Martyrs Mirror

1660 book of Christian martyrs

Martyrs Mirror or The Bloody Theater, first published in Holland in 1660 in Dutch by Thieleman J. van Braght, documents the stories and testimonies of Christian martyrs, especially Anabaptists. The full title of the book is The Bloody Theater or Martyrs Mirror of the Defenseless Christians who baptized only upon confession of faith, and who suffered and died for the testimony of Jesus, their Saviour, from the time of Christ to the year A.D. 1660. The use of the word defenseless in this case refers to the Anabaptist belief in nonresistance.


  • Tyrants generally find a reason for their tyranny, in the orders which they have received from their superiors in authority; this is for them a wide cloak, which can cover much evil. In the meantime they vent their anger, yea, rejoice in their wickedness, while the unoffending and innocent have to suffer.
Now, if this would obtain only with the worldly, what would it matter, knowing that they are worldlyminded; but even the so-called ecclesiastics or clergy, who are credited with everything good, are guilty in this matter.
  • "Of a bloody degree, published in England against the confessors of the Holy Gospel, in consequence of which much blood was shed among them, A. D. 1401"

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