Mahmud Tarzi

Afghan writer (1865-1933)

Mahmud Beg Tarzi (August 23, 1865November 22, 1933) was one of Afghanistan's greatest intellectuals. He is known as the father of Afghan journalism and poetry. A great modern thinker, he became a key figure in the history of Afghanistan, leading the charge for modernization and being a strong opponent of religious obscurism. As a member of the royal house, diplomat, and Minister of Foreign Affairs during a war and independence, his footprint on the history of Afghanistan is large.

Mahmud Tarzi of Afghanistan


  • The oppressed martyrs of our culture have shed blood that nourish the red tulips of our nation.
    • An Afghan Intellect By Yama Atta & Hashmat Haidari [Link]
  • The ways of the British are inscrutable but they always seem to obtain their own ends without compromising their dignity or their honor.
    • Foreign Minister Mahmud Tarzi, October 28, 1919
  • Beshnaw az nay choon hekayat may kunad; Az judaaie haa shekaaiat may kunad(Dahri)
    • Listen to the flute it tells you a story' A story of nostalgia and separation.
      • Mahmud Tarzi, poem written in Turkey. Article by Dr. Bashir Sakhwaraz, Role of Afghan Writiers in Afghan Inependence
  • Once Europe existed in a Dark Age and Islam carried the torch of learning. Now we Muslims live in a Dark age.
    • Mahmud Tarzi, reflecting on King Amanullah's exile. [Link]

A Book of Travel to Three Continents (Translated from Dahri) (1914)Edit

  • Although age has its normal limits, it may be extended by two things-the study of history and by travel. Reading history broadens one's perception of the creation of the world, while travel extends one's field of vision.
    • Preface

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