Marie Windsor

American actress (1919-2000)

Emily Marie Bertelsen (December 11, 1919 – December 10, 2000) was an American actress.

Marie Windsor, 1954


  • Sure I'm sad I've never made it to being a big superstar, but I feel absolutely no bitterness. I came out of a town with 250 people and what I've done is extraordinary.
  • My personal happiness is much more important than my career, my primary aim is to have a happy home life. Those great ladies the silver screen have wanted what I've been able to get, but they've not been able to give up enough to get it.
  • I also studied with Stella Adler every summer until just the last few years. She taught pure technique. They didn't call it The Method back then, but she was working from the Stanislavski theories. [...] I worked on physical movement, body language, and how to use your imagination. Not drawing on your memories, which I consider unhealthy. Just using your imagination is limitless, where using just your experience isn't.
    • Speaking in 1988 with James Bawden; as quoted in Conversations with Classic Film Stars (2016), p. 330
  • I was always a little girl in my heart. As I grew older, I really felt like Greer Garson inside. But outside it didn't come out like that. [...] I think it was physical. All the women were small in those days. The men were smaller, too, so taller women didn't get much of a chance. It was my looks and my voice, and I played menace very well. That's the way they saw me, and it was easy to do. [...] It seemed very natural to me to be slinky and sexy. The June Allysons of the world can't be slinky and sexy. I've sort of given up and just accept it.
    • Op. cit.
  • I used to be offended when they called me that. Then I began to enjoy it. It's better to be the queen of something than nothing. One of the things that's kept me mentally healthy during many heartbreaking periods in my career is that I have a very strong direction about facing reality. If something's wrong, I try not to blame somebody else or the situation. Since I seem to be a rather content individual, I guess it's working.
    • On being called "Queen of the B's"; op.cit., p. 333
  • I didn’t know I was doing film noir, I thought they were detective stories with low lighting! Even Kubrick, in 1955 during filming of The Killing, never used the term film noir to my knowledge.

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