thor: Halt, for you now face the might of Thor, son of Odin.
Dark Spider-Man: And don't forget me, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.
Active Hero: You're not Thor or Spider-Man. You're Doom's evil copies of them.
Dark Spider-Man: I prefer to think of us as the next generation-bigger and badder.
Active Hero: If you really think you are Thor, then give us your hammer so we can free Odin.
Dark Thor: Nay thee I say. Dr. Doom has decreed that my father must remain imprisoned, so there he must stay.
Dark Spider-Man: Of course, you're welcome to try and take the hammer from him. I dare ya. Come on, you know you want to.

Dr. Doom: Once again luck has been on your side, for that could be the only reason you have survived this long. But my latest creations will finally put an end to all that.
Active Hero: Doom! What have you done?
Dr. Doom: Who better to serve as my personal guards that recreations of my greatest foes? Meet my Fantastic Four.
Active Hero: This is twisted, Doom, even for your sick mind!
Dark Mr. Fantastic: Don't talk that way about our lord and master. Dr. Doom is the greatest man the world has ever known.
Dark Invisible Woman: Now you will kneel before Victor Von Doom...
Dark Human Torch:...and you will pledge allegiance to him.
Dark Thing: And if you don't, we'll pound ya until you do. Got it?
Active Hero: Then I guess it's clobbering time.

Dr. Doom: [after being defeated in the final battle] Fools. You have accomplished nothing!
[The glow around Doom's hands suddenly disappears]
Odin: [Booming] Doom!
Dr. Doom: Odin! You can't be free!
Odin: Your wretched scheme is undone and your black soul is mine!
Dr. Doom: Noooo!

[A lighting bolt strikes Doom and he disappears, leaving only his mask behind]

Odin: An eternity of suffering is the fate of those who challenge the gods!


Uatu the Watcher: You are to be congratulated for locating the damaged Ultimate Nullifier at Castle Doom. One day soon, Mephisto will seek to conquer our dimension. But Reed Richards will repair the Ultimate Nullifier, and use it to stop the vile creature before all is lost.

GBA Version

  • Nick Fury: Gentlemen, this is Colonel Nick Fury.
  • Spider-Man: Colonel Fury, where are you?
  • Nick Fury: I'm on the main bridge, but I'm not sure how long I'll last. Get here ASAP... Fury, out!
  • Spider-Man: You heard the Colonel. Let's get to the bridge.
  • Nick Fury: One last thing, because I was unable to brief you on the Particulars of your mission I will radio whenever I have information relevant to your situation. Good luck. Thanks for responding so quickly to my S.O.S., Gentlemen.
  • Spider-Man: No problem, Colonel Fury. What's going in here?
  • Nick Fury: The helicarrier's under attack by a group of supervillains known as The Masters of Evil. They're led by Victor Von Doom.
  • Spider-Man: Dr. Doom is back? This does not bode well. What are you doing in this part of the world, Fury? Kind of long ways from home, aren't you?
  • Nick Fury: It's not important.
  • Spider-Man: But maybe there's some reason -
  • Nick Fury: I said, it isn't important.
  • Doctor Strange: Colonel Fury, the Masters the Evil have activated the launch cycle of our nuclear missiles. I cannot stop them alone.
  • Nick Fury: Hang tight - I'll send backup. Fury, out. Gentlemen, I don't need to explain the devastation to missiles are capable of. Get to the launch bay and stop them.
  • Spider-Man: We'll handle it, Colonel. You have gained a key. To unlock doors or chests you must select the key and use it while standing hear the locked item.
  • Ice Man: Colonel Fury, we've just entered the weapons storage.
  • Nick Fury: There's no time to waste. The Masters of Evil have unleashed some huge creature in there.
  • Ice Man: Don't worry, Colonel. We'll handle it.
  • Fin Fang Doom: Mortals, you are foolish to even attempt to battle me. No one can withstand the might of Fin Fang Doom!
  • Spider-Man: The fight is over. The Masters of Evil have lost.
  • Fin Fang Doom: It is you who have lost! When I detonate these bombs and destroy this craft, the world will see that the Masters of Evil are a force to be reckoned with!
  • Spider-Man: We're not going to let that happen.
  • Fin Fang Doom: Ha! As if you had say in the matter, human.
  • Nick Fury: That wasn't the most graceful battle I've ever seen, but you've saved the helicarrier. Thanks, team.
  • Spider-Man: Just doing our jobs, Colonel Fury.
  • Nick Fury: If you're done there, then we're moving everyone to Stark Tower before we begin out next mission.
  • Spider-Man: Our next mission? What are you talking about?
  • Nick Fury: You'll find out. Why is he always late?
  • Iron Man: Hello, team. Welcome to Stark Tower, my Pride and joy. It's 40 stories of heaven of Earth.
  • Nick Fury: Huh. It's amazing what you can get with just a few billion dollars.
