Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Japanese anime television series

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (2004–2007) is a magical girl anime series produced by Seven Arcs and loosely based on the Triangle Heart series of games.

Season 1 (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha)


Is This What You Call a Mysterious Encounter? [1.1]

The first episode of the series introduces Nanoha and shows how her powers were first awakened.
Nanoha Takamachi: Under this great big sky, there are thousands, no, tens of thousands of people. All kinds of people with all sorts of wishes and feelings hiding inside. Sometimes, a person's emotions can touch and clash with someone else's. And there's people whose feelings can bond with another so perfectly, they can talk without saying a word. Well, this is a story about people like that, and what happens when they eventually meet. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha is about to start!

Nanoha: I am the one who has been given a mission. Under the contract, release those powers unto me. Winds to the sky, stars to the heavens, and the unyielding soul to this heart! Magic to these hands! Raising Heart, set up!
Raising Heart: Stand by, ready. Set up.

My Magical Incantation is Lyrical? [1.2]

In this episode, Nanoha learns of the Jewel Seeds and starts trying to find and seal them.
Nanoha Takamachi: What'll you do when your powers come back?
Yuuno Scrya: I'll continue searching for the Jewel Seeds... alone.
Nanoha: I can't let you do that.

Nanoha: The way I see it, if someone needs your help and you have the power to help them out, there shouldn't be a doubt as to what you should do.

The Town's in a Lot of Danger? [1.3]

A Jewel Seed causes a city-wide catastrophe in Nanoha's home of Uminari City.
Raising Heart: Area search.
Nanoha Takamachi: Lyrical, magical! Search for the root of this terrible misfortune!

Nanoha: Now I can seal it away!
Yuuno Scrya: It's impossible from here, you have to get closer!
Nanoha: It's all right, I can do it! We can do it, can't we, Raising Heart?
Raising Heart: Shooting Mode. Set up.

Nanoha: (voiceover) That was my first mistake since becoming a mage. It doesn't feel too good when you realize that you're the reason for someone else's suffering. And when I decided to help Yuuno, I knew that, or I thought I did... From now on, I'll do better than my best. I'll give it everything I've got. This isn't just for Yuuno anymore, this is my decision, my choice. I'll collect every last one of those Jewel Seeds. I'll make sure that something like this never happens again.

This is a Town of Hot Water, Uminari Hot Springs! [1.5]

Even while going to a hot spring to relax, Nanoha worries about the Jewel Seeds and the mysterious girl she met.
Yuuno Scrya: Nanoha, go after the girl!
Arf: Do you really think I'd let that happen?!
Yuuno: I'll make sure it happens!

Feelings That Can't Be Understood? [1.6]

Nanoha's friends start to notice her preoccupation with Fate and with her activities as a magical girl.
Arisa Bannings: It just irritates me! It's obvious that she's worried about something. And it's obvious that she's trying to decide on something and that she's in trouble! But no matter how much we ask her, or offer to help with it, she won't tell us anything. She's lying straight to our faces about everything!
Suzuka Tsukimura: No matter how good a friend we are, there are some things that we just can't tell each other.

Is This a Third Magician? [1.7]

Amidst Fate and Nanoha's continuing fight for the Jewel Seeds, a third group arrives.
Nanoha Takamachi: Wait a minute... All I want to do is talk to you for a bit, Fate. I have an idea though. I'm not some spoiled kid, so if you wanna fight, let's fight. But if I win... Will you talk to me?

There's a Really Big Crisis? [1.8]

Nanoha meets with the Time-Space Administration Bureau and learns the full details of the situation.
Lindy Harlaown: On rare occasions, worlds are born that evolve too much, too quickly. When the pressure of that evolution becomes too great, they tend to destroy themselves through technology and science.

The Decisive Battle Above the Ocean [1.9]

The last of the Jewel Seeds are sealed away by Nanoha and Fate working together.
Yuuno Scrya: (stopping Arf) Hold it right there! We're not here to fight with you, we're here to help her!
Chrono Harlaown: Are you insane?! What do you think you're doing?!
Nanoha Takamachi: I'm really, really sorry about disobeying your orders... but I can't leave her alone like this!

Nanoha: (silently) Someone to share my feelings... Someone with whom I can split the loneliness and sadness in half... That's it. Now I understand what I want. I want to share my feelings with this girl. (out loud to Fate) All I want... is to be friends.

