Kumbha of Mewar

Ruler of Mewar, a state in western India
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Kumbhkarna Singh (r. 1433–1468 CE), popularly known as Maharana Kumbha, was the Maharana of the Kingdom of Mewar in India.[4] He belonged to the Sisodia clan of Rajputs.[5] It was during his reign that Mewar became one of the most powerful powers in the northern India. He was the most powerful sovereign of his time.


  • While Indian historiography might not have been kind enough to Rana Kumbha by documenting his life and heroism in the manner that he deserves to be commemorated, folklore and oral history that celebrate the glory of Rana Kumbha, as also the innumerable monuments and works of literature, keep his memory alive. Rana Kumbha became the prototype of the brave Rajput who was unconquerable in the wake of any aggression and who combined deft strategy with raw power to keep all his enemies at bay. That same spirit of valour kept burning relentlessly in the Rajput clan for generations to come.
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