Mark of Love

2009 film

Mark Of Love is a 2009 film in which false advertising lures a charming bachelor into a quintet of man-hungry women who then want to hear his five romantic stories of relationships gone wrong.

Directed by Brett Simmons. Written by Ellen Cribbs & Brett Simmons, based on the play “I Love You! . . . And You . . . And You . . .” by Ellen Cribbs.


  • She made me realize the feelings I had for someone else. Someone I should have never let go. I was stuck in a pattern. I was walking away from relationships with girls that I didn’t deserve in the first place. Rachel, Trish, Miranda, they’re all great, and they’re all what I thought I wanted, but uh, when they were ready to get serious I wasn’t. And I ran. But Claire, she was different. Claire was more than everything I wanted. She was everything I needed. We were perfect together. But I ran away from her just like all the others. I ran away only to realize that . . . she was the one that I wanted to run after. It took my relationship with Jess to learn that. It took you guys to realize that. This would have never happened without you.


  • May I say something? I think Mark’s a genuine, sincere guy with good intentions and a good heart. I think, as I’ve been listening, that you, like all of us, have simply been looking for someone to love the rest of your life. And I don’t think you’re afraid of love. I think it must be scary for anybody to give yourself to someone else with complete confidence. To open yourself up like that. Saying ‘I love you’ is one thing. But it’s really saying ‘I trust you’ isn’t it? I mean, it must be a pretty intimidating thing I think, not knowing what will happen when you throw everything else out the window for somebody. When you truly mean it.


Claire: You spelled "colored" wrong.
Mark: Uh, no, actually I think that's the, uh, proper English spelling.
Claire: Oh, really?
Mark: Mm-hm.
Claire: I thought it was the dumb, fake spelling.
Mark: Yeah, you know I tried spelling things without it, but, uh, no matter what, I always end up missing... U.

Paul: So what happened?
Mark: Ah, man, she just started to get too...
Paul: Serious, right? I know. I only even ask in hope that it's gonna be something different, like she cheated on you or something.
Mark: Then it'd be great. I'd be so excited for that to happen to me.
Paul: It'd be a little better - entertaining, at least. So what happened?

Mark: When you have a kid, like, did it... Was it the hormones had just started acting up in you and that's why you act like a father to everyone else or - how's that work?
Paul: It just comes with the membership.

Rachel: Never have I ever kissed you.
Mark: I've never kissed myself either.


  • Boy Meets Girl. Boy Loses Girl. Boy Meets Girl. Boy Loses Girl. Boy Meets Girl. Any Questions?
  • Finding Love Is One Thing. Knowing Is Another.


  • Bryan Price - Mark
  • Caitlin M. Schultz - Claire
  • Amber Bonasso - Miranda
  • Taylor M. Dooley - Trisha
  • Christa Nicole Wells - Jess
  • Brian Sheridan - Paul
  • Kelly Erin Decker - Lisa
  • Kym Cannon - Emma
  • Kathrynn Cobbs - Alice
  • Lanea Amick-Mullins - Deb
  • Susan Stark - Susy
  • Courtney Manning - Rachael

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