Magical Project S

Japanese anime television series

Magical Project S is about a girl name Sasami Kawai transformed into a magical girl to do good deeds. Unfortunately, Ramia transforms Sasami's best friend, Misao into Pixy Misa to wreck havoc.

Characters edit

Sasami Kawai/Pretty Sammy edit

  • Pretty Mutation Magical Recall!
  • Misao... Misao, you're Pixy Misa?!
  • It's not true, is it, Misao? You're not really Misa, right?
  • Even if you stay as Pixy Misa forever, I'll still really love you, Misao!
  • We are friends! Of course.
  • My 43rd sincere try at Pretty Teleport!
  • Pretty Teleport!
  • You're treating me too harsh for a grade four student!
  • I wish I had my magical powers. My magical powers so I can rescue the people on Earth, and Tsunami and the others.
  • Misao! No, Misa. Thank you.
  • Pretty Dynamite!
  • Pretty Home Run!

Misao Amano/Pixy Misa edit

  • Dad... Mom...
  • I can't wait to see my dad. I can't wait. Then Dad, Mom, and I...
  • This is for the best. Roses can't be used to make people unhappy. Because... because roses... roses are Dad's favorite flowers.
  • This is Pixy Misa's baton. Did I have this baton? Then, I am Pixy Misa?!
  • Sasami... So all along, I've been doing this to you, Sasami?
  • I am Pixy Misa, the evil magical girl. I've been cruel to everyone and fought against Sammy. That was me. It was I who was the bad girl. I was the one who caused so much trouble. It was me! Sasami must be so angry. She must've told everyone I tricked her all along. What should I do? I haven't got anywhere left to go. I can't even see Dad anymore. I... I...
  • All the things that are important to me: Mom, Dad, Sasami, the bird, Dad's piano piece, my hair bands, the picture of Dad and I at a amusement park. And also... also... (enters the locker room) This place.
  • I'm sorry, Sasami!
  • I'm going to get better. I'm going to try my best.
  • Goodbye, Pixy Misa. The other side of me.
  • (in English) Welcome, Sasami!
  • I'll be fine. I won't try to hide my weakness or jealousy anymore. I know I'm full of contradictions. But all things considered, I love myself and Misa. So I think I'll be fine. Please, Rumiya.
  • Pixy Mutation Magical Recall!
  • (English) Hello, everybody! (Japanese) My 1.1 trillion, 1 million, 101 fans from across the country! (steps on a can and trips) Long time no see! I'm Magical Girl Pixy Misa! It's a little embarassing, but I've made my comeback!
  • I'm coming to help you! Just hang on and wait for me! Pretty Sammy!!
  • (English) Go to America!
  • (singing) I am a pretty magical girl! I'm the magical girl who's gonna save Sammy! And they call me... and they call me... Pixy Misa!
  • Long time, hey, Sasami?
  • Lovely Boomerang!
  • Then it's simple! Let's squash that thing!

Others edit

  • Love Me Eimi: What?! This outfit... I've broken the school rules! Teacher! I can't remember a thing! It's not my fault! Oh, the biggest mistake of Eimi Date's life!
  • Hiroto: A-Amano is Pixy Misa?!
  • Konoha: What on earth is with that girl? Running wild in that outfit and normally acting as a shy bimbo!

Episodes edit

The Magic Fades Away edit

Misao: This is Pixy Misa's baton. Did I have this baton? Then... I am... Pixy Misa?!
Sammy: Misao? Misao? What are you doing here? That baton!
Tsunami: It can't be!
Ryo-Ohki: What?!
Washu: (in English) Jesus!

