Marielle Franco

Brazilian politician and activist (1979–2018)

Marielle Franco (born Marielle Francisco da Silva; 27 July 1979 – 14 March 2018) was a Brazilian socialist and feminist who was elected to the city council of Rio de Janeiro. A prominent critic of police violence in the favelas, she was assassinated by ex-police militias in 2018.

Franco in 2016


  • "The roses of resistance bloom from asphalt. We receive roses, but we will be with a clenched fist talking about our place of existence against the commands and abuses that affect our lives."
    • Marielle during her last speech on International Women's Day, at Rio de Janeiro's City Council, days before she was assassinated.
  • "I will not be interrupted. I will not put up with interruption from a citizen who comes here and does not know how to listen to the position of an elected woman!”
    • Also from Marielle's last speech, shortly after a man tried to silence her by defending the military dictatorship. Original cut in Portuguese "can be seen here".