Louise Bours

British politician (born 1968)

Louise Bours (23 December 1968 –) is a Member of the European Parliament politician for the North West England region for the UK Independence Party.

Louise Bours


  • As a newly elected UKIP MEP, I had mixed feelings about my first visit to the European Parliament in Brussels.After all, I am visiting a parliament which I believe shouldn’t exist; however, I should, and will be there to act as the eyes and ears of the British people.
  • Austerity may still be felt here in the North West but Brussels doesn’t even know the meaning of the word.
  • Whilst ‘Remain’ campaigners are obviously disappointed in the result, most are taking it on the chin and yielding to the democratic process, forgoing the need to insult those who happen to have voted differently.
  • As UKIP’s health spokesman at the last General Election, I can say with gladness that now we have voted to leave, our treasured NHS will now be safe from the clutches of the EU/US TTIP agreement that would have seen American drug and insurance companies elbow their way into our healthcare. I would have thought that the local Green Party would at least join me in celebrating on this issue.

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