Sammy: No... it can't be... (drops her baton) Misao... Misao, you're Pixy Misa?!
(Sammy transforms to Sasami)
Sasami: How... how it could be...?
Misao: Sasami... So all along, I've been doing this to you, Sasami?
Sasami: It's not true, is it, Misao? You're not really Misa, right?
Misao: NOOO!
(Misao teleports)

Friends edit

Sasami: I just can't believe that Misao was Pixy Misa.
Ryo-Ohki: Misao's had an evil magic spell cast on her.
Sasami: An evil magic spell?
Ryo-Ohki: Otherwise that shy Misao couldn't have turned into Misa. Someone forced her to transform, to interfere with Sammy.
Sasami: You mean, if I hadn't turned into Sammy, Misao wouldn't have turned into Misa?
Ryo-Ohki: I don't know. But that's possible.
Sasami: Then it's my fault. It's my fault for getting her into this mess. Misao turned into Misa because I accepted this baton! I knew I should have given it back, then! This stupid baton! This stupid baton! I don't want it!
(Sasami tosses her baton)
Ryo-Ohki: Sasami!
Sasami: I'm going to look for Misao. Don't follow me, Ryo-Ohki.
Ryo-Ohki: Sasami...

Ramia: It's over. The Project to make me queen...
Rumiya: Keep your chin up, Sis.

Misao: Sasami!
Sammy: Misao!
Misao: I'm sorry, Sasami! I... I... I want to be your friend!
Sammy: We are friends! Of course.
Misao: I want to be with you!
Sammy: I'll always be with you, Misao!
Misao: I care so much for you!
Sammy: I care about you, too, Misao!

Misao: Sasami!
Sammy: Misao.
Misao: I'm going to get better. I'm going to try my best.
Sammy: Yeah.
Misao: I'm sorry.
Sammy: Don't apologize.

Misao: Sasami!
Sammy: That's the true form of the evil magic that was in your heart. Misao, let's do it together!
(Misao agrees and she and Sammy hold Sammy's baton)
Misao and Sammy: Converge, magic powers of justice! Pretty Coquettish Bomber!

Sasami: Sorry I'm late. There are some horses in the highway... WHAT?!
Misao: (in Pixy Misa costume) Welcome, Sasami.
Sasami: What...?
Misao: (removes her wig) Did I scare you? I made it to try to get better and try to cheer myself up! What do you think?
Sasami: Misao! I don't think that's the right way to cheer yourself up.
Misao: Really?
Sasami: Misao, are you sad because you couldn't see your dad?
Misao: No! I'm fine, because I've got you here!

I'm Glad To Have A Mystic Force edit

Sasami: Professor Washu! Um, I have a favor to ask you.
Washu: Huh?
Sasami: I want you to figure out where Misao's dad is!
Washu: Oh, what a shame, Sasami. Today, only favors for Sammy are on the house. So, I'll only take favors from Sammy.
(Sasami transforms into Sammy)
Sammy: Please do me a favor!
Washu: Okay!

Washu: Got it, Sammy? If you leave things up to me, I can get all this information in the blink of an eye! (looks to find Sammy disappeared) Oh, what an impatient girl.

Sammy: We've been teleported! Ryo-Ohki, we're flying!
Ryo-Ohki: Well, we're definitely flying in the sky. But I get the feeling we're not nearly enough!
(Sammy and Ryo-Ohki fall to the ocean)

Sammy: My 43rd sincere try at Pretty Teleport!
(Sammy and Ryo-Ohki teleport to the sewers)
Ryo-Ohki: Why are we coming up from a place like this?
Sammy: It's my 43rd try, but I'm not getting any better at all! And I stink. This is the worst!
Ryo-Ohki: Sammy! Look out! Look out!
(Sammy and Ryo-Ohki dodge an incoming car)

The Third Magical Girl edit

Ramia: Rumiya...
Rumiya: What?! I-It's not what it looks like! This is just, uh, one of the thrilling phenomena typical on adolescent boys. It's really embarassing.
Ramia: It's over. My youth. My life. Tsunami... Tsunami became queen. I'm nothing more than a nameless pretty maid.
Rumiya: Sis. Aren't you over the shock of it all, yet? Well, I guess that's natural.

Ramia: Hey, Joe!
Rumiya: Huh?
Ramia: Fight! Fight! Hey, hey! Fight
(Ramia punches weakly at Rumiya's hand)
Rumiya: Your lightening-fast jab has been reduced to this... But your feelings about becoming queen are still smoldering.

Rumiya: Sis is turning back to a wild beast again.