  • Spider-Man: We are now a team?
  • Nick Fury: Yes. I've been empowered by S.H.I.E.L.D. to create a task force to stop the Masters of Evil. But the helicarrier was so badly damaged that it can't be used as a headquarters. Fortunately, Tony is willing to let us stay here for the duration. It has all the facilities we'll require.
  • Iron Man: Believe me, it's no problem at all.
  • Spider-Man: So, what with this mission you spoke of, Colonel?
  • Nick Fury: I recently received a radio transmission from Dum Dum Dugan requesting that I come to the Omega Base. But there was something questionable in his message.
  • Spider-Man: You think it might be a trap?
  • Nick Fury: Maybe, but I can't be sure. Be on your guard at all times. I see you made it safely. Dum Dum Dugan recently sent a suspicious radio message requesting I meet him at the Omega Base for a report on the latest Super Soldier Serum.
  • Deadpool: What's so suspicious about that?
  • Nick Fury: Dr. Banner was to give the report. The only thing is, Banner has been working on the Gamma Bomb Project, hot the Super Soldier Serum. Dugan would never make a mistake like that - something's up.
  • Deadpool: What is this Omega Base?
  • Nick Fury: It's a mobile lab that's over five stories tall. We use it for field testing experiments.
  • Deadpool: Colonel, is there anything onboard the omega that would be considered dangerous?
  • Nick Fury: If the contents of that vehicle were to fall into the wrong hands, it would be disastrous for all mankind.
  • Deadpool: Exactly what are you developing that could threaten the entire Planet?
  • Nick Fury: That's classified.
  • Deadpool: So it's all right for us to save the vehicle, we just can't know what's going on there?
  • Nick Fury: Correct. Now if I may continue. The team's mission will be to sneak onboard the Omega and locate Degan. He will be sneak onboard the Omega and locate Degan. He should be able to bring you up to speed on the situation. Good luck to you.
  • Dum Dum Dugan: Good, they sent a team. I was afraid I'd been a little too clever in my message to the Colonel.
  • Deadpool: Dugan, what happened here?
  • Dum Dum Dugan: Someone used the base's ventilation system to spread a knockout gas. When I woke up, Dr. Doom demanded I bring Colonel Fury here. If I refused, he was going to ram the Omega into the Vondrak Dam.
  • Deadpool: Looks like he didn't keep his end of the bargain. The Omega is headed for a dam.
  • Dum Dum Dugan: Blast it. All controls have been locked except those on the upper bridge.
  • Deadpool: There's nothing you can do?
  • Dum Dum dugan: Correct. We'll have to reach the top deck and stop the Omega Base from there.
  • Deadpool: Okay, but you stay here, Dugan. We'll get to the top and shut this place down.
  • Dum Dum Dugan: Sounds like a plan. Good luck.
  • Bruce Banner: Boy, am I glad to see you. What the heck is going on around here? There was a huge explosion and then I coudn't open the door.
  • Elecktra: The Masters of Evil have attacked the Omega Base, Dr. Banner. Are you all right?
  • Bruce Banner: I'm fine. I just hope none of my work was damaged. Wait a minute, did you say the Omega is under attack?
  • Elektra: Yes, that explosion must have sealed this room off from the knock out gas that was used. And how the base is on collision course with a dam.
  • Bruce Banner: That's terrible! Thousands of lives will be lost in the flood. You have to stop it.
  • Elektra: We will, but what do you know about the giants that are running around here?
  • Bruce Banner: Those must be the results of the Super Soldier experiment. I've heard about, Scientists are attempting to recreate the drug that gave Captain America his strength. So far, apparently all they've created are those giants you've seen.
  • Dum Dum Dugan: Team, you must be making the Masters of Evil nervous. My security panels shows a gamma bomb has just been activated. You've gotta shut it down or all life in a 2 mile radius will be destroyed.
  • Elektra: We're on it!
  • Thor: It's going to be a few minutes before we reach the top of the Omega Base. Now would be a good time to take a breather.
  • M.O.D.O.K.: A.I.M. Troopers, the exterior elevator to the roof has been activated by intruders. All available soldiers are to attack at once!
  • Thor: So much for that breather! Get ready for the fight, team. What's this? We're frozen in Place!
  • M.O.D.O.K.: That would be due to the entropy device I've developed. You will remain immobile for as long as I hold this button.
  • Thor: M.O.D.O.K., set us free. If the Omega Base slams into the dam, thousands of innocent lives will be lost.
  • M.O.D.O.K.: Ha, ha, ha- your Pleas do amuse me.

Thor: We don't have time for this insaintly.

  • M.O.D.O.K.: You have no time at all!
  • Deadpool: We've beaten M.O.D.O.K.
  • Dum Dum Dugan: You did it! You stopped the Omega Base! Well done.
