Marjorie Boulton

British writer

Marjorie Boulton (May 7, 1924 - August 30, 2017) was a British author and poet writing in both English and Esperanto.

Boulton in 1999


  • Rhythm includes metre, but metre is a relatively small part of rhythm.
    • Anatomy of Poetry (1953)
  • Good free verse is not at all easy to write, for there is no repetitive beat to lull the reader's critical faculty, much pattern and discipline is to be found in it, though the pattern of sounds and choice of exact words, gives it its beauty.
    • Anatomy of Poetry (1953)
        Por paco                                        

Jen mia propono,/ sinjoroj kaj kamaradoj:/ lokigu la venontan konferencon,/ kie ni tuŝos vian konsciencon./

Ne post imponaj fasadoj,/ kun ĵurnalistoj en balkono:/ aranĝu ĝin ĉe akuŝ-hospitalo./

Morgaŭ ni legos en ĵurnalo:/ “Finfine ĉiuj ŝtatestroj scias,/ ke homa vivo kostas iom pli/ ol ŝtatestroj kutime opinias.”/

Jen pacpropon' de ordinara mi.

Written decades ago by Marjorie Boulton.

For Peace Here’s my proposal,/ gentlemen and comrades:/ place the coming conference/ where it will touch our conscience./ Not behind imposing facades,/ with journalists in a balcony:/ arrange it in a maternity hospital./ Tomorrow we will read in a newspaper:/

“At last all heads of state know/

that a human life costs somewhat more/ than heads of state usually think.”/ That’s a peace proposal from ordinary me.