Memories That Lie Beyond Time [1.11]

Fate and Nanoha battle for the last time.
Nanoha Takamachi: Try this one. It's a variation of my Divine Buster!
Raising Heart: Starlight Breaker.
Nanoha: Now with greatest power! Starlight... Breaker!!

The Time of the Sealing of our Fates [1.12]

The Time-Space Administration, aided by Nanoha, advances to the final battle against Precia Testarossa.
Chrono Harlaown: You can choose whether or not you want to run away from reality, or you can face it head on like everyone else who's ever suffered!

Nanoha Takamachi: Chrono-kun, what’s going to happen to Fate-chan now?
Chrono Harlaown: Even under the circumstances, she can’t deny that she was an accomplice in the dimensional interference. It’s because this is a felony. Normally, the punishment for this would be imprisonment for a couple hundred years…
Nanoha Takamachi: No way!
Chrono Harlaown: However! The situation is unique this time, and it’s clear that she didn’t willingly participate in the crime. All that’s really left is getting the higher-ups to understand. But I’m confident in my ability to do that, so don’t worry. The Time-Space Administration Bureau isn’t so cold as to question a girl who unknowingly committed a sin when she was simply trying to fulfill her mother’s wish
Nanoha Takamachi: Chrono-kun, are you really a nice person underneath everything?
Chrono Harlaown: (blushes) A-as a government official, it’s only natural to make such a remark! It’s not like I’m voicing my own opinion!
Nanoha Takamachi: You don’t have to be so embarrassed about it
Chrono Harlaown: I’m not being embarrassed about anything! What?! Don’t laugh!

Season 2 (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's)


The Beginning Comes Suddenly [2.1]

Six months after the first season, Nanoha is living peacefully when she is suddenly attacked.
Nanoha Takamachi: Lyrical, magical! Glimmers to be blessings, come into my hands. Ring and echo under the guidance. Divine Shooter... Shoot!

Nanoha Takamachi: Listen to me...
Raising Heart: Divine...
Nanoha: To what I have to say!
Raising Heart: Buster.

With the Broken Past and Present [2.7]

Fate, Nanoha, and Amy keep an eye on the Wolkenritter while the senior members of the TSAB are back at headquarters.
Amy Limiette: Oh well, I'm sure there won't be that many emergencies going on while they're gone. (sirens sound)

Vita: Hey you! Nano-something or other!
Nanoha Takamachi: It's me, Nanoha! Na-no-ha!

Christmas Eve [2.9]

The master of the Book of Darkness is finally revealed to Nanoha and Fate, and the final battle begins.
Vita: You demon...
Nanoha Takamachi: So I'll be... a demon. (activates Raising Heart) Maybe I am a little demonic. But you're going to listen whether you like it or not!

Destiny [2.10]

The newly awakened Book of Darkness mercilessly attacks Nanoha and Fate while Chrono reveals the mastermind behind the entire incident.
Aria Lieze: Chrono, look, it's not too late just yet! Set us free while we still have time. The only time we can freeze the Book of Darkness is within a few minutes after it goes out of control!
Chrono Harlaown: But until that point is reached, the owner of the Book is not yet considered some criminal who needs to be sealed away forever. That would be illegal.
Lotte Lieze: And because of that...! Because of that law, that tragedy has been repeated over and over again! That's why Clyde was... That's why your own father had to go away and-
Graham: That's enough.
Chrono: The law aside, there is a problem with your plan. First of all, the removal of the freeze would not be that hard. No matter where you hide it or how well you protect it, someone will try to find it, and try to use it. Anger and sadness, greed and desire, those are the kinds of wishes that can lead one to the sealed power.

A Gift For Christmas Eve [2.11]

Nanoha continues to fight the Book of Darkness, now in hopes of rescuing Fate.
Nanoha Takamachi: (addressing the Book of Darkness) Nothing is forever. It can't be. 'Cause everyone changes. Whether they want to or not, they need to change. Myself... Even you!

Book of Darkness: Just drift off to sleep, and you can live happy in that world for the rest of forever. A lovely, warm, never-ending dream.
Hayate Yagami: I can't. Because that's only a dream.

Night's End, Journey's End [2.12]

The battle against the Book of Darkness comes to its final conclusion.
Crono Harlaown: We can never change the past. What's done... is done! That's why I'm going to fight now, and change the future!