  • Deadpool: No problem, Dugan. We stop huge mobile laboratories that are about to destroy dams all the time.
  • Bruce Banner: Guys, that was one for the books, but there's no time to relax. Colonel Fury wants you back at Stark Tower immediately. Stay where you are and I'll pick you up in the Quinjet.
  • Nick Fury: You did a good job on the Omega Base, team. You saved thousands of lives and billions of dollars in S.H.I.E.L.D. equipment.
  • Deadpool: Did the Masters of Evil steal anything other than the super soldier serum?
  • Nick Fury: Yes- a device known as the Mutant Amplifier. It magnifies a mutant's natural powers.
  • Deadpool: So what's our next move?
  • Nick Fury: I want you to investigate a report that there's a riot taking place in Atlantis. We've just received a message from Namorita - the cousin of Namor. Apparently, there's a riot going on in Atlantis.
  • Deadpool: What's the cause?
  • Nick Fury: Unknown. But for some reason, the Atlanteans have forcibly removed Namor from his throne.
  • Deadpool: But the Atlanteans love Namor.
  • Nick Fury: Yes, which means something is seriously wrong.
  • Deadpool: Why would the Atlanteans attack Namor?
  • Nick Fury: We don't know. He's been a fair and just ruler for many years. The people love him.
  • Deadpool: He's pretty headstrong. Maybe he finally went to far.
  • Nick Fury: Perhaps. But Namor has always been kind to his people. There has to be some other explanation for this mass hysteria.
  • Deadpool: Are the Atlanteans friendly?
  • Nick Fury: When mer-people and surface dwellers first met there was quite of bit hostility. There were even several invasion attempts.
  • Deadpool: But we're allies now, aren't we?
  • Nick Fury: At best, the relationship between our two races is lukewarm. The mer-people prefer to keep us at arms distance.
  • Deadpool: How will we get around Atlantis?
  • Nick Fury: Once you reach our Atlantis outpost, you'll be infected with a special nanotechnology, Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Pym had a hand in developing it.
  • Deadpool: What's this technology do?
  • Nick Fury: It will allow you to breathe water with no discomfort. You'll also be able to move along the bottom of the ocean as if you were moving on dry land.
  • Deadpool: Thanks for the information- we will leave immediately.
  • Thing: Prince Namor, are you all right?
  • Namor: Begone! I require no aid. My people are under some type of mind control. I must save them.
  • Thing: We will help you. Why are the Atlanteans acting so strangely?
  • Namor: My people are being brainwashed by devices called Sonic Emitters. It's part of Attuma's scheme to steal my throne.
  • Thing: Who's Attuma?
  • Namor: He's a barbarian chief who's always thought he was destined to conquer Atlantis. Looks like he might be right.
  • Thing: We'll take care of the Sonic Inducers and get rid of Attuma.
  • Namor: Beware the grabbers! You're hear that Sonic Emitters. Those are what are making the Atlanteans so violent. Be very careful now - Attuma wouldn't leave the devices unguarded.
  • Elektra: Namor, we're destroyed the last of the Sonic Emitters. What now?
  • Namor: Good, with the inducers destroyed, my people will eventually return to normal. Now you should get to the throne room of Atlantis as fast as you can.
  • Elektra: Is that where Attuma is?
  • Namor: Yeah. Who knows that he'll do when he finds out you guys are gumming up his plans?
  • Elektra: Okay, we're on our way. Thanks, Namor.
  • Thing: Your reign is over, Attuma. Give up.
  • Attuma: How dare you enter my throne room, surface dwellers! Kneel before the King of Atlantis!
  • Thing: Namor is the true ruler Atlantis. You couldn't have done this alone. Who gave you those Sonic Emitters?
  • Attuma: I'll tell you nothing!
  • Thing: Fine then. We'll let the Atlanteans in here.
  • Attuma: I'm not about to face the Atlanteans after what I've done. It was the Masters of Evil. They helped me in return for letting them take whatever they wanted from the catacombs.
  • Thing: Are they still in the catacombs?
  • Attuma: Probably. There's a lot there to search through.
  • Thing: We'd better go check it out.
  • Mandarin: Finally, my good friends, it appears your luck has run out. I trust you're not the only team Fury has attempting to stop the Masters of Evil?
  • Blade: What are you doing here, Mandarin?
  • Mandarin: Attuma allowed me free reign of the catacombs in return for the Sonic Emitters. And I just now located our prize - the Tome of Asarius.
  • Blade: What do you want that for?
  • Mandarin: I'm sorry, but I have no time for questions. Prepare to die!
  • Thing: We did it, Namor. Mandarin is defeated and the Masters of Evil are gone.
  • Namor: Surface dwellers ... I'll have you know I was perfectly capable of handling the situation alone.
  • Thing: We just wanted to help out, Namor.
  • Namor: Hmm, yes, well you did. So I suppose I should thank you. You know have my permission to leave Atlantis.
