Mad Love (1935 film)

1935 film by Karl Freund

Mad Love is a 1935 film about an insane surgeon's obsession with an actress which leads him to replace her husband's hands with the hands of a knife murderer which still have the urge to throw knives.

Directed by Karl Freund. Written by John L. Balderston and Guy Endore, based on the story Les Mains d'Orlac (The Hands of Orlac) by Maurice Renard.
Dead hands that live... and love... and kill!  (taglines)


Doctor Gogol: To be near you like this is more happiness than I've ever known.
Yvonne Orlac: But Dr. Gogol, quite frankly, I asked you here to come here to talk about Stephen, and you must tell me the truth. Will he ever be able to play again? I mean, as he used to play?
Doctor Gogol: Her thoughts are only for him!
Yvonne Orlac: He's my husband and I love him.
Doctor Gogol: Is there no room in your heart, even pity for a man who has never known the love of a woman but - but who has worshiped you since the day he first walked by that absurd little theater...
Yvonne Orlac: Dr. Gogol, please.
Doctor Gogol: Oh, I can't be silent any longer! You are a woman, you must have known!
Yvonne Orlac: Yes, yes, I knew of your feelings for me. I traded on them. And since you saved Stephen I feel deeper friendship for you than for anyone, but I can give you nothing else in return.
Doctor Gogol: Nothing!
Yvonne Orlac: Nothing. Even if I didn't love him, there's something about you that...
Doctor Gogol: Repulses you.
Yvonne Orlac: Frightens me.
Doctor Gogol: You are cruel! But only to be kind.
Yvonne Orlac: Oh, thank you for trying to understand.


  • A new, a strange, a gifted personality comes to the screen!
  • His love was pitiful...hopeless...madness...yet "The Thing" tired of pity - and demanded love!
  • A new, a strange, a gifted personality comes to the screen!


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