Maison Ikkoku

manga series by Rumiko Takahashi

Maison Ikkoku (めぞん一刻, Mezon Ikkoku) a manga series created by Rumiko Takahashi in 1984 and first published in Japan by Shogakukan, Inc. and in North America by VIZ. The series has also been adapted into an anime TV series, movie and OAV, and a live-action movie and TV special. The anime, produced by Kitty Film, ran on Japanese TV from 1986 to 1988 and is also available from VIZ in North America.

Volume One


Chapter One: What Are The Neighbours Doing?

  • Yotsuya: You're blaming your environment for your own lack of intelligence.

  • Godai: A welcome party for the manager?
  • Yotsuya: It's not as if the residents have anything more important to do.
  • Godai: You're the one with all the free time! What's your job anyway?
  • Yotsuya: Then you won't be participating.
  • Godai: Who said I won't be participating?
  • Yotsuya: You're a complex fellow, aren't you?

  • Kyoko: I know you'll pass a mid-term someday! Just hang in there!

  • Kyoko: You mean you peep at men too?
  • Godai: That's not funny!

  • Kyoko: You have a class to pass don't you?
  • Godai: Huh?
  • Kyoko: A class to pass.
  • Godai: What about your ass?
  • Kyoko: I said a class to pass!
  • Yotsuya: You there! Just because a woman's hindquarters protrude from your closet doesn't mean you should surrender to carnal desires!
  • Ichinose: Mr. Yotsuya, please don't say such things in front of my child.

  • Kyoko: Won't this be a nuisance for the young man?
  • Yotsuya: That's okay. It won't change how his test comes out anyway.
  • Godai: Who are you to tell me how my test is gonna come out?!
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