  • Nick Fury: Team, we have bad news. Both Nightcrawler and Jean Grey have turned up missing.
  • Thing: Do you believe the Masters of Evil are involved?
  • Doctor Strange: We can't know for sure but that is our guess. I have found that Jean is being held by Arcade. I will mark the location of his hideout on your map. Nightcrawler is a different story. It appears that his spirit has been infected from his body because of the use of the mutant amplifier. I have located his spirit in a different realm of existence. I will use my powers to send you there when you are ready.
  • Thing: Then let's get moving!
  • Elektra: Colonel Fury, we're arrived.
  • Nick Fury: Watch yourselves there could be a trap around any corner. And remember, your primary mission is to retrieve Jean Grey.
  • Elektra: Will do, Colonel Fury. Let's move out, team.
  • Jean Grey: Uhhh... What happened to me?
  • Ice Man: Arcade had you locked in some sort of stasis field. Are you alright?
  • Jean Grey: I'm alright. Not if only my head would stop spinning.
  • Ice Man: Okay, Jean. You rest here. We'll continue on and find Arcade.
  • Arcade: I hope you kids had a fun day at the park. You have no idea how much your mother and I had to scrimp and save so we could afford to send you here.
  • Ice Man: Arcade, fun time's over. Give up while you still can.
  • Arcade: Well, I can see someone's getting cranky. But that's okay, I've got a little something here that should quiet you down... Permanently.
  • Ice Man: Bring it, Arcade. We'll tear that tin toy of yours apart.
  • Arcade: Alright, you asked for it. But remember, this is gonna hurt you way more than it's gonna to hurt me. You kids are being very naughty. You're all grounded.
  • Ice Man: We're in no mood for your jokes- talk, Arcade. What's happened to Nightcrawler?
  • Arcade: I don't know. Maybe he ran away and joined the circus.
  • Ice Man: I guess we're going to have to mess up that nice white suit of yours.
  • Arcade: I don't know. I don't know, okay? Dr. Doom wanted to use the mutant amplifier on him.
  • Ice Man: Keep talking.
  • Arcade: Doom used the Mutant Amplifier on Nightcrawler to open portals to other dimensions. And before you ask, I don't know which dimensions, okay? And before you ask, know which dimensions, okay?
  • Ice Man: Then, we're done here. We better get back to headquarters.
  • Doctor Strange: You've arrived in Mephisto's Real and I would urge you to move with haste.
  • Deadpool: Don't worry Professor, we will find Nightcrawler's spirit.
  • Mephisto: So what my son Blackheart has told me is true. The heroes have finally arrived in my realm.
  • Thor: Mephisto! Let Nightcrawler go!
  • Mephisto: Your friend belongs to me now, as will you all very soon! Come then and battle me. I will show you an entirely new world of pain when I rip your astral spirit from your body.
  • Nightcrawler: Mein gott, how can this be? I am alive!
  • Thor: Nightcrawler! You're back! This is wonderful!
  • Doctor Strange: Team, I hate to even break up your reunion but we've got just gotten word that Asgard is under attack. Return to base as quickly as possible so that we can respond to this new threat.
  • Nick Fury: The Masters of Evil are more powerful than we could have ever believed. It seems they have found entrance into Valhalla and Asgard has fallen. The gods need our help to defeat Doom.
  • Thor: What can we do to help them?
  • Nick Fury: Before we can gain entrance into Valhalla, we have to open up the bridge that spans our worlds. Unfortunately, the gate of the Bifrost bridge has been locksed. A messenger of Odin has come to give us more information.
  • Hermod: Greetings, Humans. My name is Hermod and I bring bad news - Bifrost bridge is under attack by the Wrecking Crew.
  • Thor: What can we do to help?
  • Hermod: I would ask that you travel across the bridge and open the gate to Midguard. Then additional reinforcements will be able to join us.
  • Thor: That sounds like an easy task. Give us the location of Bifrost and we will begin immidately!
  • Hermod: Be warned do not underestimate the powers of the villains who can occupy the bridge. They have gained the powers of the gods and will be most formidable.
  • Thor: Thanks, Hermod. We will keep that in mind.
  • Ms. Marvel: Colonel Fury, we've made it to the Birfrost Bridge.
  • Nick Fury: Good. Now make your way across as quickly as possible and open the Bifrost gate. But watch yourselves, the Wrecking Crew aren't gonna be pushovers.
  • Bulldozer: Hey, Wrecker! Look who's here!
  • Wrecker: Head's up, men. Seems we've got us a little challenge.
  • Bulldozer: Little is right. What fun are they gonna be? I wanna fight more gods.
  • Wrecker: Yeah, this bunch is gonna be too easy.
  • Bulldozer: That's what we get for takin' out their big guns first. Now it's just a matter of dealing with the small fries.