Sasami: You're not tired, Misao?
Misao: No, I feel just fine.
Sasami: Boy, you really have recently changed, huh?
Misao: Yeah. I had no idea it was this much fun playing with everyone!
Sasami: We can play lots and lots from now on!
Misao: Uh-huh!

Sasami: And then...
(Ryo-Ohki falls into Sasami's lap)
Misao: Ryo-Ohki!
Ryo-Ohki: S-Sasami! I just got a special message from Juraihelm! Tsunami is... Tsunami is...
Sasami: What is it? Did something happen to Tsunami?
Ryo-Ohki: She's been officially named as the queen!
Sasami: What?!
Ryo-Ohki: The queen's inauguration ceremony will be held soon! And it's thanks to you!
Sasami: Tsunami is going to be the queen...
Misao: Isn't that great, Sasami?!
Ryo-Ohki: Thanks so much, Sasami!
Sasami: Come on, you're embarassing me!
Misao: I'd like to thank you, too.
Sasami: Huh? What for?
Misao: If it weren't for you... If it weren't for Sammy, I don't think I ever would have changed. The reason I'm having so much fun now, is because of you!
Sasami: Misao...
Misao: Let's keep on being good friends!
Sasami: Of course! I'll be your friend forever, Misao!
Misao: Thanks, Sammy.

Love Me Eimi: It's against school rules to stand on the hand railing!
Sammy: Gee, what do you expect?!

Goddess of Destruction edit

Love Me Eimi: Sammy! It's against the school rules to run away! It really is! You're in big trouble!

Misao: Ryo-Ohki, where did Sammy go?
Ryo-Ohki: I don't know. Pretty Teleport magic hasn't been perfected.
Misao: Huh?! Sasami...

Sammy: Oh! Dad!
Ginji: Welcome, Pretty Sammy!
Sammy: Hello. Sorry to drop in like this.
Ginji: And with your shoes still on, too!
Sammy: Uh, you see...! Well... Oh! What to do?! I'm sorry.
Honoka: Sammy, we're very happy that you dropped by but Sasami's still at school.
Sammy: No, uh, that's okay. (thinking) I've got a bad feeling.
Honoka: Please, eat up.
Sammy: (thinking) It's much bigger than normal.
Ginji: It's delicious, Sammy.
Honoka: Have as much as you like.
Sammy: Um, uh, I really do have to run...
Honoka: But it's my homemade cake! Won't you have some? So, won't you have any?
Ginji: It really is delicious, you know!
Honoka: Sammy!
Sammy: I'll have some! I'll have some cake, okay?!

Sammy: My stomach's gonna burst!
Misao: Sammy!
Sammy: Huh? Misao!
Misao: What were you doing at home?
Sammy: Please, don't ask.

Sammy: What is that?
Ginji: I know! It's a giant carpenter!
Honoka: Oh, Ginji! You're so right!
Sammy: I see! A giant carpenter!
(Misao and Ryo-Ohki grab Sammy by the shoulders)
Misao and Ryo-Ohki: No way on Earth!
Sammy: Uh, okay.

Ryo-Ohki: Looks like you've lost your chance to made an appearance.
Sammy: Yeah.
Misao: But I wonder who's wearing that costume?
Sammy: Dunno.

Mihoshi: Oh, my. I thought she'd be too embarassed to show her face.
Sammy: (embarassed) Anyway, count on Sammy when it comes to magical incidents! Magical Girl Pretty Sammy. I've arrived, despite my embarassment. (everyone excepts Kenji are embarassed) Uh, could you at least look at my official pose?
Love Me Eimi: No, thanks.
Hiroto: The whole world's in danger! What've you been doing, Sammy?!
Sammy: I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
Konoha: Don't tell us that you were just sitting around eating cake!
Sammy: Actually, that's exactly what I was doing.
Love Me Eimi: Fool.
Kenji: How adorable, Sammy!
Sammy: Gee, thanks.

(Sammy is looking for the device that controls Love Me Eimi)
Misao: Sammy...
Ryo-Ohki: Can't you see the antenna on her head?
Sammy: Oh, that!

