Marie Windsor

American actress (1919-2000)

Emily Marie Bertelsen (December 11, 1919 – December 10, 2000) was an American actress.

Marie Windsor, 1954


  • Sure I'm sad I've never made it to being a big superstar, but I feel absolutely no bitterness. I came out of a town with 250 people and what I've done is extraordinary.
  • My personal happiness is much more important than my career, my primary aim is to have a happy home life. Those great ladies the silver screen have wanted what I've been able to get, but they've not been able to give up enough to get it.
  • I didn’t know I was doing film noir, I thought they were detective stories with low lighting! Even Kubrick, in 1955 during filming of The Killing, never used the term film noir to my knowledge.

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