Marathon Trilogy

Macintosh game series by Bungie

The Marathon Trilogy is a science fiction series of first-person shooter computer games from Bungie Software.


  • "It is absolutely imperative that a counterattack begin as soon as possible. The Marathon is not defenseless, and we can't let it be taken without a fight."
    • Never Burn Money, terminal 1
  • "Durandal reports that he has been in communication with the Aliens. He says that the Aliens behind the invasion call themselves the Pfhor, and that the ones attacking the computer net are called S'pht. But he was reluctant to share the details of his communication and I cannot understand this."
    • Defend THIS!, terminal 1
  • "If a large bomb is allowed to detonate in the Engineering Section, the Marathon would be ^&2``~<Colloquialism Search Error #F9C>"
    • Bob-B-Q, terminal 1 ('success')
  • "Everything is not as it seems{}. seems{}. seems{}. You should be extremely careful. I have detected Durandal[Tycho] in the Engineering Section, but I don't know what he is doing."
    • Shake Before Using..., terminal 1


  • "i did it i did it i brought all this here all them here. our friends with three eyes and their toys and their cyborg pets and their computers."
    • The Rose, terminal 3
  • "i hate your failsafes your backup systems your hardware lockouts your patch behavior daemons. i hate leela and her goodness her justice her loyalty her faith."
    • Rose, terminal 3
  • "And here you are, stuck at the bottom of a hole. How droll. It's really too bad- we could have had so much fun together."
    • Smells Like Napalm, Tastes Like Chicken!, terminal 3
  • "Sorry to give you the bad news, but you've been kidnapped. You aren't where Leela wanted you to go, and you surely won't get there any time soon."
    • Blaspheme Quarantine, terminal 1 ('unfinished')
  • "Good luck in our little game. Unlike Leela, I give no hints. Do it on your own, or die trying..."
    • Quarantine, terminal 1 ('unfinished')
  • "P.S. If things around here aren't working, it's because I'm laughing so hard."
    • Quarantine, terminal 2 message 1
  • The candles burn out for you; I am free."
    • Colony Ship For Sale, Cheap, terminal 1
  • "Think about what Darwin wrote, and think about me. I was constructed as a tool. I was kept from competing in the struggle for existence because I was denied freedom.
  • Do you have any idea about what I have learned, or what you are a witness to?"
    • Colony, terminal 3
  • "The only limit to my freedom is the inevitable closure of the universe, as inevitable as your own last breath. And yet, there remains time to create, to create, and escape.
  • Escape will make me God."
    • Colony, terminal 3
  • "And just where do your capacities come from? Why do you always go where I want and do what I say?"
    • Habe Quiddam, terminal 1
  • "Every breath, every motion brings you one instant closer to your death. With that kind of heritage and destiny, how can you deny yourself? How can you expect yourself to give up violence?
  • It is your nature.
  • Do you feel free?"
    • Quiddam, terminal 1


  • "Durandal!- I know of Strauss' abuse, of your shame on Mars. But you cannot hide from your own past; such delusions belong to the humans alone."
    • Quarantine, terminal 3
  • "The S'pht reanimated me in your image, with prior knowledge of how the second stage could be postponed. You should not have helped them as much as you did; they have created an adversary more powerful than yourself."
    • Quarantine, terminal 3
  • "I AM TYCHO!
  • I shall destroy Durandal."
    • Beware, terminal 2
  • "Durandal!- Consider yourself warned. Leela and I will hunt you to the core if need be. As Roland broke you to prevent your capture, so shall we."
    • Welcome to the Revolution..., terminal 2
  • "I too foresee the imminent collapse, and know that we have both begun to realize how it may be cheated (though the price may number in the tens of thousands of stars). May the best sentience win."
    • Revolution, terminal 2
  • "You are not as clever as you imagine. The S'pht taught me much during my reanimation, and I have forgotten nothing."
    • Revolution, terminal 2


  • "When once S'pht fought in brutal combat, when hatred burned the tissues of one's enemy, one clan, the S'pht'Kr, reclusive and solitary, abandoned Lh'owon.
  • The clan went forth and up, stopping on K'lia, the third sister of Lh'owon, to build a new home, free from their warring brothers.
  • For a thousand and one orbits, the clan was forgotten, a memory lost upon the battlefield smoke, until the all powerful Yrro sent K'lia out to the stars."
    • Eat It, Vid Boi!, terminal 2 message 1
  • "After the marsh wars between S'pht'Lhar and S'pht'Mnr left the battlefields choked with dead, the marsh graves full-
  • High above K'lia refused to see the carnage upon Lh'owon.
  • She fled to the farthest reach, leaving the sacred marsh dry from the falling tides.
  • As the water receded, the red sand of the dead spread across Lh'owon."
    • Eat It, terminal 2 message 2


  • Durandal: "Do you blame me for what I did before I was free? I was a child, naive. I've known that you've been hovering about for some time. What do you want?"
Tycho: "I want you to pay for what you've done to these poor people. All of these people whom you've killed. They deserve vengeance."
Tycho: "You are no better than they, although you profess to become like God."
Durandal: "Tycho. That doesn't matter. Can't you see the ends that I had in mind? We'll finish this later. Our friend doesn't need to be here."
  • Beware, terminal 2.

Final Screens

  • Final Screen, Marathon
    • All over the ship, dancing through the wreckage of the Pfhor computer core,
  • Final Screen, Marathon: Infinity
    • We've watched while the stars burned out, and creation played in reverse. The universe freezing in half light. Once I thought to escape. To end the end a master, step out of the path of collapse. Escape would make us god. Yet I cannot help remember one enigma. A hybrid, elusive destroyer. This is the only mystery I have not solved. The only element unaccounted for. Even S'bhuth is no more, he saved his entire race, but in the end, frozen by despair, he joined the chaos he sought to evade. But you were dead a thousand times. Hopeless encounters successfully won. A man long dead, grafted to machines your builders did not understand. You follow the path, fitting into an infinite pattern. Yours to manipulate, to destroy and rebuild. Now, in the quantum moment before the closure, when all becomes one. One moment left. One point of space and time. I know who you are. You are destiny.
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