M&M's: The Lost Formulas

M&M's: The Lost Formulas is the first M&M's video game. It was released in 2000 for computers.



  • Well, my little fellow, it's time these M&M's had a little R&R!
  • One last thing before we arrividerci, who did you leave in charge of the candy factory? (His phone beeps.) Hello? It's what? They what? And WHAT?
  • Repeat after me: I did not leave the M&M's Minis in charge of the candy factory! (Yellow keeps grinning. Red growls.) Has your chocolate melted? Have you gone completely nuts?!
  • All you need is a brain donor! Get to the factory, pronto! (Yellow dives into his SUV) There's a Minis mutiny going on! They stole all the formulas for all the M&M's candies! Stop those Minis! Find those formulas! Go! Go! Go! (Yellow drives off alone.) There goes my partner. (He sighs.) There goes my career.
  • Wait, my friend! Maybe it's time to ask who's the best candy for job. Maybe this calls for the ringer. The top gun, the goto guy! Nah, you're right! You go.
  • Miracles happen! Every single day! They do! Yeah! We're dead.
  • The Minis have messed with the milk chocolate! You are in big trouble!
  • (Red opens the manhole and Yellow breathes out. A camera flies past them.)Oh, no! It's Big Boss Cam!!
  • He delegated. The hallmark of a cofidenta manager.
  • A chance to review our emergency plans.
  • Eh hehehe... Today's manager can admit that he doesn't have the answers.
  • And the... he's a big, huge, yellow goofball! So... ahh... hot enough for you?
  • I'll say, this factory's full of them. While, you're shooting the chutes, I'll be in the green room napping... mapping... our new offensive strategy! (Red speaks to camera) Or hiding in broom closet. Whatever!
  • (Red slides down from conveyor belt and bumps Yellow) Urgent memo from upstairs!
  • Chill out, Romeo! If Green comes to finish the job, guess who gets all the credit? All the kudos? All the job well done?
  • Green, that's who! Green! Green! Green!
  • Ay-yi-yi!
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah! Thanks for that do-se-do memory lane. (Red handprints blue paint on Yellow)
  • So, heh, heh, here to learn a thing or two about disaster management?
  • Yeah, I left my hat in the executive lounge.
  • When I want comments from the peanut gallery, I'll fill out a purchase order!!
  • (with Yellow) That was HIM!!


  • R&R? Is that a new candy are we being phased out?
  • You're turning red ... -der.
  • Well, the Minis aren't that bad. All they need is a chance.
  • (Yellow is about to enter factory) Here goes nuttin'!
  • Oh, no! The Minis have messed with the milk chocolate! We're in big trouble!
  • Sir, I did a terrible thing I left the Minis in charge of the factory.
  • They're turning the whole place upside down!
  • I don't know what to do! Please help me! Oh, please!
  • I'm a big huge yellow goofball!
  • Oh, chute!
  • (Yellow reads the note upside down) Owao? (Red rotates the note) Memo. Get things under control now or we're sending in Green to finish the job. Green, aw how do I look?
  • Wait. Don't tell me. I know this one.
  • Where? Where? Where?
  • Hey, Red. This reminds me of the time we were shooting that commercial outside that paint store, and the paint cans blew up, and we flew half a mile into a garbage truck, and the--
  • Uh, I have unusually hard shell.
  • While you were collecting the trash?
  • Woah! (when falling into any liquid such as milk, chocolate, or dye in any level, the whirlpools in the bonus water level, or the pits in the fifth math zone, losing a life in the process)
  • Oops, uh-oh! (when hitting something, such as a bottomless pit, a floor or side he wasn't supposed to touch, any roaming enemy, any exploding block, or any projectile, that causes him to fall over and lose a life)
  • Oh no! (when hitting the extending pillars in the fifth math zone, causing him to lose a life)


  • (the elevator beeps, the door opens to reveal to be Green M&M wearing a hard hat on her head) Gentlemen!
  • Where are your hard hats?
  • That reminds me. Which of you ordered the inflatable power nap sofa with dual cup holders and miracle foot massage?
  • Uhh... Margaret, cancel my other appointment. Gonna be a long one...

End Skit MovieEdit

  • Red: Ah, the wonders of teamwork! You messed things up, but I put the factory back in order. The big boss rewards us with a cruise ship vacation.
  • Yellow: Get Out of Town and don’t even think about coming back was how he put it.
  • Red: Details! Details! Just promise me this next time you decide to leave a pack of tiny hysterical snack items in charge of vital operations-run it by me first!
  • Yellow: Well, the Minis said they're really sorry. They want to make it up to us.
  • Red: Of course you told them it would be necessary! That is what you told them isn’t it? Because as for me I don’t want to see another Minis as long as I live. And I won’t have to, right? I mean, it’s not as if they're in charge of the cruise ship or anything because that would be terrible. I mean you didn’t leave the Minis in charge of the cruise ship! Say something my peanut pal! You didn’t leave the Minis in charge of the cruise ship! (yells) What is wrong with you? Do you consider thinking an extreme sport? Is there a brain in there with that oversized nut of yours?
  • Yellow: The Minis aren’t that bad. All they need is a chance.
  • Red: I will give you a chance! When I throw you overboard I won’t aim for the biggest shark! 3 weeks on a cruise ship-a catastrophe!
  • Yellow: I hear the shuffleboard’s State of the Arc!
  • Red: Go away for me! I want to be alone.
  • Yellow: We can talk about this. Can we little buddy? I mean- you and me we can always talk. Right? Red…? Red…? Red…?
  • Red: What?!
  • Yellow: Little Minis guy wants to borrow your drink umbrella.
  • Red: (screaming)

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