Maria Nikiforova

Ukrainian anarchist (1885–1919)

Maria Nikiforova (or Marusya; 18851919) was an anarchist partisan leader whose activities in the Ukrainian War of Independence influenced the Ukrainian revolutionary Nestor Makhno.

The anarchists are not promising anything to anyone. The anarchists only want people to be conscious of their owns situation and seize freedom for themselves.


  • Cossacks, I must tell you that you are the butchers of the Russian workers. Will you continue to be so in the future, or will you acknowledge your own wickedness and join the ranks of the oppressed? Up to now you have shown no respect for the poor workers. For one of the tsar's rubles or a glass of wine, you have nailed them living to the cross.

Quotes about Nikiforova

  • One more pillar of anarchist has been broken, one more idol of blackness has been crashed down from its pedestal... . Legends formed around this "tsaritsa of anarchism". Several times she was rounded, several times her head was cut off but, like the legendary Hydra, she always grew a new one. She survived and turned up again, ready to spill more blood... . And if now in our uyezd the offspring of the Makhnovshchina, the remnants of this poisonous evil, are still trying to prevent the rebirth of normal society and are straining themselves to rebuild once more the bloody rule of Mkno, this latest blow means we are witnessing the funeral feast at the grave of the Makhnovshchina.
    • Alexandrovsky Telegraph newspaper announcement of Nikiforova's death.
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