Louis Julius Freudenberg

(1894-1918) American World War I casualty

Louis Julius Freudenberg (1894-1918) was an American World War I casualty. He served as a private in Company M, 309th Infantry, 78th Division of the United States Army. He was killed-in-action during World War I in the Battle of Montfaucon during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. This was 26 days before the Armistice with Germany, he was 24 years old.

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  • At the time of his death Freudenberg was a runner for Company M, 309th Infantry, 78th Division. He was making his way to the rear in the battle after being wounded in the right leg when he was shot through the head and killed. He was born in Hoboken and as a lad attended P.S. No. 3 in Hoboken, New Jersey and later P.S. No. 8 in the Hudson City section. At the time he entered service, April 4, 1918 he was employed by Butler Brothers. He had trained at Camp Dix and in May 1918, sailed on the U.S.S. President Lincoln.
  • Private Louis Julius Freudenberg; Co. 'M' 309th Infantry sailed from the U.S. May 19th, 1918. Arrived overseas May the 31st. Fought in the following battles: St. Mihiel offensive, September 12th to 15th, 1918; Limey Sector, September 16th to October 4th; Meuse Argonne offensive, October 11th to 16th. Private Freudenberg was a 'runner' delivering messages along the lines. He was called an "angel" by the boys because he was constantly cheering them up, and had words of comfort for all. While participating in an attack on enemy positions near St. Juvin, France, on October 16th, 1918 he was wounded by machine gun bullets and was lying in a shell hole with his sergeant who was wounded in the arm. Private Freudenberg volunteered to try and get back [to] the line to summon aid for his sergeant, and when he arose to do so was shot in the head and killed. His body was laid to rest with full military honors, East of Champigneulle, France.
  • Private Louis J. Freudenberg reported killed in action October 16, was a member of company M, 309th U.S. Infantry. He entered the service April 4, last and went overseas May 19. He was twenty-four years old and was born in Hoboken but his family moved to 63 Concord Street, Jersey City twenty years ago. Private Freudenberg graduated from Public School Number 6, Jersey City and at the time he joined the colors he held a responsible position with Butler Brothers, Jersey City.

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