Nanoha Takamachi: All right, here we go, Fate, and Hayate! (those two nod) Now with greatest power! Starlight...
Fate Testarossa: Sudden lightning! Plasma Zanbar...
Hayate Yagami: I'm sorry... and good night. Echo, whistle of lasting closure! Ragnarok...
All three together: Breaker!

Season 3 (Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS)


A Wish for the Pair [3.8]

What was supposed to be a simple training battle causes chaos amidst the members of the Sixth Mobile Division.
Nanoha Takamachi: I wasn’t at the scene but Vice-captain Vita has already scolded you. So I think you’ve already reflected on your mistake. I won’t scold you a second time. But Teana, I think you try too hard every now and then. It’s becoming a bit of a problem. You have to remember that you aren’t fighting alone. Our position in combat has us surrounded by allies. That’s why you made your mistake today. Think about it carefully and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Nanoha Takamachi: It’s strange. You two, what happened to you? I know you’re trying your best, but a mock battle isn’t a brawl. If you’re just pretending to listen during practice and then being this dangerous during the real thing, then training has no meaning, does it? Let’s do it properly, like we do in practice. My training… is it really that wrong?
Tiana Lanster: (crying, screaming) I just don't want anyone to get hurt anymore! I don't want to lose anything anymore! That's why I want to get stronger!
Nanoha: Why don't you cool your head a bit?

An Important Experience [3.09]

After the chaotic mock battle of the previous day, the forwards learn why Nanoha has been training them with restraint.
Signum: (To Teana) There are battles that must not be lost even if it means being reckless or risking your life. However, that time you missed your shot, was it a situation where you had to shoot even if you risked the safety or life of your comrade? Using a move like that in training, just whose sake was that for? What was it for?
Shario Finenio: Nanoha-san doesn’t want any of you to go through what she did. So that you don’t have to push yourself and to be absolutely, positively sure that you come back safe and sound, she has been training you with care, thinking about your safety the entire time.

Reason for Living [3.13]

The real reason for Section 6's founding is revealed, as the division attempts to identify their enemies and care for Vivio.
Hayate Yagami: (seeing a crying Vivio latching on to Nanoha) I guess there are some opponents even the Ace of Aces can’t defeat.

Fate Testarossa-Harlaown: How have you been, brother?
Chrono Harlaown: (embarrassed) Don’t say that. We’re both adults now.
Fate Testarossa-Harlaown: That has nothing to do with us being brother and sister, Chrono.

Hayate Yagami: To me, you’re the people who saved my life and my beloved friends. I don’t know what will happen to Section Six, but…
Fate Testarossa-Harlown: You already told us that when we joined. Both Nanoha and I chose to be here knowing that. It’s okay.
Nanoha Takamachi: Besides, getting me into the instructors’ squad and setting up Fate-chan’s examinations were things you and your whole family was instrumental in
Fate Testarossa-Harlown: So now we need to help you achieve your dreams.
Hayate Takamachi: That’s no good, we’ll keep helping each other forever.
Fate Testarossa-Harlown: That’s what friends are for.
Nanoha Takamachi: (salutes) Commander Yagami, I don’t think that you’re doing anything wrong right now.
Fate Testarossa-Harlown: (salutes) So it’s okay. Give us your orders like always with pride in your heart.

Mothers&Children [3.14]

The Forwards go out with the captains while they discuss dealing with the prophecy and the potential threat of Lieutenant General Regius's proposed inspection.
Verossa Acous: (on Hayate) Rare skills, powerful magic, strong power and the authority to have other people serve her; having that power implies a degree of isolation. That’s what I think. Of course, she’ll be needed. She’ll be relied on. But not as a person, it’ll be the power she possesses being relied on. (pause) Of course, that’s an extreme case. It’s not actually like that.
Teana Lanster: Yes, I see. “Pressure and loneliness come with power.”
Verossa Acous: Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, well, I’m sure that a lot of things will happen between the commander and the front line members, but I’d like you to treat her not just as a superior, but as a person, another girl. Not just Hayate but the captains, too.
Teana Lanster: (salutes) Roger. The frontline members will do the best they can.

Sisters & Daughters [3.15]


That Day, Section Six (Part 1) [3.16]


Tre: Sette, this is your first battle.
Sette: There is no need for worry. I was not born late for no reason. Inherent Skill activate. Slaughter Arms
Tre: Ride Impulse
Both: Action

That Day, Section Six (Part 2) [3.17]

Teana Lanster:
Subaru Nakajima:
Teana Lanster:
Subaru Nakajima: Gin. Gin. Gin!

