Mabel Lang

American archaeologist and classical scholar (1917–2010)

Mabel Louise Lang (November 12, 1917 – July 21, 2010) was an American archaeologist, classical scholar, and professor of Greek at Bryn Mawr College.


  • In epigraphy, it is a well-established principle that in restoring an inscription the shortest possible line is to be preferred. The principle is honored not so much because short lines are known to have been particularly favored (they were not) nor because the document in question is likely to have been expressed in the briefest possible terms, but in order to keep to a minimum the restored material. And for its purpose the principle is admirable, since readers of the restored inscription can be confident that, although what they read may bear comparatively little relation to the original document, at least it includes the fewest possible additional letters or words necessary to make sense of what remains to us on stone.
    • (1972). "Cleon as the Anti-Pericles". Classical Philology 67 (3): 159–169. DOI:10.1086/365862.
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