Marc Connelly

American playwright (1890-1980)

Marcus Cook Connelly (December 13, 1890December 21, 1980) was an American playwright who received the 1931 Pulitzer Prize for his drama Green Pastures. He was also a member of the Algonquin Round Table.

Marc Connelly, 1937


Voices offstage: a book of memoirs, (1968)Edit

  • I know that back in the twenties everyone who saw it judged John Barrymore's Hamlet to be unforgettable. Great though it was, I found his Richard III even more impressive. Barrymore's sinister, half-mad hunchback became incandescent as he gleefully anticipated his conquest of the Lady Anne. The genius of the actor contrived a slight but inspired alteration of Shakespeare's: 'Was ever woman in this humour wooed? Was ever woman in this humour won?' The change to 'Never was woman in this manner wooed; never was woman in this manner won' heightened the deviltry in Richard's gloating.
    • p. 237; Cited in: Michael A. Morrison (1999) John Barrymore, Shakespearean Actor. p. 345
  • I always knew children were anti-social. But the children of the West Side - they're savage.
    • Quote in: Otto Penzler The Vicious Circle (2007) p. 18

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