Lucy Feagin

American teacher and dramatist

Lucy Harris Feagin (January 13, 1876 – May 8, 1963) was an American teacher and founder of the Feagin School of Dramatic Art in New York City. She was the first woman to establish and operate a drama school in New York City where she taught students who later became prominent actors and actresses. Her students came from around the world.

Lucy Feagin in 1921


  • Speaking from the viewpoint of an educator, I might mention that acting in all countries and with all races reflects and expresses to some extent the quality of life. Acting follows the drama by necessity, realistic actors for the realistic drama. And we have here in our country fine acting and good actors in plays written and cast to their type, but as for so-called 'stylized' acting, we have almost none at all. This is largely due to the fact that we are not trained in acting in the classics or in the eighteenth century drama. Perhaps the reason we have not had more Shakespeare revivals is that it is difficult to find actors sufficiently trained and capable.
  • As a people, we Americans love the theatrical art and in order that the theater may be a significant factor in our national life, we have had it said we should produce plays representative of American life. This is obviously true, but is it not true also that a generous sprinkling of Shakespeare would be a fine racial tonic for us?
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