Luke Haines

English musician and songwriter

Luke Michael Haines (born 7 October 1967) is an English musician, songwriter and author, who has recorded music under various names and with various bands, including The Auteurs, Baader Meinhof and Black Box Recorder.

Luke Haines


  • The Great British Public; a nation of Blue Peter presenters.
    • Liner notes to Christie Malry's Own Double Entry OST, 2001
  • All British artists 1988--? Just signing your name is not enough, you withered fucking idiots.
    • Liner notes to Christie Malry's Own Double Entry OST, 2001
  • The Auteurs have become Luke Haines. I ate their bodies, spat out the pips, and sucked up their souls.
  • The point is there's a boring homogenisation of popular culture, so really the problem is there's nothing wrong, the machine works too smoothly. I think the pop music machine is much more fun when it's broken. Things are always more fun when they're broken. No one was ever consulted about this. There was never a Senate committee to say we must produce pop music every day since 1953 or whatever. It's time to lay down the gauntlet.
  • I saw the 'Popstars' programme and to me it looked more like 'Opportunity Knocks' than the kind of cutting-edge postmoderism that The Guardian would like to have us believe it was. I think what it's more about is the public and the music industry's bloodlust. It's just like someone itching to say 'Oh, confound it all, let's bring back hanging, that was good entertainment'.

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