Lords of Dogtown

2005 film by Catherine Hardwicke

Lords of Dogtown is a 2005 film about the surf and skateboarding trends that originated in Venice, California during the 1970s.

Directed by Catherine Hardwicke. Written by Stacy Peralta.
They came from nothing to change everything.

Jay Edit

  • Dude, you just got patty slapped.
  • [as the Z-Boys drive by two elderly women on the street] Hey! Kiss me, granny! Love to get me some of the vintage ass!
  • It's dirty, it's filthy, it's uhh, paradise.

Tony Edit

  • [after Skip comes and slaps Tony across the face with his burger] Dude, he took my burger.
  • Venice, man. Ghetto by the sea.

Dialogue Edit

Gabrielle: Hey! You blew me away!
Jay: What? You wanna blow me? [the Z-Boys laugh]
Gabrielle: [as she's being pulled away by her friend] Maybe!

Sid: [the Z-Boys want to drain and skate Sid's pool]He said "Sid, are you high? a pools's for swimming"
Jay: Just tell him we'll fill it back up when we're done.
Sid: He said if you guys get hurt, you'll sue him.
Jay: We wont sue him.
Sid: He said... your parents will.
Stacy: Dude. Our parents can't even afford lawyers.
Tony: Hey, hey man let me talk to him.
Sid: hey man,the only Mexicans my father talks to push lawn-mowers.

Stacy: Skip called me bro!
Kathy: Skip called you bro?>
Stacy: Yeah, he said bro!
Kathy: No, he didn't.
Stacy: Yes, he did. He said you look hungry, bro.
Kathy: He said you look hungry, bro?
Stacy: Yes, totally!
Kathy: Skip Engbloom doesn't call anybody bro. [laughs]

Jay: Dude! He's got the inner ear problem.
Other Dude: Suck my inner ear, Jay-Boy!

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