Love Me Eimi: What?! This outfit... I've broken the school rules! (crying) Teacher! I can't remember a thing! It's not my fault! Oh, the biggest mistake of Eimi Date's life!
Hiroto: Eimi?
Mihoshi: You're not the class leader, are you?!
Love Me Eimi: (crying) Oh, please don't expel me from school!
Mihoshi: Well, now. What should I do?

Sammy: Who are you?
Oryo: Sorry to hide like that. I'm the magic secret guard from Juraihelm. They call me the Overly-Splendid Oryo.

Sammy: Magic secret guard?
Oryo: A magic secret guard is one of the people who works to protect the queen of Juraihelm.
Ryo-Ohki: For the queen? You mean Tsunami became the queen?
Oryo: Yes, Tsunami is my nest mistress. Take a look.
(Juraihelm grows bigger)
Sammy: The moon got bigger!
Ryo-Ohki: That's...
Oryo: Right. The magical kingdom of Juraihelm.
(Tsunami appears)
Sammy: Tsunami!
Ryo-Ohki: Mistress Tsunami! I mean, Queen!

The Moon Must Be Hell edit

Oryo: Is everyone alright?
Love Me Eimi: Gee, that's against school rules!

(The class learns that the earth is heading towards the sun)
Love Me Eimi: No way! I'd rather die than die in this outfit!
Mihoshi: Miss Date, your Japanese is terrible. You'd better start reading some books.
Sammy: Teacher, I don't really think this is the issue here.

Sammy: What'll we do, Oryo?
Kenji: At this rate, everyone's gonna be done in!
Oryo: First of all, I'll...
All: Shut up, Teacher!
Mihoshi: B-But the cat was talking!
Love Me Eimi: That's not what's important here!
Hiroto: That's right! Who cares about a talking cat when the Earth is headed for the sun?!
Mihoshi: Okay.

Ryo-Ohki: What? So you mean, even though Oryo went...
Rumiya: Yeah. As long as that thing's around, people in Juraihelm are helpless. Romio has conquered Jurailhelm. Sammy, you're the only one who can confront Romio!
Mihoshi: (screams) The cat and the bird...
All: Shut up, Teacher!
Mihoshi: Okay.

Oryo: Mistress Tsunami! Hang in there, Mistress Tsunami! Darn! Romio did this to you!
Romio: Yup, you got it!
(Romio appears and Oryo gets surprised)
Oryo: Romio! What've you done to Tsunami and the others?!
Romio: Well, I captured their magical powers.
Oryo: Captured?!
Romio: Yes, thanks to everyone, I fired the magical cannons.
Oryo: Why, you... Return the Earth and everyone here back to normal, now!
Romio: (laughs) No way.
Oryo: I'll teach you! (the NT System absorbs her powers) W-What? My powers...
Romio: You weak, delicate, weird maiden. You have no magic. You're a short-necked giraffe.
Oryo: What's that supposed to mean?
Romio: Not a thing.

Honoka: Here, Sammy! I always make one for Sasami's field trips. Go ahead!
Sammy: Thank you! I love your lunch boxes!

Misao: Be careful, Sammy.
Sammy: No problem! I'll whiz here! Boom! Fix the problem! And zoom! Whiz home! Okay? See ya.

Misao: Listen, Birdie. I have a favor to ask. You changed me into Pixy Misa, right?
Rumiya: I'm sorry. But I won't do it again!
Misao: No! Please, you gotta lend me the magical cane once more! Up until now, Sasami has always rescued me. So... This time I want to rescue Sasami.
Rumiya: But you might turn into Misa who doesn't embrace your feelings.
Misao: I'll be fine. I won't try to hide my weakness or jealousy anymore. I know I'm full of contradictions. But all things considered, I love myself and Misa. So I think I'll be fine. Please, Rumiya.
(Rumiya materializes the Pixy Misa baton)
Rumiya: Ready, Misao? The transformation incantation is...
Misao: I know. Because I am Misa.
Rumiya: Okay.

