2004 Japanese anime television series

Madlax is a 2004 anime series produced by Bee Train animation studio and directed by Kōichi Mashimo. It consists of 26 episodes. The story is set in 2011 and revolves around two girls: Margaret Burton, a high school student living in the fictional European country Nafrece, and Madlax, a supernaturally skilled mercenary fighting a civil war in the fictional Asian country of Gazth-Sonika. Throughout the series, both heroines are targeted by the worldwide criminal organization Enfant and have to investigate their mystical connection to each other, as well as their involvement in the outbreak of the Gazth-Sonikan war.

The series was translated to English by ADV Films.

Season 1


Non-Existent ~none~ [1.05]

Elenore Baker [VO in the next episode preview]: Even if you don't have any memory of me, this feeling won't change. That's true loyalty. A willingness to die.

Lost Will ~close~ [1.12]

Madlax: Vanessa Rene, you're the princess. And... I'm the prince.

Gun Rhyme ~moment~ [1.16]

[Madlax and Vanessa are captured and disarmed by Enfant's agents]
Enfant agent [about Madlax's gun]: A P-210, eh? Looks like you've been using it a long time. How many people have you killed?
Madlax: I don't keep count.
Enfant agent: No, I don't imagine so.
Madlax: I'll add you to the list. Eventually.
Enfant agent: That's not going to happen. [shoots them both with tranquilizer]

Double Separation ~duo~ [1.18]

Limelda Jorg: I am not shrewd enough to live my life in a false war.
  • In original Japanese, Limelda says "reality" (現実 genjitsu), rather than "war".

Voice actors

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