MagnaCarta 2

2009 video game

MagnaCarta 2 is a role-playing video game developed exclusively for the Xbox 360 game console.



Juto: [after punching Alex in the face] As if I'd ask for help from you, you bastard!
Southern Forces Soldier 1: Such insolence!
Southern Forces Soldier 2: How dare you raise a hand to Lord Alex! Do you want to die?!
Zephie: Stop this! This man is a civilian!
Alex: [getting up] Oh? I take it your friend is an islander?
Zephie: Yes. And he watched as his home was lost in the battle today. That's why—
Juto: [interrupting Zephie; to Alex] Enough! You… You're all the same! Every one of you—[Thud.]GAH!

[Juto falls to the ground, as Argo (who was behind him) lowers his fist.]

[On Juto's first mission in the Counter-Sentinel Unit]

Crocell: [seeing the Werewolves] You know, no one's ever glad to see us.
Zephie: Be careful, Juto. Werewolves are extremely vicious.
Juto: [looking at the monsters] That much is obvious, I'd say…

Navyblue Marsh, Cota Mare, & the Undersea TunnelEdit

Celestine: [to Argo; squeeks in elation] Oooooh, you're so cute! You're exactly my type!
Argo: [caught off-guard] Wha-What are you talking about?
Celestine: I've totally fallen for your rippling muscles, among other things!


Juto: [in complete disbelief; to Celestine] No way… You've fallen for Argo?!
Argo: Uh…
Crocell: She looks normal enough, but there must be something wrong with her eyes…
Argo: [to Crocell] What are you implying?


Celestine: By the way, I'm Celestine! What's your name?
Argo: Uhhh…
Crocell: [to Celestine] Whoa, there! Argo's like waaay over 60 years old. He's already a geezer!


Celestine: [laughs] So the geezer's name is Argo! Come on, marry me!
Crocell: Wha—?!
Argo: P-Please, stop calling me a geezer. Besides, your proposal was rather abrupt. I have no intention of taking a wife just yet.
Celestine: Awwww, really? I'll wait for you, 'kay?

[When Juto, Argo, Celestine, and Crocell sneak into the Undersea Tunnel to rescue a group of Mare, who were taken hostage by thieves posing as Southern Forces soldiers (Note: due to the resulting misunderstanding, Celestine had to help the CSU members without permission from the other Mare.)]

Imposter Soldier 1: What's up? They brought us more supplies?
Imposter Soldier 2: I don't think so! Who're you people?!
Argo: We're with the Southern Forces Counter-Sentinel Unit. What unit are you attached to?
Imposter Soldier 1: Wh-What's the Southern Forces doin' here?!
Crocell: Oh, come on! These guys are fakes! No two ways about it.
Imposter Soldier 2: Y-You people—!
Rutan: It's been a long time, Argo. Still serving the Southern Forces, I see.
Argo: Rutan?
Celestine: Huh? Argo, you know him?
Rutan: We go back a long way. This person is responsible for the destruction of our homeland.

Argo: [after the group defeats Rutan and the imposter soldiers]
Crocell: Argo…
Argo: I'm all right. There was no avoiding that fight.

[When the group returns to Cota Mare]

Mare Male: Celestine!
Celestine: Sheesh, you don't need to shout! I can hear you.
Mare Male: Do you have any idea what you've done? What were you thinking, sneaking off with the prisoners? What's wrong with you?!
Nilty: Don't be too harsh on Celestine.
Mare Male: M-Master Nilty! You're safe!


Celestine: [after Nilty vouches for the Counter-Sentinel Unit; to the Mare male] Am I awesome or what?


Celestine: [indignant] Ow, that hurt! Why'd you hit me?
Mare Male: Punishment for acting on your own without permission. You're to make 100 sticks of incense before the week is out!
Celestine: But why?! Thanks to me, Nilty was rescued!
Mare Male: No complaining! I can make it 200 sticks if you want.
Celestine: [crosses her arms] You're so mean…

Dunan regionEdit

Schuenzeit: [when he reveals himself to the Counter-Sentinel Unit] My goodness, so the Princess came all this way in person. [Just then, Melissa appears beside him—alive and in a Northern Forces outfit.] Perhaps I should thank you.
Juto: [caught off-guard] M-Melissa, is that you?!
Schuenzeit: [to Melissa] I leave them in your capable hands. [leaves]
Melissa: Juto… Why are you with the Southern Army?
Juto: I…I thought you'd been killed, by Elgar's hand. I joined to get revenge.
Melissa: But as you can see, I'm alive! There's no reason for you to fight now!
Juto: What are you saying?!
Melissa: Why don't you come join me, Juto?