Pixy Misa: What's with that dejected expression, Rumiya?
Rumiya: Just wondering whether it was a good idea for you to transform!
Pixy Misa: Oh, there's positively nothing to worry about! Leave absolutely everything to me!
Rumiya: Yeah, sure. But how are you gonna get there? Even you can't make it into outer space!
Pixy Misa: Nothing to fret about! (in English) It's show time!

Rumiya: (after seeing the broadcast of the Endeavor) You're not...
(Pixy Misa grabs Rumiya by the neck)
Pixy Misa: (in English) Go to America!

Hiroto: A-Amano is Pixy Misa?!
Kenji: Boy, what a shocker that is!
Konoha: What on earth is with that girl? Running wild in that outfit and normally acting as a shy bimbo!
Kenji: She might have been forced to by someone. Just like Eimi.
Love Me Eimi: No! Don't call me that! Please!
(Hiroto runs screaming)

Operator: Report your status, Endeavor. Over.
Pixy Misa: All systems A-Okay! Green lights all the way! Things are super-duper! Over!
Operator: Who is this?!
Operator 2: We're in trouble!
Operator: What's wrong?!
Operator 2: The Endeavor staff were locked into a warehouse!
Operator: What?! Endeavor! Endeavor! Who's up there, Endeavor?!
Pixy Misa: Why of course, the fighter for justice, Magical Girl Pixy MI-OW!
(Pixy Misa bangs her head when standing)
Operator: Pixy Meow?! What's that?! Pixy Meow?!
Pixy Misa: I'm coming to help you! Just hang on and wait for me, Pretty Sammy!!

New Technology edit

Sammy: Ryo-Ohki, what does that...
(Sammy finds Ryo-Ohki in his true form and screams)
Ryo-Ohki: WH-WHAT?!
Sammy: Who... Who the heck are you?
Ryo-Ohki: What are you talking about? It's me, Ryo-Ohki!
Sammy: Ryo-Ohki?
Ryo-Ohki: Oh, yeah! You've never seen me like this before. This is what I really look like.
Sammy: No way.
Ryo-Ohki: It's true, I tell you!
Sammy: Then who did I used to kiss good night?
Ryo-Ohki: Me.
Sammy: Then who scoffed my cake and ate it behind my back?
Ryo-Ohki: Might have been me.
Sammy: And who came in the bathtub with me?
Ryo-Ohki: Uh, was that me?
Sammy: Gee Whiz! (whacks Ryo-Ohki)
Ryo-Ohki: That's mean, Sammy!
Sammy: But I didn't know that you weren't really a cat!
Ryo-Ohki: I had to, or else your family wouldn't have taken me in!
Sammy: Yeah, that might be, but still...
Ryo-Ohki: If a boy suddenly lives here, the neighbors would be shocked.

Pixy Misa: (singing) I am a pretty magical girl! I'm the magical girl who's gonna save Sammy! And they call me... and they call me... Pixy Misa!
Rumiya: Uh, Misa, could you be a little more serious here?
Pixy Misa: Don't worry, Rumiya! Now that I'm here, the problems will be perfectly solved!
(Rumiya falls in shock)

Rumiya: We're under attack!
Pixy Misa: Okay! Hard to starboard! (beams attack the ship) Huh? In that case, hard to port! (turns right but the beams attacks) Oh, boy. I think we're in for it.
Rumiya: You were too relaxed! That's why we're in this mess!

Ryo-Ohki: There's a stairway over here. Let's go.
Sammy: Sure, Ryo.
Ryo-Ohki: "Ryo"? What gives? You always call me "Ryo-Ohki".
Sammy: Uh, it's nothing! (laughs sarcastically) It just didn't feel right, that's all.
Ryo-Ohki: Snap to it, Sammy! There could be enemies nearby. (Sammy slaps him) Hey, what are you hitting me for?!
Sammy: Because! Just because!
Ryo-Ohki: I don't get it...

Ryo-Ohki: Mistress Tsunami! Are you okay?
(Ryo-Ohki turns over Tsunami to find a scary face. He and Sammy scream in fear)
Tsunami: Did I scare you?
Ryo-Ohki and Sammy: Quit fooling around at a time like this!

