Lotte no Omocha!

Japanese manga series

Lotte no Omocha! (ロッテのおもちゃ!, "Lotte's Toy!") is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yui Haga. In 2011, it was adapted into an anime television series by the title of Astarotte no Omocha! under the direction of Fumitoshi Oizaki.



The Exclamation of Our Meeting [01]Edit

Cuthfleda: A human? What kind of creature is a human?
Griselda Reginhard: I've only ever heard of them in fairy tales, but I hear they have really long necks.
Cuthfleda: Really?
Griselda Reginhard: They have fur all over their bodies, walk on four legs, and have really beady eyes.
Cuthfleda: Sounds terrifying!

The First Semicolon [02]Edit

Naoya Tohara: The milk tea I had back at the estate was really warm, and I felt like it was warming my heart. I think the princess needs something like that. I still can't find the milk for it, though.
Elfleda Mirjasdottír: Naoya …
Naoya Tohara: Yes?
Elfleda Mirjasdottír: Thank you.
Naoya Tohara: Why are you thanking me, Effie?

Parentheses of Passing [03]Edit

Asuha Tohara: Found you, Princess!
Astarotte Ygvar: How'd you know I was here?
Asuha Tohara: I could see your tail.
Astarotte Ygvar: I … see.

Ampersand of the Party [04]Edit

Elíka Drakul Draupnils: I don't believe it!
Astarotte Ygvar: It doesn't matter whether you believe it or not. I've graduated from milk. You wouldn't even recognize me!
Elíka Drakul Draupnils: I'll show you! I won't just be drinking tomato juice anymore!

Quotation of Crossing [05]Edit

Asuha Tohara: Oh, that's right. Did you kiss your mom on the forehead?
Astarotte Ygvar: Huh?
Asuha Tohara: If you make up with someone, you have to kiss them on the forehead!
Astarotte Ygvar: R-really?
Naoya Tohara: Hey! Don't teach her something like that!

Caret of Being Lost [06]Edit

[Naoya and Asuha stands at the entrance to the house of Ingrid Sorveig Sorgríms]
Rabbit Door Hanger: "For thou art to shed it, and in so doing, may gain the free wings to dance in the heavens."
Naoya Tohara: Is this the riddle?
[He ponders the "feeling of freedom"]
Asuha Tohara: I got it! It's panties!
Naoya Tohara: That's great, Asuha! Asuha? W-wait, Asuha!
Asuha Tohara: [puts them into the mail slot] There we go!
Naoya Tohara: That can't be it …
Rabbit Door Hanger: This is … underwear?
Asuha Tohara: Yeah, when you take off your panties, your heart's released, and you feel free!
Rabbit Door Hanger: I see … very well.
[The door opens]

Ingrid Sorveig Sorgríms: You're the first who gave me underwear as a response to my riddle. Quite interesting.

Secret Apostrophe [07]Edit

Astarotte Ygvar: What happened to the Guardian Spirits?! Hey! I thought I ordered you to stop him!
Guardian Spirits: The master of this house is Naoya, so we must obey him.
Astarotte Ygvar: Huh? I'm Naoya's master! The master of a master should be the master!

Forceful Comma [08]Edit

Sigurð Sveinnsson Svarthæð: [after seeing Astarotte] Hey, Dora, do you think it hurt when she fell from heaven?
Ísadóra Finnsdottír: What? Does anyone even use that line anymore?

Slight Fever Backslash [09]Edit

[Astarotte and Naoya are practicing swimming]
Naoya Tohara: How about we go a little farther out and practice there?
Astarotte Ygvar: I don't want to go where my feet can't touch the ground!
Naoya Tohara: It'll be fine. I'll hold you up if something happens.
Astarotte Ygvar: H-hold me … you can't do that in front of so many people! It's unbecoming!

Adjacent Fist [10]Edit

Judit Snorrevík: The princess wishes to thank the World Tree because she was able to meet you!
Naoya Tohara: I'm not anything special …
Judit Snorrevík: Modesty is one of your better traits, but it has a time and a place.

A Full Stop for the Two of Us [11]Edit

Olav Friðmar: I'm sorry, I haven't finished my ultimate haiku yet.
Ingrid Sorveig Sorgríms: No one cares.
Olav Friðmar: What?

Astarotte Ygvar: Let's send them off right.
Judit Snorrevík: Huh?
Astarotte Ygvar: If all of the memories until now are going to be erased, then we just gotta make new ones. Let's send them off happily with a smile. Right, Judit?
Judit Snorrevík: Princess …
Astarotte Ygvar: Start preparing right away.

An Asterisk Beyond the Sky [12]Edit

Ingrid Sorveig Sorgríms: I have learned a great deal from someone who came from another realm. I have learned that the world is not something that only exists within our minds, but rather the ground that lies under our feet. Even if the way we look or the language we use is different, all the worlds are connected, and we can understand each other. What we can gain by connecting the worlds through these gates is more irreplaceable than anything, more wonderful than anything.

Olav Friðmar: Now the queen will cut the ribbon –
Mercelída Ygvar I: Okay!
Olav Friðmar: [upset] That was too fast!

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