Mark Fletcher (businessman)

American businessman

Mark Fletcher is an American entrepreneur. He was the founder and CEO of the news aggregator website, Bloglines, and the Vice President of until June 2006. Ask Jeeves acquired Bloglines on 8 February 2005.

Mark Fletcher in 2005

In February 2005, Fletcher won one of the annual Rave Awards, presented by Wired magazine. Fellow nominees in the Tech Innovator category were Internet entrepreneur Jimmy Wales, Adam Curry, Bill Healy and Zhang Zuoyi.

Previously, Fletcher started the free mailing list service ONElist. ONElist merged with eGroups, which was later acquired by Yahoo! in June 2000 and is now called Yahoo! Groups. Fletcher was also a software engineer at internet appliance maker Diba, Inc., now owned by Sun Microsystems, and at Pixel, Inc.

Mark obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego.


  • Ask Jeeves will be committing resources to Bloglines to help us build out our service even more and accelerate our product roadmap
  • I got to ride the bubble
  • This time, I’m trying to make new mistakes
  • [Memo to Bill Gates:] "Bring it on." [A Microsoft newsreader would expand the market without hurting Bloglines]. They’re a program, we’re a service, like webmail. With us, you’ll be able to read your feeds from anywhere
  • I’m not great at CSS and, like many others, find that positioning elements on a web page can range from tedious at best to utterly frustrating at worst. Fortunately, ChatGPT-4 is pretty adept at stuff like this. I’m not saying it’s perfect every time, but usually, I can arrive at an answer after a few iterations.

Quotes about Mark Fletcher

  • Groupthink: Fletcher took listservs mainstream with OneList, a company he founded in 1997. Users turned to OneList to create, administer, and find mailing lists through a simple Web-based interface. By 2000, when Yahoo! bought the company for $420 million to establish Yahoo! Groups, OneList had millions of subscribers and was sending out billions of emails per month

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