Lynne G. Zucker

American sociologist

Lynne Goodman Zucker (born ca. 1942) is an American sociologist, and Professor at the Department of Sociology and Policy Studies at University of California, Los Angeles. She is considered one of the most important representatives of the new institutionalism.


  • Institutional theories of organization provide a rich, complex view of organizations. In these theories, organizations are influenced by normative pressures, sometimes arising from external sources such as the state, other times arising from within the organization itself. Under some conditions, these pressures lead the organization to be guided by legitimated elements, from standard operating procedures to professional certification and state requirement, which often have the effect of directing attention away from task performance... Institutional theories of organization have spread rapidly, a testimony to the power of the imaginative ideas developed in theoretical and empirical work.
    • Lynne G. Zucker (‎1987). "Institutional Theories of Organization," In: Annual Review of Sociology Vol. 13: 443-464
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