Madeline (film)

1998 film by Daisy von Scherler Mayer

Madeline is a 1998 American/French family comedy film.

Logo: TriStar Pictures



[From the Trailer]

Madeline: Hello, Lord Cucuface!
Lord Covington: What did you call me?

[Helene and Miss Clavel are playing cards late at night, unbeknownst to them the girls are sneaking in the kitchen]

Helene: Give me a Jack!
Miss Clavel: [unfazingly] Go fish.

[Helene takes a card from the pile while eyeing Miss Clavel suspiciously.]

Lady Covington: When I was 9, on the baseboard in the dortoir, I carved my name.
Madeline: You carved "Lady Covington"?
Lady Covington: [chuckles] No. No, my name was Marie Gilbert. [Whispers] Marie Gilbert. See if it's still there.
Madeline: Marie Gilbert.
Lord Covington: Who gave you permission to be in here?
Madeline: Nobody, Lord, um, Covington.
Lord Covington: [to Madeline] This is a hospital. It's not a playroom.




  • Hatty Jones - Madeline
  • Rachel Dennis - Lucinda
  • Eloise Eonnet - Sylvette
  • Clare Thomas - Agatha
  • Morgane Farcat - Marie-Odile
  • Bianca Shrohmann - Victoria
  • Alix Ponchon - Lolo
  • Emilie Jessula - Elizabeth