[Silence. Juto and Zephie look at each other in bewilderment.]

Melissa: If you aren't going to come with me, then you and I are…enemies. [draws her sword]

[After the Counter-Sentinel Unit's encounter with Melissa at Darkblade Fortress]

Juto: It's…It's a bit of a shock. I always [imagined that Melissa might] still be alive…but this is…
Celestine: This Melissa lady is Juto's friend, right? Then, how come she's with the Northern Forces?
Argo: I can't understand it. She lost her home to the Northern Forces, and she herself was nearly killed.

Crocell: [when the Counter-Sentinel Unit discovers human and Trewa bodies inside of Sentinel conversion machines] This is…!
Celestine: [gasping] What is this?
Zephie: So this is…!
Crocell: What the hell is this?! Don't tell me they've been using humans to make Sentinels!
Juto: [stunned] I can't believe it…
Argo: [recognizing the Trewa bodies] Marun, Ebis… What are you doing here?!
Celestine: A-Argo…
Argo: Damn those Northern Forces bastards…! So this is the cowardly way that Sentinels have been made?!
Zephie: This is unforgivable… They would actually go this far just to make weapons…? Schuenzeit, you can never be forgiven for this!
Juto: … Melissa… How could you…? How could you choose people like this…?!

Retaking Highwind IslandEdit

[Zephie has been paralyzed from a Sentinel's poisonous attack. Juto is staying with her while Rue heads to Highwind Village to get Celestine and the others.]

Juto (narrative): As I watched Rue grow smaller in the distance… Anger towards Zephie boiled up inside me for some reason.

Zephie: [about what the Northern Forces had done here, unopposed] I feel terrible about what happened to those villagers. I really do.
Juto: […?]
Zephie: That Sentinel…was probably made from someone in the village.
Juto: …
Zephie: I'm sorry, Juto. If we had retaken the island sooner, maybe those villagers would still be alive.
Juto: …
Zephie: You aren't hurt, are you?
Juto: …
Zephie: Juto?
Juto: [finally lets her have it] Why… Why do you take such huge risks?
Zephie: [surprised] Huh?
Juto: Seriously, why do you have to push your luck like this?!
Zephie: …
Juto: Please, start worrying about yourself more than other people! Why do you shoulder everything yourself? Princesses are too good to share the burden?!
Zephie: I—I'm sorry…
Juto: Don't apologize! Don't! I'm the one who should be apologizing, right?! It's my fault you got hurt! It's my fault… You're always worrying about other people! Do you think your hard work pays off?! Look at what happens! Seriously… How stupid can you get?!


Zephie: …Heheheh…
Juto: [still angry] Why are you laughing?
Zephie: [tries to stifle her laughter] I'm sorry. I know that this is no time to be laughing. This is the first time [that] anyone but Rue has gotten this mad at me. Plus, the way you talked to me changed all of a sudden.
Juto: [realizing] Oh, um—I didn't mean to… My apologies, Princess.
Zephie: No, please stop all that. It doesn't suit you. I want you to treat me…informally. If you really care about me.


Juto: Your body—can you move?
Zephie: It's still a little numb…
Juto: In that case…um… Zephie.
Zephie: Hm?
Juto: I'll carry you.
Zephie: [caught off-guard] Wha—?
Juto: You can't walk, right? Don't be such a baby.
Zephie: Uh—But, but I, uh…
Juto: This is no time for embarassment.
Zephie: R-Right.

Returning to AbazetEdit

Zephie: I can't really express it well, but, in any case, I'm glad that you… [She realizes that she doesn't know how to express it.] I, um…I'm glad that you… Uh…ah…
Juto: You're trying to say "Thank you", right?
Zephie: Huh? Uh… Yes.
Juto: Oh, come on. I didn't stay because I was looking for your thanks.

Ruhalt regionEdit

Juto: [to Melissa] Do you have any idea what that bastard Elgar has been up to?! That bastard… He killed lots of villagers and turned them into Sentinels! And you're still going to tell me that the Northern Forces have the moral high ground?!
Melissa: [surprised] Wha…?

[Juto seemingly sacrifices himself to save the others from a self-destructing Sentinel.]