Subaru Nakajima: (crying, screaming) Give her back! Give Gin back!
Subaru Nakajima: : (screaming) Get out of my way!
Cinque Nakajima: Nove, Wendi, your sister will suppress her; retreat from here.
Wendi Nakajima: Roger.
Nove Nakajima: Damn it. Is her IS a contact weapon?
Wendi Nakajima: IS: Aerial Rave. Let‘s go, Nove.
Nove Nakajima: But, Cinque will be left alone
Cinque Nakajima: Do not worry about it, Nove. Your sister can fight without any contact.
Subaru Nakajima: (crying, screaming) Don’t get in my way!
Nove Nakajima: Sein! Sein! Hurry up and give Cinque a hand!
Sein: I understand, I’ll head over there right now. Leave it up to your sister.
Subaru Nakajima: Gin!
Cinque Nakajima: You shall not pass!
Mach Caliber: Protection.
Subaru Nakajima: (crying, screaming) Give her back. Give back Gin-nee!
Sein: Sein has arrived.
Cinque Nakajima: You saved me.

Wings, Once Again [3.18]


Cradle [3.19]


Infinite Greed [3.20]


Decisive Battle [3.21]


Pain to Pain [3.22]

Scaglietti's forces gain the upper hand over the forces of Section Six, and the battle starts to look hopeless.
Quattro: (thinks to herself) A weak life that can’t do anything is no different than an insect’s. No matter how many you kill, more will keep being born. Playing with them and abusing them, throwing them into a cage and watchng them suffer, it’s so much fun! Right?

Lutecia Alpine: Zest will be gone soon. Agito will go somewhere too, I’m sure. But when this festival is over, Doctor, Uno and the others will look for XI for me. Then my mom will come back. Then I won’t be unhappy anymore.
Caro Ru Lusie: That’s not true!
Lutecia Alpine : I don’t like talking to you.
Caro Ru Lusie: If you want to be happy, then no matter how unhappy you are, you can’t make others unhappy or hurt them! If you do that, you won’t find what you want, especially happiness!

Quattro watching Caro’s Facing Lutecia, Erio’s standing against Garyu, Fate trapped inside Thread Cage, Teana’s facing Nove, Wendi, and Deed, Ginga defeats Subaru, Vita is defeated and Hayate is standing against The Saint’s Cradle.

Stars Strike [3.23]

Raising Heart: Master.
Nanoha Takamachi: I’m fine. Maintain Blaster 1. We need to hurry, Raising Heart.
Raising Heart: Alright.
Quattro: (laughing) What? I heard the name "Blaster System" and I thought it was some high-tech awesomeness, but that’s just stupid. Hey, Your Majesty? Your mom’s a dumbass.
Quattro: Welcome. We’ve been waiting. Thanks for coming all this way, even though it was totally pointless. Now then, your companions are being beaten all over Mid-Childa.
Nanoha: (facing quattro) You’re under arrest for large-scale disturbance of the peace! You will cease and disarm immediately.
Quattro: Your Friends are all in danger, your kid’s in trouble, and you’re still all like "work, work, work." That almost demonic sense of justice... how nice.
Nanoha uses the Rasing Heart to Shoot Quattro, but Quattro uses Silver Curtain and she disappears.
Quattro: But... I wonder if you can still stay calm.
Nanoha: Vivio?
Quattro: (laughing) Let me tell you something interesting. It was this girl who destroyed the transport truck and the gadgets when she was still asleep in her case. And that attack of Dieci’s that took everything you had to block? If she had been hit by it, it wouldn’t have slowed her for a second. That’s the unique skill of the ancient Belkan Royal Family... the Saint’s Armor. The ultimate bio-weapon, which regains it’s full power via unison with the Relics, that the ancient Belkan Royalty created by altering their own bodies. Her power as a Relic Weapon...
Vivio: Mama!
Nanoha: Vivio!
Vivio: (crying, screaming) Mama! No! Mama!
Nanoha: Vivio! Vivio!
Quattro: Our King will be complete soon; with the power of the Relic added to hers, she will be invincible. The ultimate warrior....
Vivio: (screaming) Mama!
Nanoha: (screaming) Vivio!
Vivio: (sobs) Mama...
Quattro: Oh my, Your Highness... Stop crying... Your mother wants you to save her. The scary demon who kidnapped her is right in front of you. Let’s kick the crap out of her and get your real mother back. You have the power to do that now. Release that power you maintain in your heart and emotions...
Nanoha: Vivio!
Vivio: You took my mama somewhere.
Nanoha: Vivio, no, it’s me! It’s Mama Nanoha!
Vivio: (gasps) No! Liar! You aren’t my mama! (crying, screaming) Give me back my mama!
Nanoha: Vivio!
Quattro: (chuckles) If you can stop her you might to be able to stop the Cradle.
Nanoha: Raising Heart...
Raising Heart: W.A.S. Full Driving.
Quattro: Now then, kill each other like a good mother and daughter.
Vivio: (crying, screaming) Give me back my mama!
Nanoha: Booster Limit 2!