  • Ms. Marvel: You may have the power of a god, Wrecker, but you're still a loser in my book.
  • Wrecker: Now you've gibe and made me angry. Big mistake. Get 'em, men. And make it hurt.
  • Ms. Marvel: Colonel Fury, the Bifrost gates are open now. I thank you. Reinforcements will now be able to join forces from Earth. Return here with all haste there are prisoners you must free in Asgard.
  • Nick Fury: Good job opening Bifrost. We can make our way into Valhalla and free Asgard. Lady Sif has joined us to give us the specifics about the mission.
  • Sif: Greetings, Humans. Our city is overrun and our warriors imprisoned. Odin is now facing the Frost Giants alone.
  • Ms. Marvel: What can we do to help, Lady Sif?
  • Sif: You must travel to Asgard and free Balder from his prison. Then he can really the other gods and win back our fair city.
  • Ms. Marvel: Who is Balder?
  • Sif: He is second in power only to the mighty Thor. Balder is always looked to as a leader in times of danger.
  • Ms. Marvel: Then we will be released at once!
  • Sif: See to it that is the case. You may go now.
  • Deadpool: Sif, we've arrived in Asgard.
  • Sif: Very good. You must now move quickly to free Balder. Only he can really the gods and save Asgard!
  • Balder: What's this? Are you another illusion of Loki's? Will his thirst for vengeance upon us ever be sated?
  • Thor: Not, that's not it at all, Balder. We're here to free you.
  • Balder: I should have known friends of Thor would come to our aid. But it shall not be so easy to liberate me.
  • Thor: Why? Why do we have to do?
  • Balder: Two of my breadthen are also imprisoned. Tyr and Heimdall. To break the spells which bind me, you must free them first.
  • Thor: Where are they?
  • Balder: You will find them through the doors to my left. I care not about my fate, but free Tyr and Heimdall.
  • Ms. Marvel: This mirror seems to be reflecting energy onto Heimdall. Maybe destroying it will free the god.
  • Heimdall: Thank you, my friends. I owe you my life.
  • Ms. Marvel: Heimdall, what happened?
  • Heimdall: Loki, the God of Mischief, played his ultimate trick. He has betrayed all of Asgard... and for that he will pay dearly.
  • Ms. Marvel: We will need your help to free Balder.
  • Heimdall: You had best work quickly then, for I may very well free all of Asgard on my own! Good luck to you and fare thee well!
  • Ms. Marvel: There has to be a way to get Tyr down from there. There has to be some way to cool off that molten metal. Let's search around and see what we can find. That seems to have cooled things off nicely. Now let's see if we can get Tyr down.
  • Tyr: Without your aid I never would have been freed. I would thank you and apologize to you.
  • Ms. Marvel: Apologize for what?
  • Tyr: Long have I shown detain for humans your people seemed weak and fearful to me. But how it is humans who are rescuing the gods of Asgard. You have shown yourselves courageous and worthy of respect.
  • Ms. Marvel: No problem. We're just trying to help.
  • Tyr: And now I must be off to see what can be done to save Asgard. Until we meet again!
  • Executioner: Foolish humans. You may have freed Tyr and Heimdall, but you'll not save Balder. I'll see him die before I let him go.
  • Ms. Marvel: Executioner, what's Dr. Doom doing in Asgard?
  • Executioner: I believe one of you knows... or at least he suspects. But he isn't talking, is he? Ha, ha, haaa.
  • Ms. Marvel: What are you talking about? Someone on our team knows Doom's plan?
  • Executioner: Oh, yes, he knows it very well. Not that it will do him any good. The wheels that are now in motion cannot be stopped.
  • Ms. Marvel: Your lies will not stop us from finding the truth!
  • Executioner: I grow tired of your incessant babbling. Prepare to be destroyed.
  • Balder: Well done, my friend! You defeated Executioner. I would have thought it possible.
  • Ms. Marvel: Are you okay, Balder?
  • Balder: I can still stand, so I am well enough to begin the fight anew. Let Loki beware, for he has now truly eared my wrath!
  • Ms. Marvel: Do you think you can free Asgard?
  • Balder: 'Twill not be an easy fight for sure, but I will rally the gods and we will unshakle the beloved city of the gods.
  • Ms. Marvel: Good luck, Balder?
  • Balder: I thank you again, humans. All of Asgard is in your debt. Now, onward to battle!
  • Sif: Now that the Birfrost Bridge is open and the gods have been freed in Asgard, we can turn our attention to locating Odin. The last he was heard from, Odin was heading towards Niffleheim to battle the Frost Giants.
  • Ms. Marvel: Could something have happening to him?
  • Sif: I doubt he's in trouble. But just to be sure, your next mission is to go to Niffleheim to see if Odin needs help.
  • Ms. Marvel: Could he be in danger?
  • Sif: Odin in danger? Very doubtful. But he could require assistance.
