Lucio Quinzio Cincinnato

Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus (520 B.C.E.–430 B.C.E.), Roman politician, consul, and twice dictator.

Cincinnatus was an ancient Roman aristocrat and political figure, serving as consul in 460 B.C.E.
Cincinnatus abandons the plough to be elected dictator and fight for Rome
(J. A. Ribera, c. C.E.1806.)

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All but one of the dictators of republican Rome were patricians. All but two of them complied with the time limits that were imposed on them. One of them, Cincinnatus, who, after only sixteen days of exercising the supreme office, spontaneously returned to plough the field with oxen, has gone down in history with the colors of legend. (Indro Montanelli)

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