Marcella Althaus-Reid

Argentine theologian (1952-2009)

Marcella Althaus-Reid (Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina 11 May 1952 – Edinburgh, Scotland 20 February 2009) was Professor of Contextual Theology at New College, University of Edinburgh.

Portrait of Marcella Althaus-Reid


  • Only in the longing for a world of economic and sexual justice together, and not subordinated to one another, can the encounter with the divine take place. But this is an encounter to be found at the crossroads of desire, when one dares to leave the ideological order of the heterosexual pervasive normative. This is an encounter with indecency, and with the indecency of God and Christianity.
    • Indecent Theology, (Routledge, 2002) p. 200
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