Mahmud Shah of Jaunpur

Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud Shah Sharqi was the ruler of the Jaunpur Sultanate between 1440 and 1457.


  • After some time he proceeded to Orissa with the intention of jihãd. He attacked places in the neighbourhood of that province and laid them waste, and destroyed the temples after demolishing them…
    • Sultãn Mahmûd bin Ibrãhîm Sharqî (AD 1440-1457)Orissa, in Nizamuddin Ahmad : Tabqãt-i-Akharî, in : S.A.A. Rizvi included in Uttar Taimûr Kãlîna Bhãrata, Aligarh 1959, Vol. II. p. 9.
  • “…Mahmood Shah Shurky, having recruited his army, took the field again for the purpose of reducing some refractory zemindars in the district of Chunar, which place he sacked, and from thence proceeded into the province of Orissa, which he also reduced; and having destroyed the temples and collected large sums of money, returned to Joonpoor.”
    • Sultãn Mahmûd Shãh bin Ibrãhîm Sharqî of Jaunpur (AD 1440-1457)Orissa Tarikh-i-Firistha
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