Mai Chisamba

Zimbabwean businesswoman

Mai Chisamba (born Rebecca Tsirikirayi; 21 October 1952) is a Zimbabwean businesswoman and Shona talk show host.



"Mai Chisamba Shares Her Secrets" (2021)


"Mai Chisamba Shares Her Secrets", The Sunday Mail (September 24, 2021)

  • I am an ambassador of local languages and I want to show the world that we can do anything in our languages. I feel proud of local artistes who now create and promote content in our languages.
  • My family supports the show but succession is not all about being on the show. I love what I do and would be happy for it to be more vibrant even after my departure hence there is need to cast the net even outside the family.
  • It is difficult to teach anyone what I do. It has to be an inborn thing. The job sometimes requires one to think on their feet as there often no script. One has to understand the concept and the intended results.

Quotes about Mai Chisamba

  • With more than 30 accolades under he belt Mai Chisamba is a motivational speaker at universities,marriage counsellor and a trusted voice in churches and organisations within and beyond borders.
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