Pixy Misa: Oh my! If it isn't the dangerous teacher over there!
Washu: Pixy Misa! What're you doing here?!
Pixy Misa: Of course I'm here because I came to save Sammy! That's why!

Ginji: Are you okay?
(Ginji pulls Pixy Misa from the ground)
Pixy Misa: Thank you, Sasami's daddy-o! Speaking of which, where is Sammy?
Ginji: Anyway, we got separated from her on the way here.
Pixy Misa: Oh, my. That's a bad situation.
Washu: This is good timing. Here, give this to Sammy, okay?
Pixy Misa: What? What is this thing?
Washu: My NT System!

Sasami: What?!
Pixy Misa: Sorry to keep you, Sasami!
(Romio gets shocked. Oryo smiles)
Tsunami: (confusion) Oh?

Rumiya: Very nice.
Pixy Misa: Long time, hey, Sasami?
Ryo-Ohki: Pixy Misa!
Sasami: Which means Misao... How come?!
Pixy Misa: To help out a friend in trouble, why else?
Sasami: Misao! No, Misa. Thank you. (Pixy Misa holds Sasami's hands) Anyway, who's that guy?
Pixy Misa: Oh, that's Rumiya! We're just friends.
Rumiya: Couldn't you rephrase that to something a little kinder?
(Pixy Misa pushes Rumiya)
Pixy Misa: Forget that little sissy bug. Here's a present for you, Sammy!
Sasami: What's this?
Pixy Misa: (in English) Message start!
Washu: Listen up, Sammy! That's the NT System. I, genius that I am, researched and researched Sammy's magic, input the data, and developed this magic absorption system.
Sasami: Absorption? But there is no magic here anymore.
Washu: You're gonna attract it here! Forget it, just stick my NT System attachment on your baton!
Sasami: Y-Yes!
(Sasami puts the NT System into her baton)
Washu: The magic words are "Magical Sign!"

Ryo-Ohki: It's happening again! The magic's being absorbed!
Rumiya: No problem!
Pixy Misa: Sammy, press the NT switch on your attachment.
Sammy: Huh? Okay.
(A force field appears to Sammy, Pixy Misa, Ryo-Ohki and Rumiya)
Ryo-Ohki: What the heck?!
Pixy Misa: Professor Washu made it to protect against the NT system. It's an M field.
Rumiya: It's an anti-NT System barrier!
Sammy: Unreal!
(Tsunami and Oryo's powers get absorbed)
Pixy Misa: Sorry! I feel so bad!
Oryo: Forget it, just hurry to the Autumn Hall, where Romio is!
Sammy: Right! Ryo-Ohki, can you move?
Ryo-Ohki: Sure, I can.
Sammy: And you, Misa?
Pixy Misa: Of course! I'm okay! Follow me, Rumiya, or I'll beat you up!
Rumiya: Gee, she could at least be a little more gentle with me... Hey! Wait for me!

Magical Victory edit

Pixy Misa: You idiot! How could you fall for such a big joke?!
Romio: Very impressive, Magical Girl Pixy Misa. You saw through my little white lie.
Sammy: That's mean! You tricked me!
Ryo-Ohki and Rumiya: That's your fault.

Pixy Misa: There's no time to listen to your excuses!
(Pixy Misa gets electrocuted by the force field)
Rumiya: Misa!
Sammy: That's...
Ryo-Ohki: An M Field?

Pixy Misa: Leave her to me! You go bust that system, Sammy!
Sammy: Thanks, Misa!
Pixy Misa: Impatient girl...

Rumiya: You won't destroy the Earth!
Romio: What are you opposing for?! You're not even a human!
Rumiya: Because there's a girl I love living on that planet!
(Rumiya blushes)
Pixy Misa: Oh, Rumiya... how bold. Hey?! Hey?! Hey?!