  • Ms. Marvel: What is Odin doing in Niffleheim?
  • Sif: He had gone there to quell an army of Frost Giants who seek to take full control of that land.
  • Ms. Marvel: Who are the Frost Giants?
  • Sif: Though simple minded, Frost Giants are cunning and violent. They are also extremely strong and are a match for almost any god. The strongest of them is their leader Ymir.
  • Ms. Marvel: Who is Ymir?
  • Sif: He is one of the oldest creatures in all of Asgard and the very first Frost Giant. Being the first giant, he differs from his followers.
  • Ms. Marvel: In that way?
  • Sif: He is covered in frost and is able to generate intense cold. Ymir is also incredibly strong.
  • Ms. Marvel: Then maybe Odin does need our help.
  • Sif: it is at least worth checking out.
  • Ice Man: A major battle has taken place here. The sooner we find Odin the better.
  • Thor: Incredible... look, this is the Twilight Sword. It's what Doom was given in return for leading us into Mephisto's realm. Sif, we've located the Twilight Sword, but it's broken and it's in the center of some type of blast broken and it's in the center of some type of blast crater.
  • Sif: This does not bode well at all. The Sword must have been used on Odin. And if that happened...
  • Thor: ...then he must have been defeated in battle.
  • Sif: You must move with all haste. Locate Odin - he is no doubt how the prisoner of Loki and Dr. Doom. Yes, that's the only answer. But, I can't imagine what they're up to.
  • Thor: Sif, can you think of why Loki would do that?
  • Sif: I could not even hazard a guess. But do not tarry. Odin's life is most likely in danger.
  • Thor: Yes, of course. We're on our way. Let's move out, team.
  • Ymir: Fear me, Pitful creatures. For no one can match the might of Ymir, the King of the Frost Giants.
  • Ice Man: What's happened to Odin?
  • Ymir: That pretty tyrant has been defeated and is now in the control of Dr. Doom. Ah, what a battle that was. The look upon Odin's face will long be a treasuring memory.
  • Ice Man: Where have they take Odin?
  • Ymir: To the top of Raven's Spire, there Loki will seek out the invincible Destroyer armor. Then he will rule Asgard. What a glorious day this is for my people!
  • Ice Man: This day isn't over yet, Ymir.
  • Ymir: It is for you little ones. It is for you.
  • Dr. Doom: Greetings, heroes. I must admit to a certain surprise that you survived an encounter with Ymir. I find his followers' strength to be most impressive, wouldn't you agree?
  • Thor: Where's Odin?
  • Dr. Doom: He's far beyond your reach, my good friends. But take solace in the knowledge that he won't suffer... too much.
  • Thor: What are you doing to Odin?
  • Dr. Doom: Something that will shake the heavens, I assure you. But this is no time for me to dawdie. Feel the wrath of my new powers!
  • Uatu the Watcher: Greetings, I am Uatu, the Watcher. And this is Attilan, the moon-based home of the Inhumans.
  • Thor: What are we doing here? Didn't Doom kill us?
  • Uatu the Watcher: He believes he has, but I saved you at the last possible moment.
  • Thor: Not to seem ungrateful, but why?
  • Utau the Watcher: Though I have vowed to never interfere with Earthly affairs, the danger is too great for me to stand idly by Dr. Doom's misuse of Odin's is tearing the fabric of reality, and you are the only ones who can defeat him.
  • Thor: What can we do against Doom if he's powerful as a god?
  • Utau the Watcher: You must steal Odin's powers away from him. And to do that you must acquire from the vast reaches of outer space. The first item needed is a shard of the M'Krann crystal. Black Widow has more information on it. It is currently located on a capital ship of the Shi'ar Empire. Luckily we're acquainted with the Shi'ar and they should be willing to part with the crystal. Then gaining it should be easy enough. If all goes as planned.
  • Thor: Who is the other item we need?
  • Utau the Watcher: The Muonic Inducer. It is the device Galactus uses to assimilate the energy of a planet when he devoirs it.
  • Thor: Where will we find Galactus?
  • Utau the Watcher: He is about to attack a Planet Popuiated by the skrull a race who has long sought to conquer the Earth.
  • Thor: Who are the Skrull?
  • Utau the Watcher: They are a much older race than us - having been capable of space flight for millions of years. Originally they were peaceful merchants. Then they met the Kree.
  • Thor: What happened?
  • Utau the Watcher: The Kree are a race of warriors, so to protect themselves, the Skrull were forced to become warriors themselves. Now, violence and conquest are a way of life for the Skrull.
  • Thor: We will be weary of them then. Let us leave immediately to get the items.
  • Utau the Watcher: Return here when they are in your possession. Only then will Dr. Doom taste the defeat he deserves.
  • Corsair: Well, well, well, what brings my fellow man to this distant galaxy?
  • Wolverine: Corsair! What are you doing here?
