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Lost in Alaska

1952 film by Jean Yarbrough

Lost in Alaska is a 1952 film about two men who travel with a gold prospector.

Directed by Jean Yarbrough. Written by Martin Ragaway and Leonard B. Stern.
The Northern Lights Have Never Seen Funnier Sights!  (taglines)



George Bell: This is the fastest dog team in the whole world.
Tom Watson: What do you mean?
George Bell: Get a load of all my dogs. See the first dog? That's Butch. Then there's George. Then there's Albert. Then there's Gene. Then there's Joe
Tom Watson: What makes them so fast?
George Bell: You see the lead dog? Her name is Gloria.

Tom Watson: George, you know my wife's an angel?
George Bell: You're lucky. Mine's living!

Tom Watson: Why Mrs. McGillicuddy, how charming you look. I know it's your hair. You've done something different to it.
George Bell: She put it on her head!


  • The Northern Lights Have Never Seen Funnier Sights!
  • It's ALL NEW and a RIOT TOO!


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