Luther P. Eisenhart

American mathematician

Luther P. Eisenhart (13 January 1876 – 28 October 1965) was an American mathematician, specializing in differential geometry. He was elected to the United States National Academy of Sciences in 1922.

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  • In these days, when the number of papers in mathematics published each year is almost without limit and the ramifications are no less perplexing in their variety, one is delighted to find here and there a digest of the work in a particular field.
  • In 1869 Dini solved the problem of geodesic representation of two surfaces upon one another. In 1896 Levi-Civita extended the problem to spaces of any order.
  • The layman thinks that mathematics deals with facts and that thus there can possibly be no differences of opinion among mathematicians. We know that this is not the case.

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