  • Corsair: Don't you know? There's been a coup - Deathbird has taken the throne room with her sister Lilandra.
  • Wolverine: Great. We came to ask Lilandra for a shard of the M'Krann Crystal.
  • Corsair: Then you should be very motivated to see Lilandra back on the throne, because Deathbird certainly won't give you anything... other than life in prison.
  • Wolverine: Why are you here?
  • Corsair: Lilandra's a good friend of mine. And when a friend's in need, I make it a practice to lend a hand.
  • Wolverine: How are you going to help?
  • Corsair: Lilandra has escaped from her prison here on this ship and she has taken flight. I was planning on stopping this ship and then taking my own craft to find Lilandra. With you here, my job becomes with easier, if you can take out the power core.
  • Wolverine: We would be happy to.
  • Corsair: Then this is where we part ways. Stop this ship and I will find Lilandra. Farewell. You've done it! The ship is dead in space. Now I need you to relay a message to all of the ships that are still loyal to Lilandra and tell them of the situlation.
  • Wolverine: Where can we send the message?
  • Corsair: There is a communications site on the hull of the ship. Gain access to it and sending the message will be simple enough.
  • Wolverine: You mean we have to walk on the outside of this ship?!
  • Corsair: Don't fear, my friends. There is a forcefield over the ship that keeps atmosphere within it. You should be able to walk on the hull as if you were on your own planet.
  • Wolverine: Then consider the message sent!
  • Corsair: Great work! Reinforcements should be here at any moment.
  • Ms. Marvel: Then we will make sure Lilandra's throne is once again open for when they arrive.
  • Corsair: Deathbird should be in the ship's throne room. Go there and show her the error of her ways.
  • Ms. Marvel: That was our plan exactly. We will go there now.
  • Deathbird: Vule intruders! How dare you enter my throne room! I'll have your heads for this.
  • Wolverine: Deathbird, what have you done with Lilandra?
  • Deathbird: My dear sister is being questioned. And once we arrive at the home world, she will be placed on trial for crimes against the Empire and then executed.
  • Wolverine: Sounds like you've got it all worked out.
  • Deathbird: Indeed I do, humans. I've spent months planning my rise to power- and I'm not about to lose now. So with the aid of M'Krann crystal I will destroy you - the last vestiges of defiance to my absolute authority! Impssoble! You've defeated me!
  • Wolverine: We don't want any more trouble, Deathbird. Tel us... where Lilandra is?
  • Deathbird: Never! I am the Empress!! Kneel before me!!
  • Wolverine: The throne isn't rightfully yours. It's Lilandra's.
  • Deathbird: You lie! If I am to be denied, then I will stop dear sister as well - by destroying this entire ship!
  • Wolverine: We have to stop Deathbird! She must be going to set off some type of destruct mechiasm.
  • Deathbird: So you think can beat me, eh, humans? Well you're far too late. The self-destruct timer has been activated.
  • Wolverine: Deathbird, this is useless. You've lost the throne. Killing everyone aboard this ship will gain you nothing.
  • Deathbird: That's where you're wrong. By destroying the ship. I'll have a little vengeance. What is wrong with this?!
  • Lilandra: The destruct sequence has been changed. You cannot activate it, my dear sister.
  • Deathbird: I will have your throne! You have not seen the last of me!
  • Wolverine: We have to go after her!
  • Lilandra: No, let her go. She is most likely far away by now. You truly are an amazing collection of humans. Thank you for saving me and my ship. The Shi'ar Empire is in your debt.
  • Wolverine: It was no trouble at all. But we would ask a favor of you.
  • Lilandra: Name your reward. No payment is too great for what you have done today.
  • Wolverine: Dr. Doom is threating to destroy the Earth and possibly the universe. The only way we can stop him is with a shard of M'Krann crystal.
  • Lilandra: Then by all means help yourself to a shard of it. I pray its powers can be used to save your world.
  • Wolverine: Thank you for your graciousness.
  • Nick Fury: Team you now stand on the Skrull Homeworld. They are an alien culture who have tried to enslave humanity several times. They'll attack you, but remember that your primary goal is to locare Galactus so you can take in Muonic Inducer.
  • Thing: We understand, Colonel.
  • Skrull: What are you doing here, Humans? Are you the ones who brought Galactus down upon our world?
  • Thing: No. We're actually here to take something from Galactus.
  • Skrull: If that is the case humans, I propose a bargain.
  • Thing: What kind of a bargain?
  • Skrull: If you truly are here to battle Galactus, then you will require knowledge that I alone possess - knowledge of a weakness of the planet eater. In return for this knowledge all I ask is that you clear a path to my ship so that I can escape the destruction of this planet.
  • Thing: All right, we will clear you a path - but that knowledge you guys better be worth it.
  • Skrull: Oh, I assure you, it will be. So you still live - you humans are more resourceful then I'd thought.
