Martha Speaks (TV series)

children's animated series

Martha Speaks is an American-Canadian children's educational animated television series based on the 1992 children's book of the same name by Susan Meddaugh, and heavily associated (affiliated) with the children's television series Arthur.

Season 1Edit

Martha Speaks / Martha Gives Advice [1.01]Edit

Entire family: Martha, be quiet!
Martha: (gasps) What's the matter?
Danny: You talk too much!
Mariella: You never stop jabbering!
Helen: Sometimes I wish you never learned how to speak!
(Martha's feelings are crushed, and she slowly walks away.)

Martha Blah Blah / Skits Behaves [1.06]Edit

Granny Flo: Bye-bye B, Sayounara S, too-dle-too T, adios A!

Oh, Nooo! / Bye, Martha [1.10]Edit

Martha: Quiet, baby Jake! This is history in the making! This guy singing could become an international superstar!
Helen: Except, I don't think he's going to win.
Martha: Well, he might if we called a number of times and voted for him.
Mariella: We can't do that, Martha. It would be dishonest. We're only allowed to vote once. (beat) Commercial's on! Popcorn time!
(Mariella gets up to find popcorn)
Danny: (reads newspaper) Oh no, it says here that Granny's alphabet soup is really taking a licking. No, it's an expression. Taking a licking means something isn't going well. It says here that Grandma Flo is really losing money.

Martha in Charge / Truman and the Deep Blue Sea [1.13]Edit

Alice: Could you please get your nose out of that book for one minute? What are you reading something so interesting anyway?
Truman: The Odyssey: It's a about a hero who's lost at sea, and he has to overcome all sorts of obstacles before he can get home!
Alice: Does he see any whales? Because that's what you're about to see!

Martha Runs the Store [1.19]Edit

Danny blows up a balloon, puts icing on a cake, and nails a banner to the wall
Danny: ahh... you've got a nap for this, Daniel!
(the phone rings)

Helen's All Thumbs / Martha's Dirty Habit [1.30]Edit

Television advertisement: Do you have an irresistible craving that nothing will stop? (explains the definition of "craving", Daniel peeks over) Maybe you crave the deep, rich ... perhaps you have a weakness, unstoppable urge for the thick chunky chocolate... (Daniel sweats and walks away)
Martha: What about you?
Danny: Hey, I was just thinking (touches the cookie jar) it's pretty silly to stop digging all at once. What if you just went outside and dug a little?
Martha: Yeah, I know what you mean. :(Daniel stops touching the jar of cookies)
Television advertisment: Crunchy graham crackers, chocolate nougat, all in one irresistible bar! The crave bar! It's what you crave! Come on! Give in to the urge!

Martha the Witness / Martha Takes a Stand [1.32]Edit

Martha: This is a matter of principle!
Danny: Principle? A principle is something you believe in very, very strongly, like being a good neighbor. But there is one principle I believe in above all others. A man has the right to not be bossed around by any of his pets!
(Mariella is reading a book)
Mariella: Good principle.

Season 2Edit

The Jakey Express / Martha Sled Dog [2.07]Edit

(Danny gets out the spare tire out of the car to the amusement of Helen)
Mariella: Isn't that a good idea?
Danny: It would make a great sled!
(End of flashback)
Danny: Okay, it looks like I forgot to put the spare tire back in.

Skits on Ice / Martha's Steamed! [2.11]Edit

Danny: Helen!
Helen: Yes, dad?
Danny: (eating out of a tub of ice cream) Why won't T.D.'s dad let him put his shoes in the freezer anymore?
Helen: Because his dad says they make the ice cream taste like feet.
(Danny starts becoming nauseous and throws up the ice cream in the sink while Helen walks away)

Season 4Edit

Martha's Market / Bye Bye Burger Boy [4.10]Edit

[The car pulls up in the drive-thru]
Danny: Hello Stan!
Stan: Hi! May I please take your order?
Danny: We'll take 6 Burger Boy burgers, 3 large potato chips, and one family style salad to go!

Season 6Edit

Martha's Holiday Surprise / We're Powerless [6.08]Edit

[last lines of the series]
Martha, Helen, TD, and Truman: Ready, set, go for gold!
[They leave as Skits rolls over and run around the house]

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