Meitei people

ethnic group of India
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The Meitei people, Meetei people, or Manipuri people is an ethnic group native to Manipur. They speak Meitei language as their native tongue and are best known for their Meitei civilization.


  • The Meiteis constituted majority of Manipuri people. They were comparatively prosperous, possessing as they did the fertile valley. Consequently, it was only natural for some of them to consider themselves superior and civilised compared to their hardy and indigent tribal neighbours of the surrounding hills. Due to a variety of reasons, mainly difficult terrain and consequent sequestered existence of the tribesmen of the hills, there were not too many social and cultural contacts between the two over the centuries. The Meiteis were exposed to outside world and its progressive ideas, hence they are better off compared to hill tribesmen.
  • "Thirty-five-year-old 'Abeyma’ Laicharam Ichan Devi's wails envelop the cavernous open halls of the Khoyol Keithel relief camp in Moirang, where about 400 Meitei families from neighbouring border villages have taken shelter. She says that every time she tries to shut her eyes and sleep, she gets nightmare of fires—of the fire that consumed not only her house, but her entire village. She recalls how mobs descended upon Torbung, located on the border of Churachandpur and Bishnupur, and started looting and burning houses…."
    "Her husband, along with other men from the camp, helps the local people to guard the village against further attacks at night. Such armed vigils by volunteers and civilians are, at the moment, common across the violence-stricken districts. Ichan Devi and others in the camp nevertheless live in constant fear of another raid. “I have not taken a bath in eight days; my children are surviving on biscuits. Soon, they won’t even have that,” she adds, pointing at her oldest son, who is six years old."
    "None of these women have any homes left to go back to. “They burned them all and have declared our ancestral lands in Churachandpur as tribal land. It is rightfully our land, which belonged to the Meiteis. Churachandpur is my home,” she states."
  • The initial clashes were triggered by the Meiteis' demand to be granted "scheduled tribe" status, which would give them landowning rights, as well as access to educational and employment opportunities — benefits that are already enjoyed by the Kuki community.
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