Sammy: Which way, Ryo-Ohki?
Ryo-Ohki: Maybe this way!
Ramia: No, no, no!
(Sammy slips)
Ryo-Ohki: Mistress Ramia!
Ramia: Sammy! Romio's strange switch is up ahead!
Ryo-Ohki: Hang on!
Sammy: Thanks, lady!
Ramia: "Thanks", she said. Sammy doesn't have a clue of what's been going on all along. (enraged) Romio! Just see what happens when you make me angry! I'm definitely, definitely gonna make you bawl!

Pixy Misa: Pixy Lovely Fire!
Romio: Give it up. It won't work.
(Romio launches the attack back to Pixy Misa and Rumiya)
Rumiya: Sammy! Hurry and do your stuff!
Romio: Can she really do that? "Put something away for a rainy day." I've built a device for the NT System. There's no way the magical girl can destroy it.
Pixy Misa: That's not twue! Sammy can be bery dangerous when she wants!
(Pixy Misa faints)

Sammy: Are you okay, Misa?
Pixy Misa: I may or may not be affected by this.
Rumiya: Thanks, Sammy! Now everyone can use their magic!

Sammy: But we've made it this far! I won't give up! I'm not giving up! I'll never give up!
Pixy Misa: Course you won't, Sammy!
Sammy and Pixy Misa: Magical girls never give up!

Sammy: We're definitely gonna stop that thing!
Pixy Misa: We'll show you the powers of a magical girl! Whoah! It's huge!
Sammy: Feels like we're up against something invincible...
Romio: Magical cannon, fire!
Pixy Misa: Here it comes, Sammy!
Sammy: Right!

(Pixy Misa and Sammy survive the blast)
Romio: That can't be! That can't possibly be!
Sammy: Everyone lent us their strength.
Pixy Misa: They prayed for us.
(Everyone prays for Pixy Misa and Sammy)
Sammy: I can see you all.
Pixy Misa: Everyone's wishing...
(Pixy Misa and Sammy grab Sammy's baton)
Pixy Misa and Sammy: ...for peace in the universe!
(The lights appear from Earth and Juraihelm)
Romio: What's that light?
Pixy Misa and Sammy: The light of everyone's hearts!

Romio: I won't stand by this! The Earth is tainted by evil!
Ryo-Ohki: Sammy!
Ramia: (angry) Romio! I'll make you bawl! No matter what!
Romio: Why are you coming this way?
Ramia: Get ready! (grabs Romio) Gotcha!
(Ramia tosses Romio to the sky)
Ryo-Ohki and Rumiya: Hooray!

Sammy: Pretty...
Pixy Misa: Sexy...
Pixy Misa and Sammy: Final Coquettish Bomber!

Misao: Sasami! Sasami!
Sasami: M-Misao...
Misao: You came to. I'm so glad.
Sasami: What's happened to us?
Misao: Looks like a magical recoil sent us into outer space. The M Field is still working but the energy's running out.
Sasami: I'm sorry, Misao. You came to help me, and this is what ended up happening.
Misao: You musn't apologize. I'm happy I could be a help to everyone.
Sasami: Yeah, so am I.
Misao: I'm happy just being with you.
Sasami: But now you'll never realize your dream of becoming a pianist.
Misao: No, that's not true. Sasami, I have a favor to ask. Would you listen to my very first performance?
Sasami: Sure!

Sasami: R-Ryo-Ohki?
Ryo-Ohki: Sasami?
Sasami: Ryo-Ohki!
Misao: Rumiya!
Rumiya: Misao!
(Ramia pats Rumiya on the head)
Sasami: Tsunami! What happened to everyone? What about Earth?
Tsunami: See for yourself.

(Rumiya is too shy to say goodbye to Misao)
Ramia: Out with it!
(Ramia pushes Rumiya to Misao and Rumiya kisses Misao in the cheeks)
Rumiya: (embarassed) Sis!

(Sasami's classmates have discovered that Sasami is Sammy)
Hiroto: Sasami and Sammy sound alike.
Konoha: Your hair and faces are identical!
Students: And your personalities, too!
Kenji: I knew all along, of course!
Students: We thought we were supposed to keep quiet about it!
Love Me Eimi: Kawai! Use your magic to turn me back to normal!
Misao: Your secret's out, Sasami.

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