Majalli Wahabi

Druze-Israeli politician, who briefly assumed the position of Isael's Acting President in 2007

Majalli Wahabi (Hebrew: מגלי והבה‎, Arabic: مجلي وهبه‎, also spelt Majalli Whbee, born 12 February 1954) is an Israeli politician from Israel and currently a member of the Knesset on behalf of Kadima. He holds the positions of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, and briefly became Israel's Acting President in February 2007, making him the first non-Jew to act as Israel's head of state.

Majalli Wahabi


  • I think my appointment is the example and answer for those who accuse Israel of being an apartheid state. It shows minorities have equal rights and we are part of the government, the state and the parliament.

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