Ludwig Hohl

Swiss writer (1904-1980)

Ludwig Hohl (9 April 19043 November 1980) was a Swiss author noted for his radical thoughts about life and literature.

Quotes edit

  • Die wahre heutige Faulheit besteht in einer toten Bewegung.
    • Today’s laziness consists in lifeless motion.
      • Die Notizen (1981), I, 3
  • Arbeit ist Bewegung, aber das unsrige. Wir haben die verhängnisvolle Fähigkeit, andere nachahmen zu können, z. B. ein Mühlrad.
    • Work is motion, but our own. We have the fatal possibility to emulate another, for example a millwheel.
      • Die Notizen, I, 3
  • Klassenbewusstsein, ja, die Theorie ist nur allzu richtig. Aber es gibt noch eine dritte Klasse, die des Sokrates, die der Unversöhnlichen.
    • Class consciousness — yes, the theory is all too true. But there is a third class, that of Socrates, that of the inexorable.
      • Ludwig Hohl, Die Notizen (1981), II, 66, S. 70

Quotes about Ludwig Hohl edit

  • I noticed in the front row a small, very pale, almost white man, old, tremendously alert, old in the only way I love old age, namely more alive for all the years, more attentive, more unrelenting, expectant and ready, as though he still had to make up his mind about most things and must not disregard anything.
    • Elias Canetti, describing Ludwig Hohl, The Secret Heart of the Clock, J. Agee, trans. (1989), p. 76

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