Martha Speaks (TV series)

children's animated television series

Martha Speaks is a children's animated television series based on the 1992 children's book of the same name by Susan Meddaugh, and heavily associated (affiliated) with the children's television series Arthur.

Season 1 edit

Martha Speaks / Martha Gives Advice [1.01] edit

Entire family: Martha, be quiet!
Martha: (gasps) What seems to be the problem?
Danny: You talk too much!
Mariella: You never stop jabbering!
Helen: Sometimes I wish you never learned how to speak!
(Martha's feelings are crushed, and she slowly walks away.)

Martha Blah Blah / Skits Behaves [1.06] edit

Granny Flo: Bye-bye B, Sayounara S, too-dle-too T, adios A!

Oh, Nooo! / Bye, Martha [1.10] edit

Martha: Quiet, baby Jake! This is history in the making! This guy singing could become an international superstar!
Helen: Except, I don't think he's going to win.
Martha: Well, he might if we called a number of times and voted for him.
Mariella: We can't do that, Martha. It would be dishonest. We're only allowed to vote once. (beat) Commercial's on! Popcorn time!
(Mariella gets up to find popcorn)
Danny: (reads newspaper) Oh no, it says here that Granny's alphabet soup is really taking a licking. No, it's an expression. Taking a licking means something isn't going well. It says here that Grandma Flo is really losing money.

Martha in Charge / Truman and the Deep Blue Sea [1.13] edit

Alice: Could you please get your nose out of that book for one minute? What are you reading something so interesting anyway?
Truman: The Odyssey: It's a about a hero who's lost at sea, and he has to overcome all sorts of obstacles before he can get home!
Alice: Does he see any whales? Because that's what you're about to see!

Martha Runs the Store [1.19] edit

Danny blows up a balloon, puts icing on a cake, and nails a banner to the wall
Danny: ahh... you've got a nap for this, Daniel!
(the phone rings)

Helen's All Thumbs / Martha's Dirty Habit [1.30] edit

Television advertisement: Do you have an irresistible craving that nothing will stop? (explains the definition of "craving", Daniel peeks over) Maybe you crave the deep, rich ... perhaps you have a weakness, unstoppable urge for the thick chunky chocolate... (Daniel sweats and walks away)
Martha: What about you?
Danny: Hey, I was just thinking (touches the cookie jar) it's pretty silly to stop digging all at once. What if you just went outside and dug a little?
Martha: Yeah, I know what you mean. :(Daniel stops touching the jar of cookies)
Television advertisment: Crunchy graham crackers, chocolate nougat, all in one irresistible bar! The crave bar! It's what you crave! Come on! Give in to the urge!

Martha the Witness / Martha Takes a Stand [1.32] edit

Martha: This is a matter of principle!
Danny: Principle? A principle is something you believe in very, very strongly, like being a good neighbor. But there is one principle I believe in above all others. A man has the right to not be bossed around by any of his pets!
(Mariella is reading a book)
Mariella: Good principle.

Season 2 edit

The Jakey Express / Martha Sled Dog [2.07] edit

(Danny gets out the spare tire out of the car to the amusement of Helen)
Mariella: Isn't that a good idea?
Danny: It would make a great sled!
(End of flashback)
Danny: Okay, it looks like I forgot to put the spare tire back in.

Skits on Ice / Martha's Steamed! [2.11] edit

Danny: Helen!
Helen: Yes, dad?
Danny: (eating out of a tub of ice cream) Why won't T.D.'s dad let him put his shoes in the freezer anymore?
Helen: Because his dad says they make the ice cream taste like feet.
(Danny starts becoming nauseous and throws up the ice cream in the sink while Helen walks away)

Season 4 edit

Martha's Market / Bye Bye Burger Boy [4.10] edit

[The car pulls up in the drive-thru area]
Danny: Good Evening, Stan!
Stan: Howdy there! May I please take your order?
Danny: We'll take 6 Burger Boy burgers, 3 large sweet potato fries, and one family style salad to go!

Season 6 edit

Martha's Holiday Surprise / We're Powerless [6.08] edit

[last lines of the series]
Martha, Helen, TD, and Truman: Ready, set, go for gold!
[They leave as Skits rolls over and run around the house]

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