  • Thing: Yes. Now it's time to keep your part of the bargain - tell us what you know about Galactus. What's his weakness?
  • Skrull: Fools! You should alrady know that Galactus has no weakness. With thousands of civilizations he's feared do you think he'd still be alive today of he did?
  • Thing: You lied to us?
  • Skrull: Ha! Ha! Of course I did, fools! I would punish you for trespassing on my planet, but I'm must be of.
  • Thing: Let's go. Galactus will have the planet crumbling around us if we stick around here too long.
  • Deadpool: Colonel Fury, what's this device in front of us?
  • Nick Fury: That's an optronic drill. Galactus uses them to bore into the planet's crust in preparation for its's consumption.
  • Deadpool: So, if we destroying the drills, we'll save the entire planet?
  • Nick Fury: Yes, but it's really not a priority. Besides, the Skrulls are going to continue to attack you regardless of what you do.
  • Deadpool: We may lend them a helping hand whether they want it or not. There, that takes care of drill number one. We may save this planet yet. We did it! With all the drills destroyed, the skrull planet is saved - for now. Let's get back to our original mission of locating the Muohic Inducer.
  • Galactus: Pitiful humans, I've had enough if your insolence prepare to face the might of Galactus!
  • Thing: We've got to get out of here, but there's no place to run! To the rooftops! Maybe we can teleport out of here from there!
  • Galactus: Your powers cannot work here, for I have blocked all escape. Prepare to die!
  • Thing: Here he comes! Let's get out of here before he awakens!
  • Nick Fury: Now that you've got the Munoic Inducer, it's time we brought you people home. Very impressive. I would not have thought you'd survive an encounter with Galactus. And not only that - you were able to obtain the Munonic Inducer.
  • Utau the Watcher: But you must return to Earth now. Doom has grown quite adept with his newfound powers, and he has shown little restraint in their use soon he will begin to damage the fabric of the universe.
  • Nick Fury: As you can see, Doom's powers are far reaching. He's remade Stark Tower into his vision of perfection. But that's not all. He's changed New York, as well as every other major city on Earth. Before we can do anything else, we have to get the tower's shields up and running again. Go to the power junctions and activate them.
  • Captain America: That takes care of this power junction. Let's get to the next.
  • Elektra: That takes care of this power junction. Let's get to the next. Let's take care of the last power junction, Colonel Fury.
  • Nick Fury: There' we're back in business. What the blazes? Uuuh.
  • Evil Iron Man: Target acquired. Return to Latveria.
  • Elektra: Those robots kidnapped Fury! We have to save him!
  • Nick Fury: Well, if Doom didn't know we were here before, he sure does now. And that's fine, because we're as ready as we're going to be. We have managed to power the Munoic Inducer with the M'Krann Crystal.
  • Captain America: Are we sure this is going to work? Doom has the power of a god!
  • Nick Fury: You will too, once you steal his powers. I'd suggest you get to Latveria as soon as possible. You'll find Doom in his castle there. Team, you are inside of a secret entrance into Dr. Doom's castle. Be careful and good luck. The entire world is counting on you!
  • Ms. Marvel: We won't let them down! Doom, this has to stop. You'ee using Odin's power too much and it's damaging our universe.
  • Dr. Doom: Bah! You pety fears are of no concern to me. I control the might of the most powerful god in Asgard.
  • Ms. Marvel: You'll control nothing if the universe is destroyed.
  • Dr. Doom: Silence! I have heard enough of your prattie. Now I will obliterate you once and for all!
  • Ms. Marvel: We have to use the Muonic Inducer!
  • Dr. Doom: My power! It's gone!
  • Odin: You stupid mortal! You absued my powers and they have left you! Now that I am free. I shall take you and that traitorious Loki back to Asgard to learn the true meaning of torture.
  • Dr. Doom: Noooo!
  • Odin: And as for you, heroes of the mortal realm, rest assured your world will set back to how it was before my powers were used to disreupt it.
  • Ms. Marvel: We are grateful.
  • Odin: Goodbye mortals.
  • Nick Fury: Things are returning to normal. It seems Odin has used his powers to undo the destruction Doom caused.
  • Ms. Marvel: Then our effects were well wore well worth it. I just hope it will be quite a while before Doom threatens the world again.
  • Nick Fury: I'm certain that Odin will ensure that.
  • Ms. Marvel: Now Colonel, did you have a reason to assemble us again?
  • Nick Fury: Not at the moment but I do want to extend an offer to create a permanent team to watch over threats to the world.
  • Ms. Marvel: So you want us
  • Nick Fury: Exactly. I received the okay from the President just this morning.
  • Ms. Marvel: We appreciate the offer. If ever a great evil threatens the world once again then do not hesitate to call us. Until then, we will take our leave.
  • Nick Fury: Understandable. Let us hope that I never have need for you all again.
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