MacKenzie Porter

Canadian actress, singer and musician

MacKenzie Lea Porter (born January 29, 1990) is a Canadian actress and musician.


  • I do like social medias because of the instant feedback and interaction. I try to keep fans up to date with what I’m doing and try to show them who I am and what I’m passionate about. I also follow a lot of artists myself because I like learning more about the people I respect.
  • For me, music is like this release of “oh, I’ve gone through this sad situation and I can write about it and it’s a healing process”, and acting for me is so much fun not to think about myself and to think about other people and telling those stories. So it’s almost like a different release for me. Music is the self, everything is me and it’s my story and I want to share that with people so that they can relate, and acting is…I love removing myself from the equation sometimes, to just tell other people’s stories that are just as important to tell.

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