Lollipop Chainsaw

video game

Lollipop Chainsaw is a 2012 videogame developed by Suda 51. The game follows zombie hunter apprentice Juliet Starling, who is a cheerleader at the fictional San Romero high school and was on the cusp of dating her boyfriend Nick Carlyle, but on her eighteenth birthday the Goth named Swan (Sean Gunn) who had feelings for Juliet but went insane after finding she was involved with Nick and unleashed the zombie plague as his vengeance.

Written by James Gunn and Sean Gunn.  Music composed by Little Jimmy Urine.


[Juliet runs into Morikawa]
Morikawa: Ah, Juliet! A moment, a-please! [spins round real fast and decapitates a handful of zombies] Ah, Juliet. It seems you've gotten a-head in life! Ha, ha, ha!
Juliet: My teacher, Morikawa Sensei is the most amazing veteran zombie hunter ever!
Morikawa: Correct. I have studied the zomboid sciences for forty years. Now, listen, both of you. The school is in dire trouble. My research tells me something has gone wrong on a cosmic scale.
Juliet: That's a massive bummer.
Nick: That's totally sucks.
Morikawa: Let me show you. The Universe is divided into three realms: The Land Beyond Words, Rotten World, and our dimension, Earth. There are dimensional walls between each. Using a combination of black magic and explosives, someone cracked the wall between Earth and Rotten World which has allowed gases from Rotten World to seep through into our world. Your friends and fellow students inhaled these gasses which transformed them into the Undead. Well, whoever did this could be trying to open a permanent gate between here and Rotten World! Which would be catastrophic. Unfortunately, once they've become zombies, there is no return. All we can do is to clear up the school, kill the Undead, and stop the bomber! That is our mission! The bomber is either in the cafeteria downstairs or the courtyard. You destroy the zombies in the cafeteria; I shall look in the courtyard. I am counting on you both! Kill the motherfuckers!

[His ritual complete, Swan now orders an attack from the Dark Purveyors, the five demons controlling the zombies]
Swan: ZED!
[Zed's red orb shoots at Juliet, morphing into a hideous white rotten face sinking into the tarmac]
Zed: [whispers] Let's play... [shouts] PISS... OFF! [Juliet is thrown backwards by his profane black magic and ends up on a stage near a multi-story carpark. Zed is onstage using his voice to blast down cars to crush her] Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh! I'm Punk Rock zombie, ZEEEEEEEEEEED!!! Welcome to the Mosh Pit, you zombie-hunting sleaze! YEAAAAHHHHH!!!! I'm gonna rock your brains out- literally!
Juliet: That My Chemical Romance wannabe is totally destroying San Romero!
Nick: Oh. I love that song "Teenager". Have you heard that?
Juliet: That's not important right now, Nick. We have to blow this guy away! What do you think of this catchphrase? I AM GOING TO KILL YOU! A LOT!
Zed: I'll string my guitar with your intestines!
Juliet: His voice is mega-irritating!
Zed: How do like the spotlight, slag?! Your face gonna be a sweet doo-rag! Welcome to the Big Show! Time to get Hard-core, you zombie-hunting slut!
Juliet: Probably took him like three hours to spike his mohawk this morning. Needy, much?
Zed: I'm gonna crush your face. [bobs mohican] I'm lovin' this shit! Your ass in MIIIIIIINE! I love the smell of almost dead cheerleader in the morning!
[During the battle]]
Zed: VANILLA SLUT! PISS OFF! London is calling, and they said you're a whore! [after Juliet defeats him] NOT COOL!! I'm not done screaming yet! This really fuckin' hurts, man!
Nick: What else have you killed
Juliet: Leprechauns. I killed a whole tribe of Frankenberries once
Nick: Frankenberry-- from, like, the cereal?
Juliet: Ugh, that's total propaganda to get you to trust them

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