Zephie: [as the dust clouds fly] Juto! Are you in there?! Juto! …I was right… I shouldn't have brought him…! "I'll fight by your side," you said… "Rely on me," you said… That's what you said, remember? [I wanted so much to tell you that having you by my side] made me…made me happy, but I didn't…
Juto: [walking our of the dust clouds, surrounded by a fading force field of wind Kan] Maybe I…shouldn't have heard all that.

[Zephie looks up, shocked, then angry. She rushes forward to slap him, but thinks better of it.]

Zephie: Don't you ever do that again. You got that?

Crocell: Boy, you sure love to give [people] heart attacks, don't you?

Back to DunanEdit

Juto (narrative): [after he is revealed to be "Elgar the Regicide", although it doesn't quite make sense] My legs were wobbling. My identity as "Juto" was crumbling all around me…as the crimes of my past came flooding back. And they reeked…of blood.


Juto (narrative): Zephie… When I see you again… How can I look you in the eye…?

[Nix, a former Northern Forces researcher who recognizes Juto as "First Elgar", explains the nature of Elgar's origins.]

Nix: The Sentinels manufactured as monster weapons have an intelligence that is noticeably low, and are unable to carry out complicated orders. And so, Schuenzeit desired an intelligent Sentinel that only he could control, to help him purge the nobility who opposed him. What was created as a result…was Elgar. […] The Blood Pact itself was conducted by wizards, but the physical vessel used in the creation was made by me.
Juto: Huh?
Nix: Although it was under duress after I had been dragged to the laboratory by force! You were the first made—in other words, "First Elgar". And the current Elgar is "Second Elgar". He was created as your replacement when we believed you had died.
Juto: [understanding] And if Second dies, they'll use the remaining vessels to create a Third one, a Fourth one, and so on.
Nix: Probably… I think so. I'm terribly sorry.
Juto: [shakes his head] You don't need to apologize. The real one to blame…is Schuenzeit.


Nix: When we received news of First's death, that's when it hit me. I realized just how cruel my actions had been. First… I'm so glad you're alive. It's one less weight on my conscience. I'll destroy all of the research data here.
Juto: Good. Make sure no one creates a Third, not even by accident.

Second Elgar: [pre-boss fight cutscene; to Juto] If it weren't for you, I would have been First.


Juto: Is it so important that you're not the first…?!

[After the group defeats Second Elgar]

Juto: [to Second Elgar] Why would you want to be Schuenzeit's lackey? He sees us as nothing more that his personal tools.
Second Elgar: He is like a… He is like a father to me. If it weren't for you, I would have been First.
Juto: I am no longer Elgar.
Second Elgar: [groans] You… You aren't going to be able to save that woman, anyway…
Juto: I will. I'll save her, no matter what!
Second Elgar: [laughs] There's more to it, you know… You'll have to see it with—your own eyes… [dies]

Schuenzeit: Now, make your choice! Will you live in a dying world, smothered by Doomseeds? Or will you return to a world of plenty? Lift your voices high! Shout, "Paradise is ours to take! Shout, "Sacrifice the Princess!"

Schuenzeit: [after seeing Juto stand up again, against his orders] Damn you! Are you trying to cause Lanzheim to be destroyed?!
Juto: I don't believe a word of that…! It's—garbage!
Schuenzeit: The Princess is the Magna Carta. That is the honest truth. If she is sacrificed, then this world will be preserved!
Juto: If that's what it'll take to save the world, then YOU be the sacrifice!

Alex: [after Juto cuts the ritual short by destroying the fondation of Zephie's suspension] I don't believe this…! How does he keep going…?!
Schuenzeit: Do you intend to defy me to the end?

Zephie: [after Juto saves her; upset] You… You tried to kill me! I can't believe you were Elgar this whole time!
Juto: I'm sorry. I really am. But…no matter what you say, I…
Zephie: Oh, just leave me alone! [turns to face Juto] Why did you even come here, anyway?
Juto: I came…because you're a friend. No, wait—you mean much more to me than that…
Zephie: [turns away] You mustn't save me, Juto. Everything that he [Schuenzeit] said is true. I'm the one. I'm the Magna Carta. I have a Kamond inside of me. A Kamond capable of saving the world… [Juto grabs her hand.] Ah!
Juto: Let's go.
Zephie: But, Juto—!
Juto: I can't accept that this is the way things end. Let's find another way. [places a hand on Zephie's shoulder] I'm getting you out of here.

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