The battles of the Stars team, Subaru and Tia, begin to turn in their favor as Nanoha finally reaches the kidnapped Vivio, only to be attacked by her.
Mach Caliber: You taught me the reason for my being here, my strength and power which you adore so much. Don’t make everything a lie.
Subaru Nakajima: (in a flashback) When a war or a disaster or something bad happens, I want to be able to save people who are sad, in pain, and shouting “Save me!” To take them straight to somewhere safe by my own power. (thinking in the present) To be honest, I’m always scared and uneasy about fighting, about hurting someone, my hands still shake. But this power in my hands isn’t to destroy, it’s to protect. The power to break through a sad reality.

Lightning [3.24]

The battle of the Lightning team, Erio and Caro, against the summoner Lutecia turns in their favor, as Fate finally overcomes the mastermind behind the entire incident.
Erio Mondial: Fate isn't wrong about anything.
Caro Ru Lusie: If she's in doubt, then we will be right there by her side. If she's in trouble, we'll be right there to save her.
Erio: If she, for some reason, is wrong, we'll be there to scold her and then return back to her. We, all of us are here for her.
Caro: So, don't lose. Don't hesitate.
Together: Fight!

Fate Testarossa: Sorry, and thank you, Erio, Caro. There’s nothing to doubt, right? Because I was weak, I was hesitating and worrying. I will probably always repeat this. That’s fine. Because all of that makes me.

Teana Lanster: I don’t know what you’ve been through, but if you recognize your crimes and seek asylum, I think you’ll be allowed a fresh start.
Nove: There’s no way that’ll happen. We’re combat cyborgs. There’s no way of life to us other than just fighting and winning! (Deed tries to get up but Vice hits her in the head with a perfectly aimed sniper bullet, knocking her out. Teana advances on Nove and holds her dagger to her throat)
Teana: Even weapons that exist only for fighting can laugh and live kindly. (Cut to Subaru holding Ginga in her arms) You may have been born a combat cyborg, but I know a girl who’s more human than anyone, who’s stupidly kind and tries her best.

Quattro: (hearing of her sisters’ defeat) They’re all complete losers. Well, it’ll all work out if I’m around? Right, Doctor?

Final Limit [3.25]

The final battles wind down to their conclusions on the Saint's Cradle.
Vita: If I don't destroy it, it'll hurt everybody! I won't be able to protect Hayate and Nanoha! If I can't break through that shielding, there's no point! So then, Eisen! Break through it!

Raising Heart: Wide Area Search successful. Coordinates are specific. Distance calculated.
Nanoha Takamachi: Found you!
Quattro: Area search? No way! She's been looking for me this whole time? But this is the deepest part of the Cradle. Nobody could make it all the way down here... (glances at readout, eyes widen) She's going to just blast through the walls? Oh Dear Mother of God!
Raising Heart: Clearance confirmation. Firing lock is cancelled.
Nanoha: Blaster Three! Divine... Buster!

Vivio: All my sadness, my pain, they were fake, created things. I can't be allowed to live!
Nanoha Takamachi: You're wrong. No matter how you were born, the Vivio that's there crying is not a fake or something that was merely created. She's the spoiled girl who cries all the time and can't even get up on her own when she trips. The girl who hates her green peppers, the girl who pats me on the head when I'm lonely... My beloved Vivio. I'm not your real mama, but I'm going to try my best to be. So don't say that you can't be allowed to live. Tell me your true feelings.
Vivio: I... Nanoha-mama... I love you! I want to be with you forever! Mama... Save me!
Nanoha: I will. Whenever, no matter what happens!
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